Body Language – Roger Ver Experience In Federal Prison

Body Language - Roger Ver Experience In Federal Prison

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Gen. Stewart

O..M..G ! Valley boy meets reality. I am sooo sorry mommy’s little angel was (fingers in air) Inconvenienced . I’m glad I didn’t share a cell with him. I would have choked his pampered little condescending ass until his face was the color of his Soy Latte. It pains me to know that we have an overabundance of these beta boys having and attempting to raise boys into men. God Help Us !


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Love how he changes from the beginning to the end. Believable. Thanks!


Poor baby shouldn’t have been selling dangerous fireworks. Sounds like he had a good time and now he’ll have something to whine about for the rest of his pitiful life. Sounds like he missed out on some of the REAL PHYSICAL torture that can happen in prison. Or maybe he didn’t…. Luv ya!!


Torture of any kind isn’t going to help reform an individual. While I believe people should pay for their crimes, sentences should be consistant and not used for politics. It’s downright scary to hear of this happening. It could be you or me.


Every time I read or was taught about that experiment in the various psych classes it was always discussed with this sort of awestruck horror. It’s terrifying that they are removing it from teachings. Humans need to understand the depth of depravity we can reach, so as to prevent us from reaching it.


Three bunk beds for six ppl (?) 😧 Planting shanks on prisoners is definitely psychological torture. Nightmare.


Sounds like a perfect place to send Hillary.


Very interesting fellow. Renounced his citizenship and not allowed back in the country, I understand. Not a good idea to send 40 pounds of gunpowder through the US mail, but you would have thought he would get probation as a first time offender. He is right about not going into prison on a Friday. The same pertains to hospitals, jails and other facilities. Skeleton crews not authorized to make decisions and risk adverse-lack of supervision too. The prison environment does attract some with bad traits, others with weak minds and morals gradually become more like the inmates over time, others are able to maintain professionalism and have empathy. Definitely not a place you want to be. When you are being prosecuted for a crime, “speaking truth to power” is probably not your best option. Likewise when you are incarcerated.


you know it would be interesting if they would create a prison system that would separate the prisoners by mental defect and personality. I believe a rehab would be much more effective and interesting to see the results


There are so many mentally ill inmates in Illinois that they recently converted the maximum security juvenile facility I used to work at into a hospital/ prison for mentally Ill inmates, with different types of units for different types of patient-inmates. From everything I have heard it has significantly reduced predation on those individuals in regular facilities. Too early to evaluate how effective it will be in the long run after they are paroled, but a step in the right direction. One of the few things Illinois has gotten right in my lifetime.


i would love to study that set up.


There are several articles on it online. Illinois Department of Corrections- Joliet Treatment Center.


I lived in the Chicago suburbs and read about this. It’s expected to open in 2021, taking inmates with some of the most severe mental health problems throughout the state corrections system. The hospital/ correctional facility is being built as part of a settlement the state reached to resolve a lawsuit over the treatment provided for mentally ill inmates, stemming from a 2007 class action lawsuit regarding the treatment of mentally ill inmates in Illinois. Some pretty horrific treatment or lack of. You can read more here

Gen. Stewart

They have ! It’s the row that separates the Democrats from the Republicans in congress. laughing hand

Gen. Stewart

We should go back to the Prison Farm system. Let them raise crops to feed the homeless and impoverished,while LEARNING respect for life and others. LEARN to take responsibility for the welfare of the plants and animals in their care. LEARN to respect schedules,commitments and cooperation.


Is the child ingesting soy products, I wonder?


Damn. Ebay!

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