Body Language – California fires Gov. Brown

Body Language - California fires Gov. Brown

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Heidi Smith

I love trump but he always looks so uncomfortable when he wears casual clothes lol

Russell Paine

You are 100% right! They prevent the underbrush from being cleared, which inflames the fires! The same thing has happened in Australia, where the “Greenflies”, the Green Party prevented clearing of the underbrush!


Your Kermit the Frog analogy made my day. Thank you.

Kathy Johns

So glad to have found you again! Missed your so insightful videos. You truly have a great gift, Mandy.


I’m new to the site but the “hand up his @ss” is the best opinion to date! Awesome stuff…


Trump standing there like he’s Superman, beside squirrely Kirmy-Brown w/ someone’s hand up his ass moving his mouth LOL!

PS – Where do we get the Gold & Silver subscription please? Thanks.


This is a link to an alternative view about the wildfires.
Caution! : Graphic Content (15min long)



The camo USA Trump 45 cap was a nice touch. I’m sure they all enjoyed that. Love your view.


I’m at a loss when they talk about increasing lower humidity and drought. Since I have been born (in the forties) everybody knows, when it comes to used cars, a California cars are prized because they will have less rust and rot due to their drier climate. Also, as Cat pointed out, not only are eucalyptus trees extremely volatile, so are pine trees which seem to be in abundance in northern California.


The same thing happened during the Clinton years leading to massive fires. Misguided tree huggers refusing to believe that if you don’t clear the dead tinder out, you will have destructive wild fires. Yellowstone still looks like crap as a result. Add the intensely flammable invasive species and creosote bushes. Also add people who insist on living in a desert and sucking the Colorado River dry to do it. Jerry Brown clearly smoked so much reefer and took so much LSD that he has no brain left. Have been saying for years that our framers left one necessary thing out of the constitution- a process for kicking a state out of the union. Thanks for doing this one and showing the brain dead pipsqueak surveying his handiwork.


Kermit! crying
One thing I noticed was that when the cameras started clicking, like a typical politician Brown took a step forward but, then thought better of it. I suppose either he knew he wasn’t the Alpha in the group or just didn’t want to get too close to Trump, and he stepped back. The woman then stepped back, as if to include Kermit in the photos. What’s up with that?


re: Title. I was hoping you meant that Brown had been fired, as in, recalled or impeached. Sigh. Oh, well.


i’ve missed you since you left utube on your old channel, so glad to have found you again. all i wanted to say is lady i love you, your voice and your opinion. your funny too. xox


What else is there to say? Bozo on parade.


I soooo wanted that whole presser with Trumo in it but I’m good with this… lol

So on those fires… apparently you guys have eucalyptus trees planted in California?
They are native Australian trees that we call exploding gums…. they have volatile oils…. if they do not maintain the undergrowth these forests will turn into what we consider to be the deadliest natural event…. a bushfire.

Thanks again Mandy


yeah, it really got me that they dont clear the dry brush…


They have a lot of them. And even in the cities they rarely clean up beneath them.


A couple of those trees can take out a house when they catch alight.

And I hear they are actually a pest tree in America now, particularly California. It is not man made climate change that is the problem but the changes man makes that can be a problem.

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