Body Language – Michael Cohen After Sentencing

Body Language - Michael Cohen After Sentencing

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Not able to hear audio on clips


poopsie…I can’t spell today. They’re all Swamp People. Except for Trump. He’s our savior against these two-faced-poopy eaters!


This guy with many others are all wolves in sheep’s clothing. Their all Swamp People. I literally measure all matters of Trump against what Obama and the Clintons’ have done. And frankly, Trump is an angel in my opinion!


“Lied” out of loyalty? Whatever he did was for money, at the least. “Followed a bad path”…No blame for him, then? What a little girl.


Cohen had a puffy face, in my reckoning. I thought he looked severely depressed. So even though I know the guy did wrong, and was apparently disloyal to Trump, I couldn’t feel celebratory about what he was feeling.


Something’s wrong here, as Mandy and others point out. Poor Cohen, he has been so abused by Trump. Yeah right. He’s been gotten to.


I was really, really hoping you’d do this one. Thank you, Mandy!

Gen. Stewart

They could switch seats and you would still have a scumbag. George (Clinton Fixer) did the very same thing for the Horny Hick,but didn’t get caught. Cohen hasn’t taken responsibility for his actions,and won’t. Doesn’t have the strength of character ! I got the feeling that Cohen has a dual purpose.One ,is to indirectly appeal to the judge ,in saying, have mercy on me ,I’ve turned my life around.The other is to get even.


I think you are correct about the Clinton investigation except that they didn’t get caught, the difference is that the Clinton Special Counsel wasn’t committing misconduct unlike the current Special Counsel!

Dawn Brown

The only way he will ever come to terms with if he faces what laws he actually broke.He is angry but to me,his anger is misdirected

mr reality2

Mueller is scrapping the gutter, Cohen looks brainwashed.


Anyone who has any doubt that the deep state will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who has a chance to implicate Trump in anything should read “Licensed to Lie” by Sidney Powell-though it sometimes gets bogged down in legal terminology, it exposes the underhanded tactics of the justice department and FBI in the Enron, and Senator Stevens cases specifically. The Mueller team and Justice Department are the same cast of characters. They railroaded, intimidated and financially ruined General Flynn to plead guilty to something their own agents state he did not do. It is important to remember that just because somebody pleads guilty it does not mean they did the crime or that it even happened. I feel sorry for anybody in the path of these crooked cops like Mueller, regardless of the minor crimes they did or lies he set them up for. Praying that Judge Sullivan will have the stones to throw out General Flynns plea tomorrow and order an investigation of the Mueller team for prosecutiorial misconduct. Not expecting it, but hoping. If Justice is not served at least I know the scumbag and his pals like Weissmann will rot in hell with their leader soon.

Gen. Stewart

Spot on ! When you dance with the devil,you pay for the tune.


Seems he made a very important distinction…

“to help him and the campaign” this should clear Trump of the campaign charges!


He certainly is being investigated because of his association with Trump. However, that’s not why he’s going to prison for 3 years. Those two “campaign finance violations” are civil penalties, not criminal. He is going away for the other crimes he did that have nothing to do with Trump.


What I see is a broken man, right out of the pages of the novel, 1984, the latter day Wilson Smith. He’s the twisted face of government corruption at the highest levels. They broke his ass and we’re all at risk. Side note: his discretions that got him 3 years were not connected to Trump, Russia or any aspect of the Special Counsel inquiry. They needed a squealer and after throwing ethics to the wind, they got one.


i think he really expected to trump to rescue him and was very disappointed about the outcome


And how exactly would Trump have rescued him? While being investigated or after he spilled the beans and gave them what they wanted?


seems cohen really wanted trump to buck the deep state in the middle of a busy highway


And if Trump had come to his defense, the Dem media would have torn him apart. And now, after Cohen’s sentencing, they would be demanding Trump step down. This all started by the Feds breaking the client/lawyer confidentiality rule. Trump was helpless and had to let it play out.


Seems to me that Cohen got caught in a web of his own making and that’s what’s eating at him. He was trapped by another attorney more successfully deceitful than he is.

Why would Cohen even expect Trump to protect him? Given the reasons jimmer pointed out and worse is the fact that Trump paid Cohen enormous amounts of money in retainers and legal fees over the years to protect his interests only to learn that Cohen was taping their conversations without Trump’s knowledge or consent and then turned on him to save himself. Now that’s a sleazebag and Trump is right to cut him off. To expect otherwise after having received huge amounts money for legal representation is living in a fool’s paradise.


I noticed at 10:10 a similar deception then reflection, like he did earlier in the video that you pointed out. Cohen is a slippery one!

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