Body Language – Government Shutdown Trump, Pelosi & Schumer

Body Language - Trump, Pelosi Schumer & Government Shutdown

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Stefan V

5:06 “the military did an incredible job…” negative headshake.

David Kaar

The shut down is quite a bit more than just DHS, it is about a quarter of the federal departments.

Michael Furman

While not part of any watchdog group, I’m trying to recall if Ms Pelosi or Mr Schumer EVER had a meeting televised from their respective offices. Based off their stress shown here, I’d have to say no. Comments strictly my opinion as well.

Marianne Rodgers

Pence should be a better supporter of President Trump. Schumer is the one throwing a tantrum. He might as well say, if I don’t get my way, I will shut down the government.


Pence may whish he wasn’t there but his feet extended towards Trump. I feel he quietly was with the President. It could be Trump said, these is my baliwick, just watch. Don’t intervene.

Renzo Fabriek

She doesn’t want or dare to make eye contact. What a sign off mental weakness. Not to say a mental illness. Like Many says, like a child. The world is sick

Renzo Fabriek

I just love your personal intonation. Even or especialy when I find it is over the top. I don’t care if I agree or disargee. That is why I follow you. Love you.

Mitzi Cole

I would love to see President Trump, behind closed doors, when he really lets someone have it. Might even pay to see that.

Michael Furman

Given the amount of air time Mr Trump received in the past, I’d recommend viewing the Apprentice show and those famous “your fired” scenes. Generally people like this will “praise in public and punish in private”. After thirty years, I’ve worked with exceptionally talented military members who became lifelong friends that you would certainly miss when they went to a new assignment after three years…it got the point where you can tell after the introductions if they were squared away or a soup sandwich.


I hold my bachelor’s in Communication Studies/Interpersonal Communication, with an augmented minor in Political Science/International Politics and Security, and I can’t unsee this stuff, once I learned what I’m looking at. The commentary is almost as much fun as watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 with someone who “gets it” and understands the riffs as well as I do!


Awesome…Glad you did this one. They sure are afraid 0f the press. Kinda like their evil and have something to hide.

Marti Darling

I think Pense is in full support of the president. I like the ‘hawkish’ glare he gives Schumer. I really enjoyed this video!


The best part happened later when Trump, in a master stroke of reversing their “negotiaion” tactics agreed to take full responsibility for shutting the government down in the interests of national security and stated that he will get the wall even if he has to have the Army Corps build it. These nitwits walked into that meeting thinking they had all the cards when they only had two jokers. They thought they had the Potus cornered and he made them look like the fools that they are. These people are stupid and weak. Kudos to Trump for keeping the cameras rolling and exposing these rats to the light. Best of luck with the visa situation. Hopefully it will all work out For the best. Thanks for another great analysis.

Christopher Ness

11:40 “Why is he getting irritable?” Simple. He is having to repeat himself several times. That would make anyone irritable.

Angela Gossar

I’d like to ask why you didn’t finish the whole video on wall video, when Trump said he’d shut it down ,I would’ve like to hear your opinions on the rest of there conversation
Thank you
Angela Gossar

Kaye Wildblood

I don’t understand why you didn’t mention the responses to the envelopes. There was about four given out including Hillary. I guess you think their body language was so apparent that we could tell but it would be nice if you confirmed their gasps of disgust/anger/fear?

Michael Furman

Clearly the VP has had meetings with these two before from his time as Indiana Governor and his time in the current position. While not covered here, Mr Schumer disrespects him in this meeting by commenting the president had gained the “irrelevant” states of North Dakota and Indiana in the last election. A real dick move from the supposedly distinguished senator from New York. Yeah there’s a turd in the room and now everyone knows it. The president successfully showed the US who the people of New York voted into that office. Comments strictly my opinion as well.

Marti Darling

Great observation! Thanks for mentioning this.

Gen. Stewart

Liars and deceitful conniving people are never comfortable in the open. We learn that very early in our childhood. Integrity ,dignity,honor,loyalty and honesty is just words to be used,but very seldom practiced.

Lars Steffensen

13:43 She really just wanted to get up and leave when Trump started talking about terrorists.

Marianne Rodgers

Lars Steffensen — She doesn’t like having her party (pun intended) rained on. Pelosi will do anything, literally anything, to stay in power. She might get surprised if another libtard takes the gavel from her. Her little pretend world (party) where the government pays for everything for everyone including illegal aliens (for more votes for her), and the country flourishes. Difficult to believe Pelosi and Schumer actually get elected. But then the people who vote for them are getting what they want. But what will they all do when the country goes bust and they no longer have other people’s money to spend?


Brilliant stuff. Isn’t Pence a puzzle? Watching him at HW’s funeral….robot-man, and yet his wife is so animated!


Pence strikes me as moving around like he trying to hold in gas until he can get away for a moment. XD

Lars Steffensen

You should reserve some pity for people who are forced to spend time in presence of true greatness while they don’t have any real power. It is so hard on the ego and net very productive either. But off course you are right…. laughing hand

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