Body Language – The Bush Sr Funeral

Body Language - The Bush Sr Funeral

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Every time he’s stressed (Billy Boy) his mouth dangles open like one of those Village idiots… 😂 LOL

Chasidah Fried

Hoping (Dio Volente) that they are Subpeopnas to Military Tribunals .

Chasidah Fried

Invitations to Military Tribunals ( One can only hope)


The good Lord called? More like Lucifer himself called him back home! This was a complete joke and the way the honored him like he was some Saint. Please!!!!


I have to say after watching clips of this several times, that even though I hate the Obamas, I have to give them some credit. I mean you can def see the stress in Obama’s face, but at least he is somewhat playing it off when Trump comes up. At least him and Michelle are playing nice, unlike the Clintons. And I think you are dead on about Billy Boy. Even though he is an evil person who has committed many crimes, same as his wife, I always get the impression from him that he kind of doesnt give a shit if he ends up going to jail or not, unlike Hillary. She is like a volcano, as someone said before and he is always like “I raped some women and children, committed massive amounts of fraud and other crimses, so what? I am old, who cares if I go to GITMO at this point? I have already been president, I have already achieved all the power, success, fame and slept with as many women as possible. What else is there for me anyways? Trump may put me in jail, oh well. I want to say hi to him if for no other reason than to piss off my evil b*tch of a wife!”

Also I agree with everyone about the whole Jeb/Lauara exchange. There was def something devastating on that note she showed him, he wasnt looking like that because he felt humiliated putting his hand down too soon. Not everyone got those notes. I think those notes were something from Trump, letting all those deep state evil doers know that the jig is up, the pain is coming soon and it cant be stopped!


What about the envelopes?


I’ve always had a soft spot for W’s personality and humour. I’m hoping he has flipped.


You can say all you want about your Daddy but George HW Bush is NOT an honest man and neither is his son. They are masters of deceit. He never had the back of the American people. He was a crook when he was in the CIA and he taught his son, some pretty dirty tricks. This is all BS and propaganda. For goodness sake! This president is the one who partnered with the UN to bring in the “New World Order” to destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. He was all for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that was foretold thousands of years ago in the Hebrew scriptures, so I don’t have much regard for someone like him. His son is full of BS as far as I’m concerned. Another political poet trying to cover for the harm both of them have done to America.


Hillary has the most Sour puss face I’ve ever seen


wow he really loved his dad, did you see the part of the funeral where everyone was praying and trump and melania weren’t? A lot of people were speculating about this


I can tell you why. The Bush’s are hypocrites and have proven by their lives and their political decisions that they are not genuine Christians. If they were HW Bush would have never joined forces with the UN to bring about the New World Order which launched the deterioration of American’s sovereignty and is nothing more than a push towards a one world government where all is controlled through FEAR. The Bush’s are also big supporters of Agenda 21. President Trump really loves the American people and will not join in with hypocrites. It was all a show and I’m proud that he sees right through the BS. Bush Son, is responsible for taking out thousands of lives on 9/11. He knew full well the attack was coming back in August 2011 and people went to prison because of his deliberate ‘resting on his laurels’ He wanted this attack to happen and that ticks me off to this day. Bush Son came out of hiding after Trump was elected President and he grew defensive of President Trump because he’s threatened by this presidency for his murderous crimes on Americans. I hope Trump goes after Bush Son or at the very least gets the ball rolling.


Hi Mandy, can you comment on this exchange (in slow motion) between Jeb and his wife?



Saw the same thing and was wondering about it as well. Got to ask yourself who could order a Secret Service agent to pass a message and what it would be-Jeb looked shocked as did Laura. W either did not read it or was poker faced.


Just like he was poker face when he heard the news about the 9/11 attack shown on CNN on 9/11/01. That man was responsible for thousands of deaths and his time has come. He needs to be tried for his murders against our fellow American Citizens. He knew full well back in August 2001 that this attack was imminent and did zilch to stop it. You reap what you sow. I’m glad President Trump and Melania didn’t join in their ‘Fake’ prayers.


Poor Jimmy, always looking for inclusion, feeling the disregard. For the rest, it was the club seeing off one of their own. I bet Trump felt the enormity of that loud and clear. He and Melania sat there as the current president and first lady because the club had let America down and they don’t get it.


Oh they get it all right. That is if by “they” you mean “the club”.


You’re probably right: they get it and don’t care.

John App

Good Good job on this video !!
(though i fast forwarded from
7:37 to 20:12)


Mandy I have to be honest on this one I was disappointed. Not in reading the body language but in having empathy for HW Bush. This man was a war criminal, drug pusher, and child molester. He’s not a human being. His family was and probably still is Nazi sympathizers. Millions have died because of the decisions he has made on the behalf of the American people. That’s blood on our hands for letting it happen. No Mandy there are no warm moments for this one. Jeremy Scahill did the best presentation on the arguments against HW Bush. I highly recommend you listening to it


Yep and he’s responsible for the ebbing away at America’s sovereignty when he joined forces with the U.N. to bring about globalism through the “New World Order”. What bothers me most is that he and his whole clan who proclaim to be CHRISTIANS, fail to see that they are responsible for joining spiritual forces by ushering in a Hebrew prophecy of FORCE & CONTROL through anti-Christ’s “Globalism / New World Order”. If you’re the President and you betray the FREEDOM of what this country was founded on “Religious Freedom” don’t tell me you’re a Christian – He posed to get the evangelical Christian vote and they fell for it. God said, “You will know them by their fruit. A good tree bears good fruit.” All Bush’s are nothing but enemies of Patriotism and True Freedom.


Most of them were able to conduct themselves respectfully in spite of being enemies, with the exception of HRC, who gave a sideways glance at the Trumps as they entered the pew but would not turn her head in recognition once they were seated. Perhaps she has a lot on her mind with three whistle blowers flipping on the Clinton Foundation. As a seasoned citizen who voted in both of 41’s elections, the phoniness of the press in lionizing HW in death when they savaged him relentlessly when alive is stunning. Just goes to show you that the only way for a Republican to get the press on their side is to die.


That’s cause the press realized that at the end of the day, he was on their side all along.


Pth pth pth… Can we please get a chinstrap for Mr. Clinton, he reminds me one of those old, dirty, aluminum trashcans everyone used to use where the lid would keep getting warped and sliding off the top. That’s right, I just compared Clinton to a trash can.

Yeah, I’m not wholly convinced on the whole note thing, not everyone got one, and those that appeared to have received one didn’t seem to have the greatest reaction to seeing it. Hillary stumbled with hers and quickly tucked it away, Obama opened theirs, quickly glanced at it, became tight lipped and tucked it away. Carter saw that Hillary got a letter, checked his paperwork, and realized he didn’t get one and quietly let it go.

The Secret Service guy pivots and leans forward just as the coffin begins to pass (nearly out of sight of the camera), and leans in just as Laura begins to read from… A note, something, we don’t get a particularly good view of what it was, who then gets that look of… Pain, that kind of open-mouthed panicked crying face, which develops as she’s reading the paper, who then shows it to Jeb, who does this dopey double-take of what she was looking at, before looking up with his mouth agape, glaring across the aisle at someone (The Secret Service officers, Trump, who knows), and George Bush Jr.’s got the face of someone who looks like they’re going to go home, lie in bed, and drown their sorrows with a fistful of Oxy’s and a bottle of Vodka.

I know it’s nitpicky, but as I sat at home and watched this funeral play out, my brain was screaming, “SOMETHING DOESN’T SMELL RIGHT!” And I know in my heart, that it’s kind of in poor taste to have such a cynical view of this family, especially after they’re suffering the loss of a loved one – but seriously, this family is evil incarnate, and no amount of pageantry, pomp and circumstance will change what I know of this family.

Note: Watching this does make me tear up, just a little, I’m not inhuman, I’ve lost family, I’ve lost friends, and I know what it means to be heartbroken. This whole thing, this week-long nonsense, the timing of it, the Comey tweet before all of this, just…. This stinks of fuckery.

Gen. Stewart

I always enjoy your assessment of the people you profile. This one was graciously approached . Being an old man now,having followed the politics and knowing of these people for many,many years and holding them in contempt.You enabled me to feel sorry for them,just for a moment. Thank You !


i did also, i got choked up at the end!


I could not. Too much bs.


Totally a different long video to watch. Thank you Mandy!

Ari sistance

I knew this was coming because I saw the Bushes at the NFL game on Veterans Day. I had a feeling his dad was meeting his maker soon. Sometimes I think they kill them at a later time to ensure rites are followed to a T but will put out that they’d died a different day officially.


Remember Bush Son knew EXACTLY about the 9/11 attacks back in August and had ALL POWER but did NOTHING to prevent the attack. The Bush’s have no regard for human life, but their own and their elite friends. If they’re going to kill the unborn, don’t be surprised when they come after you & me.


I miss read Bush’s emotional moment at the end and thought he was doing that thing the Kavanaugh accuser did to make herself sound croaky. I feel stupid now cause thats what I told my friend. 😑

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