Body Language – The Trumps Of The World

Body Language - The Trumps Of The World

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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That is what I was thinking about when I asked about Thomas Wictor. Not about him being truthful or not. Instead the way he looks up so much as he talks. The first man in this video does that. Will a person who is artistic as opposed to anylitical tend to go to a certain part of the brain more often, or does it only depend on where he’s accessing? Great video. It was interesting to see three people compared like that. thinking

Jack O'Niell

I would be interested in an analysis of the Jose Padilla who claims to be a witness to the Roswell UFO crash. Some have said they found his account believable but I believe there is room for scrutiny. Thanks




Re Ford, not one bedroom door in 1000 can be locked so you cannot get out without a key. All you need to do for a standard bedroom door lock is twist the doorknob. It is a safety factor/code violation.

Lars Steffensen

OT: Does Rush Limbaugh have a slight bit of parkinsons?



i dont know…not enough there to see. Im not a medical dr. all i could do would be to neurological issues


I’m interested in viewing the video you did on the regressive hypnotic subject. How does one get to view that?


it available via a website subscription or patreon….patreon will be delayed as my partner is currently traveling at the moment. Im hoping we can get it up soon.


I do have a website subscription, Could you send me a link to this video?


The most important thing of all, they are good lookin’ grin


AWESOME!! Even without understanding what they were saying you could really see how much they are alike. We’re not alone.


Facts and power to the common man. Globalism And multiculturalism vs. nations with a common culture honestly pursuing their own best interests. Collectivism vs. Individualism. The truth vs. rigid belief systems with a hidden agenda based on false premises. Equal justice under the law versus a two-tiered justice system favoring the elites. National unity vs. divisive identity politics. This seems to be a world-wide movement that is gaining momentum. The yellow vest protests are a good example. You are right- people who are paying attention appreciate being told the truth without being sold a belief system so they can think for themselves. The lazy and not yet awakened are susceptable to being sold a belief system with emotional manipulation as its delivery system. Love the progress of populist honest leaders who try to pursuade and educate rather than manipulate the public. Well done, Mandy. As their body language shows, these people are great leaders.

Gen. Stewart

I would love to see you analize Trudumass during the signing of the USMC trade deal with Trump and Pinieto at the G2 conference. Please : smile

Gen. Stewart

The first guy was speaking a latin based language. Was it portuguese ? Love your channel ,Mandy !


Yes. Portuguese is the language spoken in Brazil. And I agree, Mandy is great!


As always love your videos . Thank you!


Thank you Mandy. Refreshing and really interesting and it’s good to see that there are becoming more Leaders who Lead and “walk the talk” and not talk the talk ! Wouldn’t it be nice to see an end to the latter group of grease spots ?


We finally have a president that is concerned with the betterment of the United States, also the world. President Trump understands we have to clean up our own messes here, then we can be in a better position to help other countries. No more wars. Strong and solid borders.

Thank you Mandy, its refreshing to see healthy positive body language in this video.


Mandy, to help me learn, obviously there is a difference between a belief system (which I comprehend) and facts as one understands them. Is the primary difference being the willingness to change one’s opinion about said facts when presented with new/updated facts and information, vs. someone refusing to change their belief system when presented with facts that challenge/contradict said beliefs?


not sure what your asking


I think Beth is asking about people like the 3 men in the video (who are telling it the way they see it) vs. people like Comey, Strock, and others (who tell it in accordance with their belief system). Would the difference between the 2 groups be that one would be flexible if presented with a clearer picture, while the other would remain immovable, because they are stuck in a belief system?


then i would say yes


That’s sad. sad


Yes, Nonna, that’s what I was asking. Thank you for expressing it more clearly than I did. smile

John App

I remember as though it was yesterday, it was late July 2015,
Trump did something I never ever seen any faulty previous President do what I seen Trump do..
by early August 2015, I fell in love with Trump as a President, it was what he did consistently
that this vid shows @ 4:43..this is a inclusion President whom:
does NOT ignore the commoners once elected!


yes when he had real people on the podium with him…it was very refreshing


As we’ve seen with Trump, all three confront the ruling political class. Only perseverance and time will produce real, sustained change. God bless’em all, we’re pulling for them.


Of course, with Trump at least, you’ve got the economic elite confronting the political elite, with gray areas all around. It makes for a very strange embroilment. The Big Boss vs. the Deep State, or something like that. It’s very confusing. I’m with Trump, too, if only for the David and Goliath nature of the thing.

Famous Realtor

You are so good smile

Bob bradley

Sometimes it takes a soulless narcissist to speak truth to evil, because evil is bad for business…in the long run.

John App

“Soulless”…???,.#45 has got more soul than all #’s 1-thru-44 combined.


If President Trump were a true narcissist, then we would be hearing how stupid and corrupt the American people are- meaning those citizens who are parents raising children to be honest, responsible and caring adults, farmers growing crops to feed a nation without cancer causing chemicals, police officers serving the community for safety and goodwill, and body language instructors who are helping people to learn another form of communication and verification of truth versus lie, portrayals, and other body tells for better understanding of one another.

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