Body Language – G20 Summit 2018 Trump Stressed

Body Language - G20 Summit 2018 Trump Stressed

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Turdo being a dumbass. There’s a first. As a Canadian I can’t wait to vote this idiot out of office.


Thanks for the World family photo.
So why are the Globalists trying to get rid of the Saudi Prince (the Globalists do Khassoggi’s themselves all the time). Is it because he was seen as a Muslim leader that was lightening up on the primary domination theme of Islam?
Why would banker Macron have power over Prince Saudi? Is he in $ debt to the world bankers?
Trump stress – he knows the Globalists are targeting his people and attempting to bankrupt the USA with the California fires and the triple hurricanes etc. Alaska had an earthquake (though probably natural) during G20. Also something went down at the Bush Sr funeral – Laura Bush was served with documents by an Agent that upset the family. Trump would have known about the papers.

Bonnie Hawkins

Take a close look at Alexis Tsipras, Greece. If you think Macron is a no-no this one is something else altogether. He and Soros are really in bed together. Do some research.


This Is why I subscribe Gold.
Here the underlying attitudes of world leaders are on display for those with eyes to see. Your comments are invaluable to regular people like me. This kind of information is so far beyond the garbage mouth pundits of MSM, that it sets a new standard. You are a trail blazer. Thank you!
But.. I wish you would give longer and more detailed analysis on these especially important events. All your material is good, but some events are historically pivotal like this one or for example the inauguration.
IMO, longer in-depth analysis videos, of certain events like this one, would be uniquely valuable. It could represent a core product offering for you at Silver level, targeting the larger market of people who just want to understand current events. I hope to pick up skill in body language over the long term. But I know a rational understanding of current events is a more immediate and critical need; as it is to everyone. Thanks.


I wondered why Trump kept playing with his jacket (during the photo set up) instead of buttoning it. He usually presents a “bella figura” (a sharp or snappy image) in public but, not this time. Seemed that during the signing Trump was pressing down hard on the pen. Yes, he does look very stressed. Sure, there’s a lot of crap going down all over the place, some of it we know and I suspect a lot we don’t but, he knows! Can’t fault him for being stressed. Maybe we should be feeling stress, too?

All that aside, I found this video and the commentary to be highly entertaining. Looking forward to an analysis of the Bush Sr. funeral… please!

John App

Trudy @2:44:
“My head was born with astounding emptiness”


Yeah..something is wrong. I also noticed at some table meeting that his back was bent, like he was to exhausted to sit up straight.
From my heart, as a swede ..I hope he and his family is okay 🙏


The other 2 Saudi’s giving that little psychopath the evil eye watching him like a hawk while talking to the Saudi Prince. I don’t blame Trump for not wanting to touch anyone. Trump is doing great things for our country which goes against the UN global domination plan. You couldn’t write a better Batman script than what is going on in our world! Trump is Batman.😉😊


Which is why he loves the rallies. He knows deep down most of these idiots despise him. He needs to feel the love and their’s none to be found here. And I agree there does seem to something else troubling him. Great analysis.
What a dick that Canada guy!


I love that Abe is always at Trump’s side, a true ally. Trump projected that ‘don’t give no shite’ demeanor. Clearly the top dog. Macron married his nanny … all you need to know about him. And what’s with Trudeau? What an arrogant, spoiled cookie he is, panties in a wad. Canada should be embarrassed.

M. How

In some of the blogs, I detect not only embarrassment but disgust from Canadian commenters. But we’re in the same boat. We have Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, and Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Cheese, and other embarrassing wanna-be alpha males, too numerous to mention.


His days are numbered. All that’s needed is strong, confident leadership. Who’s that Canadian ‘Shark Tank’ guy? That guy would do just fine.

Cheryl Cooper

Fantastic analysis and good humor too. Thanks.

John App

What in the FK is wrong with that idiot woman bobblehead
behind un’True’doh @ 11:10-12:12 ..she just cannot contain her dumb self !

P.S. Computer screen was cleaned with Coffee @ 11:24 !!
had to keep rewinding vid to hear your lovely genuine laugh Bombard,
that was Gold !!!!!


Somewhere in Canada they are missing their village idiot. Justin, you are being paged. A whole bunch on nitwits there, and they are deciding my fate? Thank God I don’t drink.


you don’t need a body language expert to see whatever is going on with Trump is quite serious and he’s stressed. He’s been that way since Thanksgiving. Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with The Mueller investigation…..


Trump stressed? It’s more like don’t F-with me is my guess …

M. How

At the Christmas Tree lighting at the White House very recently, I believe there was another assassination attempt and I think it was number 14. If I were a public figure and even one attempt on my life was made, I would be more than unnerved. And, having gone through that same scenario, I can tell you assuredly, that fear never ever leaves you. I only had one. He’s gone through more than a dozen and probably his family has been assaulted, too.


Seriously??? Why am I just now hearing about the assassination attempts???


because we are controlled by fake news. Every attempt has been a complete failure, so the MSM doesnt want to report on how badly they are failing at trying to kill him. Honestly this whole thing is really starting to make me believe there really is a god. How can they try to kill him over a dozen times without even a scratch on him? Not even a grazed bullet, not a poisoning, nothing. I really think Trump is protected by a higher power, because what he is doing is saving humanity and he has to finish the job, he cant die before his two terms are finished.


Even though you could not tell on TV, he was behind a clear bullet resistant material. There were some weird lights/reflections in the freeze frame, then the event got cut short and Potus and Flotus were hustled away not following usual procedure. I also think something happened in France. A plot to kill Macron was defeated the week before Potus was there and I bet there was one to get Trump which resulted in a change of venue re: the cemetary. If what a lot of us believe is about to happen is true, severe precautions must be taken. This is not politics and is not a game. The people that are about to go down are evil and will stop at nothing to maintain power.


Link ?


It’s sad to think of Trump feeling demoralized. I hope that’s not the case. Preoccupied, I can handle.


Probably more concerned about the safety of his family


there is just so much going on behind the scenes. The Mueller investigations are just a distraction to occupy the media and the masses while chipping away at the Trump presidency. There’s a lot going on with the CA fires as well. Trump has said in the past that he’s been training his whole life to become president and do battle but I don’t he and anyone else truly realize to what depths they would go. Pray for Trump, General Kelly, and General Mattis. This is a serious battle for humanity.


Macron and Trudeau-two peanuts in the same shell. 80% of the citizens of France are saying “hell no!” and the citizens of Canada probably will once they recover from being stupified by legal marijuana.Should be a big week for body language with all the testimony and the Bush funeral coming up. Thanks for the analysis of the high school dance.


OMG! We’re living in South Park World.


XD crying

Gen. Stewart

The term “Toxic Masculinity”,has always disgusted me,but whenever I look or hear this pathetic excuse of a man ,it stirs a deep primal urge to beat him to death. Well,a man can dream can’t he ? I’m speaking of Trudeau .


You give Trudeau too much credit. His wife wears the pants and directs him daily.

M. How

Trudeau always reminds me of the middle school boy who hasn’t yet decided what sex he will be. Maybe it has something to do with his religious conversion. Who knows?


A psychologist once told me that you can see the family relations if you have them take a family photo and let them decide where they sit. People will want to avoid those they don’t like and stand next to their allies.


That when they get to choose their positions. G20 some one chooses for you

Lars Steffensen

At the signing it is also worth noticing how much bigger Trump’s penis!

Oops! grin


Typo? I think not. That’s a good one …

Lars Steffensen

Always happy when Cartman makes an unexpected appearance! ^___^

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