Body Language – Mark Carney Bank Of England Governor

Body Language - Mark Carney Bank Of England Governor

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Good find!
Reputedly all world finance management comes out of London, based upon decisions made in Switzerland.
This guy knows PM May was put in place to prevent Brexit from ever happening and thus destroying the EU “new world order” model. What he and other Globalist bankers are worried about is what the U.K. populace will do when they figure it out. Meanwhile Muslims continue to flood U.K. as planned.

World Finance: Uranus (shocking change) entered Taurus (earth, banks, economy, finance) in June 2018. Then back and forth into Aries until finally staying in Taurus March 2019 – the final date of Brexit. Would perceive the World economy being completely revised by March 2020. The old system is losing control and they don’t understand how.

Gabor Boros

Thanks for this Mandy.We here in the UK are truly feeling the pressure of Brexit, and if you could give as much news analysis as possible concerning the actors involved it would do us the world of good. Thanks in advance.

Rick Urban





Bank warns no-deal would trigger financial crisis. (fear mongering?)
A Trump win will trigger a global financial crisis. (definite fear mongering)
I agree, it’s BS.

Renzo Fabriek

Banks can, will and had create financial crisis all the time. It is all part off the plan/strategy. Most of their own employees don’t even know about this. I almost would bet that this person also doesn’t know this.
100.000 bucks on he doesn’t. Are you in? (I haven’t got the money. I hope you do grin )


Mandy, Geat analysis. Makes you think why did he bother doing this considering he actually said nothing of consequence.


As nations shift out of the globalist utopian fantasy world they had better get rid of bankers and financial advisors who have a globalist bias and reveal themselves by throwing around terms like “openness”


This dude is so boring.


Yet, no one like an excitable banker. Their aim is to be boring.

Charles Harris

When he says “We looked at this” and “We spoke with so n so”.
You can see him picturing the events.
But when he tells you what he saw or what was said.
He’s full of shit.
When he says that taxes and inflation are going to go up.
He ain’t lying.
But when he starts explaining why.
He hides from his own words.

Thanks Mandy, you’re awesome!


For the sake of the country I respectfully ask you to review this video and the words of the two NIST scientists who answered questions about the collapse of WTC Building 7. This was a 47 story, steel framed office building that collapsed on the afternoon of 9/11. Overwhelming evidence indicates that this collapse was a controlled demolition yet NIST claims it collapsed due to fire. Prior to 9/11 no steel framed high rise had ever collapsed due to fire, and none have collapsed since, yet we are supposed to believe that on 9/11 a total of 3 steel frame buildings collapsed due to fire. The person with background commentary is physics teacher David Chandler who has done a lot of analysis relating to the collapse.


Johnathan Leonard

Another building has since collapsed in the same manner. It was in one of the Gulf States, and due to the same factors as WTC 7: fire suppression system failure.

It is an immensely rare event, but not without some supporting evidence from exterior (non-US) sources.


Office fires don’t melt steel and they don’t leave behind the the chemical signature of thermite and thermate that was found at the world World Trade Center site as evidenced by a published scientific paper.

WTC building 7 fell at a rate within one or two percent of free fall for a full 2.25 seconds. That is impossible unless all support structures are simultaniously removed by carefully placed and timed explosives. The other thing that is a dead give away is the symmetry of the collapse, not to mention the clearly audible explosions just prior to the collapse. The building comes straight down into its own footprint. A building coming down due to a localized failure would lean toward the localized failure as it is falling.

I have done a search on the internet, and can find no mention of the collapse that you claim happened. Please provide references to back up your claim and so that it can be researched. If it did happen, was it a symmetrical collapse into its own footprint at free-fall acceleration? Many laws were broken on 9/11 but not the laws of physics. Have you actually watched the video at the link I provided? In any event, I hope that Mandy can do a read on two engineers from NIST to see if they are telling the truth or not. It is an ugly truth that many Americans don’t want to believe, and grappling with it tends to cause severe cognitive dissonance for many people. Unfortunately, for America to truly heal, the evil individuals that planned and carried out this false-flag attack must be exposed and brought to justice. It is not an issue of left versus right, it is an issue of “good” versus “evil”.

The main stream media has been complicit in this coverup as evidenced by the fact that most people don’t even know about the collapse of WTC 7, at 47 story building that was across the street from the twin towers. That is because the video has only been shown by the mainstream media a handful of times since 9/11. This is because the video evidence all by itself is so damning. NIST refuses to release the data used in their simulations claiming doing so would be a risk to national security. The truth is they won’t release it because it is fake and dishonest. Even the owner of WTC7 admitted that it was a controlled demolition, claiming that the fire department brought it down. At the time he did not know how long it takes to actually complete the wiring and setting of explosives not to mention the planning required to achieve it.


Also here,


Dutch demolition expert Danny Jowenko observing video of the collapse and saying it was controlled demolition before anyone told him it was WTC building 7. Jowenko was subsequently killed in a very unusual “traffic accident” while returning home from church.


I know I am in the US so how I feel about Brexit might not even be much of my business, except that the company I co-own with others is actually in the UK so I tend to keep an eye on financial things, not just in the US or the UK but even in a couple of other EU countries we do business in. To be looking in from the outside as well as having a vert small stake in what happens with the Bank of England, my first question has to do with his first statement of BofE “has done everything to be ready for Brexit no matter what form it takes” is what exactly have you done to achieve this? In the world of economics to say you are ready no matter what happens and which way things can fall is a very irresponsible statement, because there is always going to be at least one thing that even the best analyst could not foresee happening and while you can position your selves to be as protected as possible for surprises some of your responses to things that could occur are going to be not as prepared as others since to take those steps could very well make your unstable prior to Brexit. I think a lot of what you are picking up on is that, that he knows that they have considered all possible directions Brexit could take and what things could happen, he is far from sure that they are prepared for everything as well as he has a personal stake in this as does any Banker, Financial Manager, Broker and so on. There is a great deal of tendency to see where they have set their own finances where they are protected possibly even if it goes wrong with the finances of the country in total, their money is off and cushioned in some means not available to most or any others. The other part of the deceit I think you are noticing is that this is a good bit about scaring the right people at the right time so that pressure is brough to bare on taking the Brexit steps as he sees it as best benefiting himself and not the finances of the UK and her citizens. He has already done what he needs to do to shelter his money and the better step now is to get the population behind what he says is bets to do because that will pay off for him better than having his money protected through this. Of course, its always better to make money off a financial crisis then just holding on to what you had going into it.


This guy is nothing more than a modern version of a snake oil salesman. Thanks for a great analysis.


Another blockbuster analysis from Mandy! Great point about scenarios.

mr reality2

After May and Hammond, this guy is the next most despised person in the UK. Nobody takes his word as credible anymore, not sure how we ended up with him in charge of the Bank of England. The Bank of England is not supposed to be political but Carney has weaponized his position at every opportunity.

Carol Herbert

You are so spot on!
Over the past 5 years, I have never believed a word this guy says! Scenarios! What a bad leader of the BofE!
He is completely making things up to convince us we are in danger if we Leave the EU!
His wordy explanation is not convincing and his way of talking to us verifies his falseness. He has politicised the Bank of England. He hates England and clearly wants The UK to be subjugated under the EU forever!
You nailed it!
Keep up the great work! Carney is a One World Order Beaurocrat!


Just after Mandy spoke about his having stayed up one night and making up a bunch of schitt to scare the crap out of the people, Carney had an Obama moment that confirmed what she’d said. He slipped up and said “EU” and had to quickly make the correction in the bs coming out of his mouth and say “UK”. That made it crystal clear where his interests truly lie and it isn’t with the people.


Lends to the thought that all the scare tactics against Brexit, is what will happen to the EU

Renzo Fabriek

And it is getting worse in general. Being critical about immigration is going to be hate speech and illegal. (UN immigration policy) I really can’t believe mankind could get like fictional books. I’m almost glad that I’m old and hopefully die before it is getting unbearable. Fishfull thinking I guess. grin


Hang in there, this UK disfunction can’t go on forever and I bet Nigel will have something to do with that turn around. That said, Germany is forever screwed.

Renzo Fabriek

If Germany is screwed forever, so is the rest off europe. In contrary off what I said I think humankind will find the correct path. I do believe more in Nostradamus that we will experience a backwards development. Maybe no WWIII but something will happen. All the signs are clearly there. An antichrist is going on.
Now I also know what this realy means. Christianity has going trough the enlightment. Which brought us justfull laws. There you find the problem. Especialy if you look at what’s happening with freedom of speech.

Renzo Fabriek

Just reacting prematurly on the red flag and what I’m especting goning to see. Until then and what I know/expect of this video/title… It is just a justification of something which is completly false and the product off “we tell you what we want you to think it is”.
Am I wrong? I will tell you in my second reaction if I still think this.

Renzo Fabriek

“Thid guy is falling” and no real further comment from mandy. Just the scenario.
It is nothing more than a script that the real power in this world dictates. It is the banks…. Not realy worthy off body language analisys. It is predictable. But therfore I realy appreciate that you did this video.
It is to obvious!! thanks.


Yes, central Banks are a curse and keep everyday people under the thumb by printing money to dilute their wages and then say that there is too much money around (created by them) let’s raise interest rates ! …. Shouldn’t have printed the money in the first place.

Renzo Fabriek

And is really stunning that it are private organisations who create the money. Also they are untouchable. Above the law.

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