Body Language – Man Claiming to be Paid Protester

Body Language - Man Claiming to be Paid Protester

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Jen Janus

Hi Mandy. Do you think he could have a mental illness? I speak to thousands of seriously mentally ill people every year. Sometimes someone who is having active symptoms of a psychotic mental illness will tell you something and they will definitely not be lying because they believe what they’re saying. But what they’re saying is still not true because it’s a product of their delusional belief system. And sometimes what they say is partly actually true and partly not because their delusions turn in into something a little bit different. I’m going to sign up for your course hopefully before too long because I think it will really help me in my career. But as of now the only knowledge I have is from your videos as far as body language. I am just speculating here. That could be why he seems a bit hostile, even, because people may have challenged his delusions of becoming rich through a protesting pyramid scheme, if that is what that is.

Just a thought. Love your work. Thank you for empowering your viewers.

Jen Janus

And he may then have issues with impulse Control which caused him to admit to being a paid protester. Or drugs could do that too. And then he realized that hes not really supposed to say that so he was making up some stuff almost in jest but he actually didn’t find it funny because he was irritated maybe because he realized he messed up by standing up. Maybe reverted to an attempt to salvage the situation he reverted to an attempt to mock the notion of paid protesters by blowing up how it would work to where it’s ridiculous As far as getting rich and having lunch.

John Tamarack

This guy’s trolling. Leftist commies love to troll about Soros how they met him in person, “Soros gave me a meddle” “Soros says I’m getting a seat in the new world government” on and on. It’s they’re way of saying that they think we’re ridiculous for blaming Soros for their very hear felt commie protests. They just don’t know who’s pulling the strings behind the scenes.

I am wondering...

put a few miles on Robbie Parker… there is a resemblance… no???


Almost appears as if he is enjoying putting on a show for the camera. Maybe even programmed.

Renzo Fabriek

Memory? Memory off what? there can’t be a memory. A memory off what is going on right now isn’t a memory. He doesn’t know yet whats going on. A perfect example off a blank mind!!
That is the fishy part.


I bet he could talk you out of any spare change you have too.


A glimpse at the DNC pro jobs program, chaired by George Soros. These people are the greatest threat to our way of life.


Round up the homeless tweakers who are awake enough to yell about fascism, social injustice,”we believe survivors”, or better yet, vote democrat, and give them enough to buy a few days worth of Mexican super meth and life is all good.


He’s consciously holding his mouth neutral while he’s speaking about being paid, and looking away from the interviewer to help keep his emotions under control, then he looks back to the interviewer as he finishes what he’s saying, and loses the control. The big smile at 4:15 is duping delight. He’s thinking he’s going to give this gullible interviewer a big helping of BS and he’s enjoying it.

Charles Harris

I believe him about him getting paid to protest but his explanation of the process is BS.
He clearly doesn’t want to tell how it really operates. Whether it’s because he was told not to tell or some other reason, I don’t know.
He certainly does fit the bill for the kind of person who would protest for money.
I suspect he’s either a drug addict, homeless or both.


As long as they continue top put the mic in front of idiots like this other idiots will believe them. And on it goes. Without Mueller what would we have to talk about? Loved this one………

Renzo Fabriek

I mic isn’t needed. PC thinking is enough to create such fools. Look at the creative 60’s. There is your answer

Brad in Carolina

The veracity of our guy’s story suffered swiftly when he chose to describe his experience in the process as a PERSONAL one with cuddly ol’ Uncle George. It’s only my opinion, but Perhaps George Soros might have other folks who actually do the meet n’ greet n’ payroll for his manic and motley troops of “compensated enthusiasts”? Just a thought. I am new here, but… I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!


well, did any of you go to i did, no signup, its just info about georgie and the the open blablablah foundation lol.


I checked out GS website as well and found what I expected: Pro Soros propaganda and no sign up page.


I thought he look like an alcoholic that drank the coolaid.
Yep as Mandy said he probably thought the money guy was Soros and it was probably during this interview that it dawned on the guy that it probably wasn’t Soros….
Probably during that moment of irony when he realised the conspiracy was let out of the bag.

He was probably only meant to tell his recruits about the payments…. oops!

Renzo Fabriek

As I said… there is a level beyond dumb. grin
I think he isn’t even aware that he is alive. (read, an independend thinking human being)


Anything coming from TYT is suspect. IOW, manipulative or just downright bologna. Not to say people don’t get paid to protest. They do. But as Mandy said, somethin’s just not right here.


This guy is a bit off balance; I think he has some mental deficits. He probably is getting some compensation for being there but the rest of it is chatter he picked up thru others.
It’s sort of like an oddball high school kid who talks about doing or knowing the things that the cool kids are doing as if these were his own experiences.

Brad in Carolina

Poor little fella just looks like he’s been on a month-long bender of some sort, doesn’t he?
I mean, should we give him the benefit of the doubt here? Or is this how he shows up for his job at the bank? lol! pardon me for being a bit silly – This guy earned some lampooning. In my opinion, of course.


He strikes me as a pathological liar and drug addict/mental health issues.


I figured drug addiction or medical issue right away. Addiction might explain his willingness to protest for cash. HIs comments regarding Soros came off as a troll at first but I don’t think this guy is refined enough to pull off a good troll.


i think he is dumb enough to believe the guy with a bag of cash as being an actual cash man of soros….

Renzo Fabriek

He is beyond dumb…. A spectrum I get harder to understand or respect each year I get older.

Renzo Fabriek

It is much more simple. It starts before the addiction or medical issues. Look at the average SJW. They almost all look like someone who needs therapy. I have talked to many people who could benefit of psychological guidance, Now I come to think of it, the ones that had a real trauma were/are the most sane/realistic ones. The others… mostly bad parrenting to put it simple.

ps. By real trauma I mean things like child abuse, traumatical parrenting and so on. I learnd to know a lot off borderliners before I knew what it was.

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