Body Language – UKIP Leader Gerard Batten

Body Language - UKIP Leader Gerard Batten

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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alex stephenson

Another example of the bbc acting the good guy by saving britain from in there opinion is the bad guys although there power to do this is dwindling as people are seeing strait through it. The chiwawa analogy is great.

Todd Pullara

Tommy Robinson’s ideas are…not that bad…what’s the freaking problem?


Good God! Who knew there were total horse’s patoots in Great Britain too! Loved this video!


I love your commentary… It is awesome.

Karl Pearson

This, as with all the videos, won’t play on my pixel 2xl phone. I’m hoping this can be addressed at some point.

Thank you


For the record, Jesus Christ was a convicted criminal.
So much for that argument of dismissal.


Funny visual tiny Chihuahua yapping ad nauseam. The big St. Bernard just waits until the Chihuahua exhausts itself and blows it away with one “Woof”.


Why did the host call Tommy Robinson a convicted criminal? I suspect that it was because he is;

…….. Lennon (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon-his real name) was convicted in April 2005 for assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Lennon had assaulted an off-duty police officer who had intervened to stop a confrontation between Lennon and his partner Jenna Vowles, another BNP member, who was cautioned for possession of cocaine………….

Also, Tommy Robinson’s “very brave stand against industrial scale sexual assault” is just an attempt to claim credit for the work done by others (admittedly a common political practice) and furthermore his antics are risking gaining the court convictions which would help bring the problem to an end. His first conviction for contempt of court earned him a suspended sentence, as he may not have been aware of the effect of his antics. The second time he no longer had that excuse, he was prepared to risk the perpetrators walking free so that he could earn some publicity. …………

Tommy Robinson is pure poison for UKIP. That may not show on a video clip but there is plenty of other evidence out there. I Gerard Batten cannot find it he is not up to the job of being a party leader.


Someone tried to break up a row and got punched. Off-duty cop or not is completely irrelevant. Sounds like a genuine English working class experience.
Tommy Robinson is trying to highlight the abuse of young English girls at the hands of Pakistani men while the rest of Cuck Island is looking the other way.
Mr Robinson is a future political leader whether you like it or not. Gerard Batten is merely recognizing that fact.


She has a glass desk with a PC under it, so when she is looking down she is looking at notes, TelePrompter etc


that may be true at some other point but at no time did her eyes focus on something.


Well said Mandy…….. I am so pleased that you think she is a dog facing the wrong way. I think that she is an arrogant,self-satisfied pig! This is the level of feminist meathead interviewers that populate BBC now….PC beyond belief. I had the misfortune to experience her non-style etc. on the BBC “Daily Politics” v Professor Jordan Peterson (


) and wow did he cut her down to size and illustrate what an unthinking big mouth she is. She would have sounded much cleverer than she is,if she and the other woman on the show had both kept their mouths tight shut; they were way out of their depth, and the BBC one definitely couldn’t handle it. Ignorant.

I think Tommy Robinson is very brave too and,yes, he has done some very unsound steps but as Gerard Batten says ” taken as a whole he has done more good than bad “. I did not know of Gerard Batten until now but based on how you analysed him and how he performs and is the Leader of UKIP he looks and sounds like a top man.

Thank you so much for your amazing overview and analysis of obnoxious her (unfortunately not irrelevant) but mostly thank you even more for an illuminating insight into the potential of Gerard Batten to me.

Bonnie Hawkins

Love your discernment as well body language .

Renzo Fabriek

Great example on how the world seems to work nowdays. I didn’t expect we could “evolve” backwards but here we are. I wonder how the fall of western civilization is gonna look and if we are intelligent enough to make it stop.


Don’t know a lot about British politics but I know Fake News and the globalist, PC, anti-patriotic and pro medieval Islamofascist agenda when I see it. Don’t know who that guy is, but I agree with Mandy, I really like him. The chattering interviwer is beyond annoying. Her voice could be used as an enhanced interrogation technique.


i bet it would be very effective XD

Cat Simson

Thanks for that visual lol


This is the reason I don’t watch TV in Australia anymore.
The ABC is our equal to the BBC…. government funded propaganda.


Opps, she opened his can of worms… and then told him NO at the end. Now I really feel like a good smak.


I don’t even think they know how rude and disrespectful they come across as.

I wonder if their ratings have bee dropping?


I think do know how they come across. It’s what people like Mika & Joe do here in the US to deliberately project disdain into the viewers’ minds towards people who speak truth. The goal is to cultivate a mob mentality, which mentality is far from being rational. They don’t want the general public to think rationally for themselves. It’s meant to incite the masses to destroy their enemies by use of mobs,whether they be like Antifa or just irrationally loud public support.

Lars Steffensen

Duping delight might be a sort of a self esteem boost. And hitting a guest with a verbal handbag might be something that gives them a similar lewd satisfaction. I always get a sense that their arrogance and condescension is spoken through a smile of sorts.


….a man who’s a convicted CRIMINAL….. seriously… the crime Tommy did is a BS crime! I feel like smakkin a bish all of a sudden grin XD crying

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