Body Language – Theresa May’s Brexit statement from Downing Street

Body Language - Theresa May's Brexit statement from Downing Street

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Todd Pullara

Winston Churchill would have beat her to a pulp. Physically. If he would have found out how she had misled the British people concerning what they had voted for. “Disgrace” comes to mind.


PM Cameron was removed for allowing the Brexit vote; then PM May put into position as a ladylike charm offensive to prevent Brexit from ever happening. Believe legally they had 2 years they could continue to flood U.K. with Muslims until the legal Brexit time limit ran out.
Then PM May will say “Oh Well how hard I tried”. Since the time is up they will order a new vote and prevent any new Brexit results. IMO


Can’t believe how much I believed her when she first became pm. I can really see how full of it she is now. Thanks for the insight.Too bad about Nigel.

Rob. G.

Is Dr. Criag S Wright Satoshi? He just released Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision.


DeeAnn Barton

There’s a bunch of FAKE TROLLS on President TRUMP’s Twitter page saying he LIED during the Chris Wallace interview. Dang. Don’t ya love it, when people who know NOTHING pretend to be Bombard? What fools. You are the best, and I know you may get to this eventually. Thank you!


i dont even let it anger me anymore, i have learnt to laugh at it. the poor people who actually believe her, its so sad for them but i have to find the humour in it or i will end up in an asylum.


She is trying to keep the car plants and the aircraft plants running. Looks likes she has done it, even if it is all a bit insipid.


I see the selling. Also, she has an odd twist of the head at :20 stating, “I do not judge harshly…” Do you think that is just emphasis on ‘believe me’ or is it reflexive? Several places she does that though not so strongly.
How often is your deception detector correct do you think? Maybe a better way to say it is, do you only speak of deceptive behavior when you are absolutely sure of it? Can we learn to be absolutely sure? Or is it always a relative sense?


I discuss all of this in the course


i just can’t believe this stupid old cow is pm of the uk! i don’t think she could manage a department store, much less the gummint of the uk. meanwhile boris is warming the bench.


The sabotage of the Brexit referendum by Conservative PM Theresa May has reached a climax. Pro-Brexit members of her cabinet and parliament realized the extent that May is so obviously selling them out.

Never trust a leader who crosses over from the other side to champion your cause! Remember that May was against the Brexit vote but when campaigning for PM shortly thereafter, said she would honor the vote and make Brexit happen. That was a bald faced lie. She was always shooting for Brexit in name only that would still tightly bind the UK hand and foot to the EU and globalism.

After 25 years of campaigning, a fellow named Nigel Farage led the charge to have an actual voters’ referendum, and two years ago the Leave referendum barely squeaked by with 52 percent of the vote. But 52 percent is a majority in a democracy.

Farage, a very dynamic speaker, is getting back into politics in order to counter May’s Brexit sellout. Whether or not it will be enough to turn the growing tide of British apathy against Brexit, remains to be seen.

Theresa May is shafting the British independence movement by making it clear that Brexit will happen only over her dead body. Because the British Swamp is also the Euro-Swamp, which is also the US Swamp, which is also the UN Swamp.

In the last 50 years the EuroSwamp has been sucking in one British Prime Minister after another, so that UK sovereignty is almost gone.

So the Leave Referendum two years ago was a turning point, and it naturally freaked out Herr Dr. Jean-Claude Juncker, the aptly named President of the European Union, which has no electoral legitimacy whatsoever — zero, zilch, nada. The socialist Ruling Class over there has locked itself into power, exactly like the Swamp of DC, the American left and the Rinos.

Nigel Farage has a talk show on LBC that’s fun to listen to, and the Brits are smile getting the Farage message. He’s been predicting this explosion for 25 years. Farage is the Donald Trump of the UK, [but much better spoken and knowledgeable] along with a very modest-sounding old-fashioned-looking gent named Jacob Rees-Mogg, the very image of a modern British gentleman.

Both of them are enormous fun to watch, and if you wanted to take a long bath after the last couple of years of dirty US politics. They haven’t won the battle yet, but they are very steady and determined, and their side is gathering political steam by convincing the people that something is very wrong with drowning in the Euro-Swamp.


A sales pitch by a poor saleswoman. Brexit was an independent rebellion, left to be implemented by the partisans who were rejected. Nigel Farage, who should have negotiated the entire operation, was rejected by those partisans, thus this mess. The Brexit vote should have included Farage as the magistrate.


totally agree jimmer! i simply cannot believe how buggered up this has become.


May is one of many in power who have been opposed to Brexit all along. Hopefully, she will be voted out as Prime Minister soon. Your analysis helped me to see that she strongly suspects that her days are numbered. Great job, Mandy!

Just saw this article in the Sun. Even the comments are desperate.


“The BS Cannon is my name..lying to the people is my game”


Those brits. When them lips start moving you better look out. Good thing there is an ocean so we don’t have to build a wall.
lol, just testing the tolerance and first amendment filter.
Brexit gave me hope that there was enough of Mother England left to save. I watched the whole three hours of the Parliament session yesterday and Teresa has some stamina. It was actually quite enjoyable but draining. Every 4th speaker stood up to say there should be another vote because the people were lied to about the benefits of leaving. Listening to the “Briefings for Brexit” podcast Professor Gwythian Prins said speaking to some of his neighbors in Brexit country that they knew that they might pay for it economically but they voted out of principle and the remainers were just looking at it in dollars and cents. I can’t remember if they have the numbers to put in a hard line Brexiter if they put May out.


She reminds me of that old boring primary school teacher reading the same book she has read 100 times before….
Does not believe in it because she knows it is just a fairytale yet she will read it to you like it is real.


LOL I know exactly what you are talking about. I can hear her slowly turning the page and showing us the picture.


Thanks for your videos, every one i watch confirms everything i am thinking and saying to people.
Keep up with the great videos and keep em coming 👍

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