Body Language – Michael Avenatti Speech Arrested Released on Bail

Body Language - Michael Avenatti Arrested Released on Bail

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XD crying crying XD XD

Todd Pullara

Creepy porn lawyer is…very creepy.

Cheri Albaugh

“you know me as a man and you know my character”. As I watched this press conference… listened to his word choices, all I could think about is Kavenaugh, and how it is that the motives, the meaning of the same words are so very different. And yet, others do not see or hear this. I don’t know if I am making sense, but this is why the words, “full disclosure” and “transparent, transparency” make me cringe bc HRC used them to the point of abuse in terms.

Thank you again Mandy for your points of clarification.


Lars took my line! Every word was like 2 seconds apart, robotic. ” I did not… hit… that woman” Depends what he considers “hit” like what the other one considered “sex.” Great analysis. I wish the lights were not flapping in his face.


I cannot stand this guy or a word he says! Michael Avenatti 😡

People Sleuth

You rock! And you are correct – he is an a$$ hle. So transparent of him to “thank law enforcement.” Anyone who denies hitting someone when they have him on video saying “she hit me first” needs to go sit in the corner and think about what an a$$ he is.


What happened? Back in the day this idiot wouldn’t have been looking so pretty on his release. Now reporters can assault women in public and be total assholes and they never get their as kicked. I’m glad I found you. I love it…….


Well, that sounds really good Mike. But you’ve told us we’ve gotta believe the woman. crying Karma’s a bitch.


Well, that sounds really good Mike. But you’ve told us we’ve gotta believe the woman. rich

Renzo Fabriek

“He is not like… “he is just an ashole””
I just love your personal commentray, It really cracks me up. grin


Karma added to the 6.25 million he owes his former partner and the G, as well as the FBI inquiry into subornation of perjury in the Sweatnik affair. Bet the MSM turns on him. He deserves it as an ambulance (and stripper)-chasing shyster. When I saw it on the news and saw that head rotating like a screech owl, I figured Mandy would do him next.

Hot Cheese

Trump does hand signals similar to this sometimes. Although he usually changes the motion depending on what he’s saying. Trump also makes better eye contact and stands straighter than this guy. Thoughts?


Trump has an inward confidence. avanatti does not.


This guy is the icon for prohibiting lawyers from seeking elected office.


This guy is a total scumbag but I do not see any real signs of deception.


He spells character a-s-s-h-o-l-e and thats what I know him as. The Left thinks that if they say it its magically true. If they say it loud and long it becomes true. Thats how they believe everything else so why not. This thing is why attorneys have the reputation they do. Great video smile you made me laugh so hard.


Talk about stuttering! Did you see the loon pundits on TV trying to still “love” him but now being in a pickle with regards to the allegations? They were uh-uh-uh-ing all over the place!

Lichen's Folly

He looks pretty mechanical, Mandy. However, he does have the right sort of killer instinct, and he played this exactly like a slimy politician should: immediately and strongly deny, deny, deny.

But methinks he doth protest too hard.

Being a lawyer,and with Presidential aspirations, I’m betting it will take a very long time to find out the truth.


Every time I see or hear Avenatti I go into conspiracy mode and think Jerry Brown and Gilbert Gottfried had their DNA mixed up in a lab somewhere and this thing is the test tube baby that resulted from that monumental f***-up. 👽





I forgot who Gottfried was. Looked him up – had an image and laughed out loud! Thanks! You nailed it!


The was the biggest load of lawyer speak ….. if he goes to trial $10 he takes the stand!

Lauri Barnett

XD He LITERALLY won’t be able to help himself !!

Lars Steffensen

I – did not – have sex – with that – woman! crying


Oh, his CHARACTER? ohhhhhh really that sounds familiar. A man’s character…. hmmm

Lichen's Folly

Some men are of good character, aren’t they, though? But all men make mistakes.

Lauri Barnett

Yep. Some men ARE of good character, and sometimes they make mistakes. But then there are “men” like Avenatti…..

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