Body Language – Rod Rosenstein on Matt Whitaker and Mueller Investigation

Body Language - Rod Rosenstein on Matt Whitaker and Mueller Investigation

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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My 2 cents: Rosenstein extreme anger at the Whitaker acting AG appointment frustrating the Mueller Plan.

Sessions was compromised to recuse from Russia plot and urged to appoint Rosenstein; but did not foresee that Rosenstein would immediately bring in his old Hillary buddy Mueller, when they were suits working for her.

The Mueller plan A – prolonged investigation of kitchen sink as long as Trump in office. If Trump fired Rosenstein, Mueller or Sessions then immediate impeachment action against Trump as a repeat of the Nixon Watergate plot.

The Mueller plan B – prolong the investigation until midterms get a House and Senate takeover by Democrats to impeach Trump.

Putting Whitaker in as acting AG with. Sessions resign was not in plan A or B. Whitaker can now claw back Rosenstein orders for Mueller to investigate everything to just “Russia”. Whittaker now sees all that Mueller racket was doing – Rosenstein very angry at the exposure. Rosenstein’s rigged impeachment investigation now in jeopardy. IMO.


Mandy – any thoughts on the verbiage used by Bouncing Rod? Whitaker is only acting/interim AG, but Bouncing Rod says AG. That can’t be an innocent omission.


speaks for itself lol


Aaaand in this corner, Bouncing Rod Rosenstein, folks! 😁☺😂 (Said in my best boxing announcer voice)

Gen. Stewart

I’ve seen films of Hitler’s head of propaganda,Goebelles . That’s who Rosenstein reminds me of. Same mannerisms,walk,body movement and arrogant delivery of speech. Hi mandy !

Kevin Fitzpatrick

you know they watch.

Kindel Stubblefield


No specific time.

Renzo Fabriek

His condesending smile at the last video of him made me dislike this person beyond believe, It is not normal and shows complete disrespect off anyone besides himself or his circle. That he is in such a position tells something about the current state off mankind.


Here’s what I see: a schooled weasel whose arrogance makes him even more weaselly.

Carol Herbert

Of course Rod has watched your videos! Ha!
He’s so self conscious and arrogant at the same time- weird combo!
Given what he has been involved with in the Russia Hoax Investigation, his willingness to secretly record the President, and the criminals that worked with him from Fusion GPS to Comey and Strzok and Page I do not trust ANYTHING he says…


It is no coincidence that they are trying to censor/silence you, Mandy. With your subscription numbers from the old You Tube channel, you can bet that these weasels are aware of what you are doing, and are panicing that more and more people are figuring out what they are up to. Thanks for being a Patriot and exposing so many corrupt rats as they try to sell their line of BS.


What are they doing to silence Mandy?

Renzo Fabriek

Every joke I want to write in response is getting to real these days. sad


Strikes, suspensions and supression of free speech by You Tube following perfectly reasonable analysis of David “Camera” Hog$ and others. Probably other social media as well.


You are a great observer. I think these high up people sell their self image, both to others and themselves. They want to stay in their belief system. They need it. It’s a carefully crafted image that’s taken a lot of work to construct both to the public and their own ego.


WOW! That one look says it all.


Good work there!


Ha ha, I was wanting to hear the answer to that last question….even though I’ve been rusha rusha rusha’d to death. grin


Amazing what you can do. I wonder if Trump watches or has seen these. If not then he certainly should. I bet Tucker watches smile


Has anyone else noticed that on the last several campaign stops Trump mentioned “body language”? He never did that before but, he’s been doing it a lot lately. I would bet he was first made aware of this site by seeing one of Mandy’s videos go viral on several of the news sites he reads.


Thats very cool. Maybe theres an executive consulting position coming up. If I were him I would do it.

Renzo Fabriek

No I haven’t and I am very suprised. Have you got any links to some footage? I’m realy curious.


Yes- I watched a lot of those rallies and he started talking about it right after Mandy’s video on Failng Feinstein’s vomit inducing performance during the Kavenaugh hearing.

Gen. Stewart

That’s a very nice compliment to Mandy ,but all leaders are taught and practice these sciences. Not only politicians but also CEO’s,COO’s,Military,police,even job interviewers and human resource officers study this. A good example to see this in practice is to watch an interview with President Trump. He will sit on the edge of the chair with legs spread wide and hands between the legs making a diamond shape. This posture is saying: I’m interested,open to what is being said,while the hands are a sign of confidence.

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