Body Language – Family of Missing Teenager Jayme Closs

Body Language - Family of Missing Teenager Jayme Closs

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Nick VanderKooi

People need to be careful who want to meet in person or online. Especially a teenager. In today’s age, people are quick to just simply assault someone over political points. I highly recommend people just be wary who you talk to online. I don’t think you can nag more than that.


The girl is rescued.


I’m guessing the culprit is some older man who, “fell in love,” with her. There was something that reminded him of some literature he read and projected that magical feeling onto her. Then, it was “written in the stars.” He’s mentally ill so this happens a lot easier. He’s not a person who gets a long with people. He believes that she is in “love” him. She probably had some charming personality.
When ever I see a young teen girl get abducted, I automatically guess it’s some older man who, “fell in love.” It’s a sexual motive, and it’s based on a fantastic narrative that exists in his ill mind.


Mandy, can we look at the dog’s body language? Are there body tells here? The yawn, looking around, sitting still, chewing on a toy on the floor, very well behaved.



Renzo Fabriek

To well behaved for the situation… I think you are on to something. grin


i think they gave it a meaty bone to keep it quiet.


My gut says: social media. Have the cops checked her accounts? Even their dog is stressed out. How sad.


no idea… maybe mom and dad didnt let her on social media


Though there was no murder, the same thing happened with one of my students. It was social media and the cops were able to track the abductor down and get her back, luckilly. Perhaps in this case, the parents interrupted the pick up in progress.


no one knows. I would assume if they checked internet activity they would have a clue to follow.


This is an interesting story, I’m going to read some more about it. It sounds horrifying sad


You could be right, they could have tried, but I bet she found a way …

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