Body Language – Broward County Florida Voter Fraud Suspicions

Body Language - Voter Fraud Broward County Florida

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Todd Pullara

I used to live in Broward County. Corrupt. As. Fuck.


Can’t hear a darn word, the mute is on & it won’t let me unmute.. At least I have the comments….

Cheri Albaugh

I am looking forward to the results (indictments) from state feds who will are looking into these mysterious actions. In the past, meaning presidential administrations would NOT follow up and pursue misbehaving by liberals. Trump as activated some guts for the GOP. Personally I look at this midterm election as a dry run for DCM on how well they will fair in 2020! They appear to be mastering corruption a.k.a Russia and China
I do hope we can prove we are better than that.
P.S. #TruthMatters (not perception), Kamala H.

mary Richardson

Thank You


I interpreted this woman’s initial behavior and body movements as her being startled. I think she was walking along, lost in thought, and was not planning on saying anything to reporters. Then all of a sudden she had faces, cameras, and microphones all up in her face. Her parasympathetic fight or flight response was activated and she had an adrenaline dump. So she suddenly backed up (perhaps to steady herself), folded her arms over her stomach as a protective mechanism, and giggled to herself when she realized that she wasn’t being attacked by a pack of dogs. The giggle also sounded as though it contained a bit of acid in it like she was thinking, “Oh my god! These desperate people are unbelievable!” I agree with your behavior analysis of her finger pointing, but she already had adrenaline coursing through her and she already felt attacked so it doesn’t surprise me that she behaved somewhat aggressively. I think these factors have to be taken into consideration before completely demonizing her. As a strong introvert myself, I can see how I would have responded in the same way she did.

Julie Morris

So let me get this straight. I live in Mississippi and even with all the bad publicity about how this state is so backwards, they know how to run elections and tally up votes in a timely and orderly fashion. Hmm…but, I will say this, after living here for 15 years, I’ve seen that same “look” of arrogance, finger pointing, head raised, and combativeness when the “story” doesn’t fit the narrative. And I see it a lot! However, our elections run smoothly. (I Hope I don’t regret writing this! We do have a run-off and I want to think it’ll go smoothly).


Thank you! Made a PayPal donation Love your reads!!


thank you


Wouldn’t it be nice if there were real and enforceable consequences for this behavior? We’ll probably see her again in 2020 if she lives that long. Thanks……

Renzo Fabriek

I like the subtle facial expresions of the girl on the left. At one moment you clearly see that she thinks “yeah… right (not)”


I have a theory that the Left tends to attract more individuals bearing psychopathic symptomatology. Lying, stealing, cheating—it all seems par for the course for far too many left-leaning politicians and their sycophants. The Right can be crooked, too, of course, but at least most conservatives will ultimately succumb to righteous public shame or scandal. But shame and scandal to some of these Democrat dirtbags is just another feather in their cap. They’re all too happy to “do their part for the cause,” no matter how evil the cause may be.


power positions in general attract these people. in the repubs they are known as RHINOS

I simply do not understand how Snipes was allowed to continue in this job being flat out guilty of losing ballots, breaking laws allowing illegal immigrants and felons to vote, not to mention illegally destroying ballots. It’s absurd. She and her cronies have a racket going on. Why she was not removed in earlier years should be addressed if anyone has any hanging in Broward County. Thank you sincerely Mandy. Good work as always. You are without question, The Best!!


Mandy, do you pick up the tells on one pass? Or go back slow it down and repeat?

I hope to get to where I can see and understand the tells real time while someone is talking to me. Usually don’t have opportunity to record them.

How long does it take, more or less, to get reasonably good at it? If a person keeps at it learning every day?


Great questions! Would also like to know. smile


It was in all of us until it was educated out of us by those in charge!

Yes you will get to the point of telling it in real time however I think it is more like your subconscious/gut feeling will pick it up rather than your eyes.
All of this happens so fast and you can’t replay real life situations…

Watch the course, watch these uploads… it really will come back.

Oh.. and be aware of your biases and be ok picking out deception from your own team… if you blindly believe your own side then you won’t be able to pick it from the other side.


some people i have to watch carefully… a lot of people they are an open book.


That’s really the trick, and how I knew your observations were well founded. You look to comparisons; what’s normal and relaxed for this person in particular. What are their patterns. It’s not a black and white absolute global process. Not the same for everyone. Enjoy your work. Remember us newbies.. in depth if possible. Thanks again.

Kimberly Duran

This whole thing is a joke. The whole voting system needs to be re-done and on a national level.


Broward County has become the entry point for Democrat corruption in FL. This time, with this POTUS, they’ve overplayed their hand. Watch this woman and others end up behind bars.


Hope you’re right but, I’m not holding my breath. People in government and politicians who’ve done far worse are still walking around freely preaching and giving speeches.


We’ll see, but unlike most politicians, Trump wants to clean it up …it’s startling to watch the swamp go nuts.


A picture says a thousand words……doesn’t it, PC police? How dem white devils know what I did? Dey be axen me all kine a stuff dey ain’t pos’ ta know nuttin’ bout. Jus wait till ah gits mah hands on LaQuisha!


Was this the county where the law officers did not run in to save the students at the school that had the shooter? I am stunned that this county has not been held accountable, but then, what else is new? Thanks for sharing this analysis!


Yes, one in the same. And their bizarre police chief is still on the job.

Marti Darling

Just read the article. Smells fishy to me.


Thanks. I’m in Middleton and thought this was the case.


Great choice, Mandy. I am asking myself why this Snipes is not in jail since she was convicted of destroying paper ballots in the 2016 election to keep another crook, Wasserman-Shultz in office. FBI needs to go in and sieze everything. These people are evil gangsters and thugs. They have been getting away with this for years. My wife was a Republican election judge in Cook (Crook) County, Illinois and reported a supervising judge who stuffed ballots into her massive bra so she could get them to her car trunk to be destroyed. When she reported the fraud to the County Clerk, she was offered a patronage job to keep quiet.



Dawn Brown

great job!..i was noticing her eyes real close as she spoke..the windows of the soul,Body language and eyes..expose lies

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