Body Language – Imprisoned Prince Al-Waleed of Kingdom Holding Company

Body Language - Prince Al-Waleed of Kingdom Holding Company

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C Samuel

Creutzfeld-Jakob disease?


No. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease progresses very quickly over a few months. These body movements were noticed more than a year ago. By now he wouldn’t even remember being imprisoned if he had CJ.


…while a gun is pointing at him from off camera.

He should get asked why he doesn’t simply fly to the US for a personal interview lol

Charles Harris

He’s scared.
He wants to buy it all behind himself but he can’t.
The fear and memories are pervasive.


Tourettes, what, like this guy? (for entertainment purposes only and oh yeah, language alert. please don’t hate me)





The next Simpsons or is he the 2020 DNC frontrunner?


The DNC could do quite well in 2020 with that guy, given their base these days.


Too bad he has Tourettes. The usual meds are pretty primitive antipsychotics that have a lot of side effects. The mouth thing might also be tardive dyskinesia, which might explain why he is not taking meds. I wouln’t be holding any bake sales for him though. Considering the royal familiy’s shady donations to the Clinton Foundation, the McCain Institute and others, would not be suprised if he is a bagman to the west. I think he is also the one who invited Kashoggi back to SA.


Yep… 100% Tourettes.
This is in my family and I actually feel a bit sorry for him.


Sure, but he is a very very bad guy. I don’t want to know how many people died because of him.
I can’t feel sorry for people like him. I also can’t feel sorry for Hillary.


Tourettes can be a bugger to control and the more one tries to control it the worse it can get. I worked with a guy who had Tourettes and certainly don’t wish it on anyone.


It’s burt R.


That’s exactly what I thought!

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