Body Language – Pelosi House Win Road To Impeachment

Body Language - Pelosi House Win Road To Impeachment

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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God! This woman is such a b#tch! I can not stand her with her buggy eyes and thin lip smacking. She’s on the same evil level as Killary and the rest of the swamp people. Maybe she’ll step into a sink hole and we never have to deal with her again. Only then would America be great again! LOL


We have seen Obama relax as you predicted. I saw some footage of HW’s funeral (at In Pursuit of Truth, the youtuber that told me about you!), and he was back to his arrogant self.

Todd Pullara

“Today is more than about Democrats and Republicans…It’s about Democrats.”

Cheri Albaugh

It will be interesting to watch how Pres. Trump exposes the unwillingness to work for the good of the people of America. How he will expose the unwillingness to do good with negotiation. How he will expose the unhealthy behavior of “get the president” instead of get the best for America’s well being and future. They will fight hard and stand the ground for communism to take a deeper root into our moral fibers of our United States Constitution. Keep P. U. S. H.




Let us pray: Dear Lord please let the declas begin and the indictments be unsealed! Amen.


The thing I found really interesting was the people all holding their phones up recording at the beginning. When have we ever seen any enthusiasm for Pelosi or House Reps like that?! It’s slmost like they wanted the crowd to seem enthusiastic like at a Trump rally. I have no doubt they were happy with the results of the election, but why are SO MANY holding their cameras up taking pics/recording. Media is obviously broadcasting and recording it. It’s not THAT momentous or historic. I could see lots of applause and cheers but all phones up taking pics & recording? Seems odd and staged. Congress Reps (especially Pelosi) don’t usually denote this kind of response or adulation.


In my district, Illinois 6, which flipped, an ungodly amout of money was dumped in by the DNC with an almost constant barrage of ads, which due to the low IQ of most people in Illinois, worked. The RINO Republican candidate tried to distance himself from the President and was incredibly weak, he either avoided the media or they shut him out- not one radio interview. In the state rep races, Pritzger, whose great grandfather was Al Capone’s lawyer, dumped 500,000 into state rep races and even more into State Senator races. Buckle up- what was a Civil War of words is now going full scale. Declas is coming. Stock up on supplies and ammo. And jimmer is right, my district is thirty miles long and a few blocks wide in some areas.These scumbags will overplay their hand again, hopefully some more people will figure out that they are pure evil, especially if we see a few in handcuffs, or running out of the country.

Julie Morris

I hope the Republican ground game, for the next several years, will be to attract college youth to the Republican Party. Their little brains need help in understanding the differences between socialism, totalitarianism, communism…so they can begin understanding capitalism. This won’t be an easy task.
Perhaps if college students spent a year living in Venezuela, Mexico or North Korea, these kids would get a check on the reality of living in fear, hunger, pain, no health care, lack of freedom to speak and pray at will. And when they return from their sabbatical maybe, just maybe, the Republican Party will have a chance.
But for now, we do what we can with what we’ve been given.

Carol Herbert

Although these Democrats will be obstructionists and worse, the founding fathers made sure that deadlock would happen and government couldn’t grow in the event that the house was run by one party and the Senate by another! It’s not such a bad thing. Stopping government is a healthy thing!

Joshua Saunders

Exit polls show majority of the country doesn’t want Trump impeached. If they move toward impeachment, with literally zero evidence of anything, it will be to their own demise. So let them. Trump gave them just enough rope to hang themselves. Also, Pelosi is a senile embarrassment. That’s why Trump wants her in the house. Hopefully FISA Declas coming soon… not sure what he’s waiting for…

Joshua Saunders

*Correction, “That’s why he wants Pelosi as Speaker of the House.”


Here’s what Pres. Trump tweeted this morning:
“In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats. If they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some Republican votes. She has earned this great honor!”

Grab some popcorn. The games are about to begin.


Trump is ALWAYS light years ahead of anything the Democrats do. It’s no coincidence that he didn’t rally for the GOP house candidates. He wanted the Senate and he got it. He’s strategic in everything he does and it’s all very well thought out. I’ve never been as entertained as I am since Trump became President. Let the good times roll…


Fasten your seat belt, Dawn. Game ON! Trump just FIRED Sleepy JEFF SESSIONS (! now that he has the votes he needs in the Senate) AND he served the House notice that they WILL be investigated, if they abuse subpoena power!

Good times, indeed!


he fired the only guy who would not attack him…. he left rosenstine and muller and all the minions in place. the acting ag’s last position was shut down due to fraud. The FBI still works for the deep state. my point is… the doj needs a lot more than just ONE guy. Ill add..that we should be glad… and take the time we have to prepare. I do believe we win in the end.


Agreed. A whole lot more has to be done. But, notice that Rosenstein was bypassed for the acting ag position and he would have been next in line. I’m guessing he is going to be the next one to get the ax and soon. Muller’s witch hunt is, thankfully, coming to an end shortly. The swamp goes deep. It takes time to drain it.

Kevin Smith

No matter. FISA release will gut the House.


I’m hoping it is a given enough rope scenario.


I have no doubt that this is exactly that kind of scenario. Trump has already let her know with his tweet suggesting she deserves to be speaker of the house, that nothing here is a coincidence. Trump gave her enough of a nudge to incite her to be extra brave and defiant. He’s toying with her!!

Mark Brown

Just goes to show how many sheep are still sleeping.


Or still bleating.


I bet one of the larger factors in the House loss was gerrymandering, redistricting. During the Obama years, country-wide House districts were tinkered with to favor Demos. I haven’t heard this mentioned, but this is the real reason behind Pelosi’s slim win, not flagging Trump support. The deck was fixed.

Cheri Albaugh

Gerrymandering was mentioned in the news. And did take place in counties of several states. I will have to get back with you on the facts. Give me until mid-Dec. … very busy.


Now to worry, most destructive dems (like Pelosi) will be indicted and in jail (military?) soon. Only a temporary win for them. Only conjecture here but there is a strong chance it will happen.


That chewing on a wasp thing she does got more prominent towards the end. I do believe she may be pleased about the win but knows there will be very stressful times ahead where stuff may not go as planned.

Or she just can’t contain her evilness…


Mandy, I think the democrats are over estimating this “impeachment” process. We’ve already had 2 years of a Mueller no where “investigation.” All it’s going to show is Trump trying to do work and the Dems tying up things. They have no policy. If they continue down this road the country will get tried of it.

I am sure there’s a plan b for a House that is noncompliant.


suk it skeletor



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