Body Language – Brexit Arron Banks Russian Donation Allegations

Body Language - Brexit Arron Banks Russian Donation Allegations

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Russia is the bogeyman that can be easilly blamed for anything that does not suit the globalists agenda. There is much more to fear from globalism than a two bit country with an economy smaller than many states in the US.

Gen. Stewart

We can reverse engineer the manipulation ,and it tells us something that is very important. That Russia is not in on the GloBalist agenda. Which is a good thing ! I think that with the top secret information that President Trump is privy to that he can see the use in forming a closer relationship with Putin as a good thing.


After awhile the interviewer’s Remain teeth sharpened. The establishment won’t give up until they are destroyed. Problem is most citizens don’t have a clue and are willfully manipulated. The UK is further gone, but is similar to our situation.


You are spot on about Russia blame…. Even before the election count was over a msm station interview with a democrate was saying even though the FBI said no Russian interference they will need to see the results of the electiob first before they know that is true…..

I feel for the innocent people’s lives being destroyed in a quest to undermine any election result the elite don’t like.

Great work again


I’m inclined to believe Arron Banks. He’s being demonized by MSM for supporting Brexit.


Thank you Mandy! Love the explanation of BL.

mr reality2

Great work again Mandy. I knew from the start of this harassment that it was all a fix, just never expected the establishment to go all out to criminalise the man.

Charles Harris

They’re making a statement to everyone else.
If you work against the will of the dominant faction in government.
They will destroy your life.

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