Propaganda Techniques – The Caravan Tucker Interview

Propaganda Techniques - The Caravan Tucker Interview

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Todd Pullara

Jorge Ramos, who is part of the blue eyed ruling class, wants nothing to do with your relevant facts or serious pointed questions. He just wants these people OUT of his country. Pathetic.


If Jorge isn’t going to give a straight answer and deal with the issue, then I’ll just write off all the other side, assume guilt, and go with my narrative.


When this first came out, I really didnt like tucker asking how many was this dude going to take into his house. Tucker, the guy cant take these folks into his home – they are undocumented, illegal, aliens, whatever you wanna call them. They are not allowed to go live at this guys house. What would have been fine is if the reporter could have answered it like that … like OK, I cant take these illegal people to my home but I spent 500 dollars on food , blankets, raincoats, whatever. right? Too bad he did not have that behind him. But another thing, sorry im long winded today lol, is that dude cannot possibly know if there are potential threats in that crowd of people. NO way can he know that at all!


that may be all well and good but what does that have to do with us? and why would we need to welcome them here?

Kindel Stubblefield

6:30 to the end. Sounds like Pelosi is planning new tricks? Also, that’s the second time I’ve heard a Democrat say “E pluribus unum” this week in a speech. I wonder what they’re up to now.


Renzo Fabriek

Lately I become more suspicious about accents when someone should be accent free. For me it becomes a sign that someone is not interested in culture where he lives or others opinion. Of course it is all depends on context.


All the FOX programs do this. They give free air time and even pay liberals and idiots like this to be on their shows. It’s why I stopped watching “Justice with Jennine” she has the same liberal idiot on every show. They love all this free time FOX gives them to spout their BS.


How do people sleep at night when all they do during the day is spout bull$hit at everyone trying to make them believe something that isn’t true?

Gen. Stewart

That’s one thing I don’t like about Fox News Anchors. In an attempt to appear fare,they let the left propagandist FILIBUSTER the conversation. They should stop these people and point that out to the audience. Or shut their sound off,until they stop. I have seen this lying POS,many times. If i ever cross him on the street ,which probably will never happen,I’ll beat the hell out of this SUBVERSIVE INVADER ! This is a good example of why ya’ll are hearing the constant drum beat that white men should be killed,exiled and stopped from free travel. White MEN are tolerant to a point,but when we see injustes or are confronted with violence we are quick to challenge it . Not only nature demands it from us ,but also ,we are raised and expected to rise and contront ,protect and defend. Mandy ! Love your site and appreciate your service of educating .

Rose B

What a frustrating interview. I hope Tucker doesn’t keep wasting valuable airtime interviewing this schmuck…


Ramos should have been cut off right when Tucker knew he wasn’t going to answer the questions.

Charles Harris

A good example of
How a conman can use an interview
To spread propaganda.

Answer the questions you want asked
Not the ones that were asked.


If Tucker had a nickel for every “guest” who did not answer his questions, he could fund the wall himself! This man seemed to be looking at a “script” or something, not just looking down. Anyone else see this too? Thanks for another riveting analysis!

Dani Schacht

Well Jorge Ramos just did a poll and he says everyone in the caravan is a wonderful human being. Apparently he thinks that makes a difference.


Practically all of the Hispanics in the US, including one of my closest friends, gets most, if not all, of the news from that propagandist on an all Spanish language cable channel. Jorge Ramos has been playing the Hispanic American community for years with his b.s. It makes me sad that Ramos is keeping them from seeing the truth. It reminds me of how the Democrats kept the African American community down for so long.


You say “kept” as if that’s changed. They continue to keep the black community down. There isn’t a minority group out there they haven’t exploited


Tucker does great editorial openings, but he is one of the worst interviewers of hostile guests ever. Even when he thinks he is winning he is usually losing. I don’t know if he is Fox’ sacrificial scapegoat to seem fair and balanced, but I have turned him off so many times that I started eating dinner right after his opening to avoid having to listen to his interviews. Ramos’ technique is also to state a false premise- these are refugees (not true) and then to state moral “you musts” based on the false premise. He has also mastered “speed talking” where you can talk and breathe at the same time, Kellyanne Conway is another master at it. Thanks for highlighting his manipulative technique.


I have come to believe that the Tucker Carlson Show is an really an experiment in political satire. It always looks like an old SNL skit, where the guests go off on lunatic rants, while the host sits there with a befuddled look on his face. But, I don’t think the network execs are all that creative. Who knows? One of these days I’m going to count how many times Tucker shows that same befuddled expression in a single show.


Yeah, that was pure propaganda. His rapid fire jibber jabber is always irritating.
Trump might consider reascending ‘dual citizenship status’ and make him chose his allegiance (guess which one).


Often when someone says, “Excellent question! I’m gad you asked!” it’s a question they’d rather not answer.



Bonnie Hawkins

TY. luv ya.

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