Body Language – Donald Trump in Alpha Mode

Body Language - Donald Trump in Alpha Mode

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Best ending ever to your videos!


This is my house… If You cant be intelligent, polite, and have manners, you are not welcome here.


I absolutely love watching you pick people apart.


Thanks Mandy. You just put a big old smile om my face. Definite man hug.


The Deep State in NOT, as Fox News would have you believe, merely a bunch of Obama-loyal Democratic holdovers in the federal agencies trying to derail the Trump presidency. The real Deep State manipulates elections, threatens politicians and if necessary, kills people like JFK, and various others who get in the way of their evil agenda, and are in total control of MSNBC, et. al.


Yep, President Trump asserts his presence…is it practice or is it to the manner born ? It certainly seems instinctive …. I don’t know but he can’t be faulted for energy !


I think for the average person the fake it til you make it works wonders.

Never walk into a room in a submissive stance. Walk proud, give good eye contact even when uncomfortable, watch everyone around you and be confident.


Very insightful. I pretty much always recognize a “good” person — and Trump resonates consistently with me as “good.” But for me it was always intuitive. I never saw the details. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. VERY useful!

As for Trump, I have never seen taints of a bully (nor a snake), although he’s definitely rough around the edges and an acquired taste. The weak weenies of the world gang together to attack him from behind. He stands strong — and knows he is in control. (Can you tell I am a Trump supporter? smile )


I see him the same however I also see the business man that is out to better his lot so sometimes others suffer. But there is nothing wrong with that imo because he is a business man. The left can’t stand white successful business men


There’s a picture of the Croatian Pres. (she’s the woman in the red dress)looking at The Donald and all you see is her being “in love”. It’s a great shot.


That was great, Mandy. Feminized betas like Joe Scarborough would not recognize a “man hug” because if they ever got one they would cringe away yelping. It was great watching all eyes on the lead dog in the pack. You know what they say: “Unless you are the lead dog, the view never changes” The body language shows that humans are truly pack animals.Trump just understands it better than most.

Paul Miller

Big fan of the YouTube channel! Glad to have found your site!

Benjamin Turpin

Hugs is flirting with socialism. It is not a hug. It was not a thug. It is what it is. Apparent in the video.

With extremists over dubbed. It morphs into huggyness or thuggishness.
Whatever he decides I support him.


Loved the MAGA life ending. I got a much needed laugh from that, thanks grin


Love your videos !


Me too !!

Sander Klausen

Yup. That’s a man hug

Russ Barnes

Melania shaking her head no and saying yes was incredible to watch. Your body just can’t prevent you from telling the truth. Amazing

Mark Brown

Nice! I didn’t see that either. However, the crooked media was right about one thing. He made sure he was front and center. He just did it politely.


You don’t see it because of their commentary. Next time they do this try looking at it without sound and you will see something different.
Or even better go and look for the original source.
Their words are a distraction for so many people.


MAGA Life!


It’s sad that the msm either can’t or won’t understand the excitement of the the people around Trump. It’s so clear everyone was all smiles and happy the alpha was in their pack.


Lol… soyboy journalists don’t know any alpha males so when they come across them they call them bullies… or racists…. or nazis… or right wing… we know there are only beta males on the left!



Soyboys are on a new lower substrata, held down by their dishonesty and lack of honor and courage. Journalists could watch Trump leap tall buildings in a single bound and still accuse him of something horrible. They just never grew up I guess. Love the way Trump is so secure he doesnt care, he just doesnt care. he does and says what he sees as the truth and if they dont like it, too bad. Gotta love it lol.

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