Body Language – George Papadopoulos Interview on Congress Testimony

Body Language - George Papadopoulos Interview on Congress Testimony

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Bario Hood

where can i delete my account


I would so love to see your analysis on James Files. Given a tip by an FBI agent in the 1990s, he was sought out by a private investigator who was looking into the JFK assassination. Files is currently in prison serving a sentence for attempted murder of two police officers. Files was reluctant at first but did eventually admit he is the one who took the kill shot from the grassy knoll in Dallas. You used to be able to find his full interview on YouTube but since a few years ago, I have had trouble locating the full 2 hour interview in prison. I am no expert but to me his mannerisms and his clear recall of details is the most convincing testimony I have ever seen. I used to believe the JFK assassination conspiracy theories were crazy but after seeing that interview, I am convinced he is telling the truth. I would love a critique of his body language.


I agree, Forefather. I would love to see Mandy do Files also. The three hours plus of his interview has been pulled from You Tube. I have a 90 minute DVD of cuts from it that I found on Amazon for10 bucks called “I shot JFK-The Shocking Truth” but I don’t know what the copyright status of posting it on proposed videos or how to do tnat technically. I also find him pretty credible, though he has told the same story multiple times and clearly is going to construction at times to remember what he said before. There are no big holes in his story that I can see. He was paroled from IDOC and has been spotted in Kentucky, but is likely trying to keep a low profile since there have been multiple attempts on his life and most of the others he identifies as involved were also murdered long ago. His story is riveting.


Still love your clip of Melania. It should stay. I’m glad I found you.


Thanks, Mandy. I like your read on him generally. The crooked DOJ used the same tactic on him that pervades this whole fix/coup attempt. 1. Plant false information with an opportunist chump that is easily manipulated. 2. Put him in situation where the false info might be repeated/restated/echoed to a 5 eyes asset not part of DOJ on foreign soil not subject to US law. 3. If possible multiply number 2 to increase “independent” reporters. 4. Report echoed false info to DOJ and leak to press to provide “corroborating” story in press. 5. Use echoed false info, 3 and 4 to justify surveillance of target 6. Umbrella the surveillance to increase targets 7. Interrogate and perjury trap target 8. Present echoed false info as true evidence of collusion through discredited target/ confessed liar to ensnare POTUS. Shady opportunist that, in this case, was a chump/victim, but not innocent. If you are going to deal with true snakes you better have better snake eyes darting from side to side than young George had In this situation. Hope he gets a big payday and exposes these corrupt rats.


Thank you Mandy for the insight on this video!!


You really impressed me, Mandy. Your analysis was flawless! Based on people I’ve known who displayed the same body language, I know your analysis here is flawless. Wow!


So it looks like Alexander Downer needs to be investigated for his part in all of this… when everything hits the fan it is going to be very interesting.

FYI…. There is a photo of Alexander Downer in fishnets and high heels….. just saying….. he is in that group of high profile men in womens attire


Hilarious and not a good look for Downer.


How do you keep preconceived notions from clouding your observations? How do I keep that from happening to me? For instance, you don’t like him.. snake etc. True or not, isn’t it our nature to filter and judge from our prior impressions? Wouldn’t we be more prone to missing key tells? Guess you have to be very disciplined.


You have to admit your biases first….
When you know you are biased you can at least then focus on the subject rather than the person…

However, that is different from trusting your gut feeling.
If your initial impression is “snake in the grass” then you have to listen to that subconscious warning.
Your subconscious will pick up on subtleties in body language the more you study it.


what she said smile


You taught me well!


Yeah, I bet he was a crafty guy well before the sting. I also bet he sees a payday coming …after the FBI has been scolded.


His eyes definitely appear “hooded” during some parts of the interview, but not others. Interesting subject of body language, Mandy. He definitely knows more than he’s sharing, which is understandable.


He seems to be enjoying himself, by the look on his face.

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