Body Language – Barrack Obama Midterm Campaign

Body Language - Barrack Obama Midterms

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I’m surprised he didn’t start crying!


I almost never watch Obama speak because even the sound of his voice makes my skin crawl, but WOW! Never seen him like anything CLOSE to this before! He is completely unhinged! His eyes are popping out of his head, he is crouched down, he looks like he is sweating almost. Anyone also notice the weird thing he is doing with his left arm? Almost the entire time he keeps it completely still at his side, NOT MOVING IT AT ALL, only using his right arm. I was starting to wonder if he arm was broken, that is how it seemed it was that still. Then he did finally bring it up, but it took like 3 minutes. This is not the arrogant, narcissistic Obama we are used to, this is an entirely different beast. I dont think he wants to be out there making these speeches, his controllers are forcing him to. If he is smart, he will strike some kind of deal with Trump. I mean he will still go to GITMO for his crimes but maybe for a lesser sentence if he just completely sells Hillary down the river, which is what he should do


I can’t believe I voted for this man 2x and bought his whole act. Listening to what he’s saying now its crazy to me! Malnutritioned immigrants? He is trying to sell to the public that we don’t need secure borders!


why is he reminding me of john podesta with the wiggle neck and head bobbing and down. his whole demeanor is different


I am sure you have seen this!




I didnt know…im sure Rhys did though… Thanks for sharing!


From the git-go, obam looks old and tired – sputtering and stammering – his confidence is shot.

hillary is seething with anger and very stiff – possible shoulder/back brace with lots of pain throughout her body. She is breaking down both physically and emotionally. She has always reminded me of a volcano – all-jacked up and ready to blow. She fights it – and her aids tried to help her through the campaign – but she is mentally unstable and quite unhealthy.

They both need to repent and give their lives to Jesus Christ!

Julius Lee

day by day under the Trump presidency, Obama is looking more and more like an absolute ass. Thomas Sowell was so right to suggest that history will not be kind to Obama as his “legacy” is being really revealed for what it was…

Grant Godale

With people like him it is all about race and class warfare; those methods are the only way they can achieve political power because they haven’t an original thought in their empty heads.

Susan Marchinton

This is what power and greed does to someone who believes they are an untouchable prophet.


Hillary should have been slapped: “I know they all look alike (to you).”


Hillary: “I don’t want to be insulting..”
“I know they all look alike.”


My Impression first time I saw it: Hes overdoing it (Insecurity)..also, theres something peculiar with his eyes ..he looks scared – makes u wonder ..thanx 👍

Ps have you done Jodi Arias ?


He seems to not only be selling the audience, but also himself. Maybe trying to strengthen his belief system in the face of having his whole worldview shaken. He has to be shocked at the radically positive progress Trump has made in <2 years compared to his 8. How can he face that without self deception? That he faces an audience at all says he needs something. You’d think he’d just stay home.
So.. perhaps some mannerisms show he’s trying to recover self esteem.. attempting to rebolster the ego he used to love.. finding some way to rationalize his state of shock. His world was rocked; his legacy in tatters. He anchors the podium hanging on to his world. He pets his nose trying to believe in the old slick self again. But inside, he fears the truth.
I think they all do. His is a glimpse at the mind of the elite. They are all desperate.
So glad you posted this Mandy!


I hate to say it, he is looking rough… being a EX- President doesn’t bode well for some, cough, cough..Clinton…lol

Bonnie Hawkins

Yepperssssssss . TY


He knows he is so full of crap that he can’t even face the audience. 90% of the time his shoulders are at an angle away from the crowd.

Renzo Fabriek

I get the same first impression. His eyes are deeper in his face. His speek is not fluent. He almost crawls into the stand. This is one off the first times I see a kind off “believe me” look. It’s getting hard to believe he was the president.

I almost wonder if he got his “arogance” from the public opinion. The democrats are under attack. Buzzwords are getting less powerfull.
Hope this makes any sense. grin

T Pitcairn

I can’t figure out how to start the video


Still using the “folks” word. Too bad it’s not working so good now. A desperate loser.


Some people just don’t know that it is time to quit….that no one wants to listen to them anymore. They would rather create lies and make themselves try to believe those lies, just so they can have their last hurrah!!

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