Body Language – Cesar Sayoc’s Lawyer

Body Language - Cesar Sayoc's Lawyer

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Brad in Carolina

Curious if anyone here saw the “FIRST” lawyer Sayoc had? He wasn’t actually Cesar’s attny, rather he was so clearly an operative for the DNC. I would love to see Mandy breakdown one of that guy’s interviews. He painted a completely different picture of Cesar than this lawyer. Night and Day… wonder why??? lol


Bro has spray-on hair, and his eyebrows done. Looks like he takes really good care of his skin too. He had a full spa treatment before his mugshot. Wth?

Gina Clark

Maybe there are better pictures somewhere, but I didn’t see a postmark on that package.


The bomber was a setup and no Republican. The DNC hires orgs to do this covert crap. It used to be called, Dirty Tricks.
Like you said this lawyer was enjoy the exposure.


Having seen their rabid opposition to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the promotion of a migrant caravan of illegals from Honduras backfire on them, and energize Trump supporters, the Deep State is now desperate to engineer some sort of political ammunition to make conservatives look bad. Enter the pipe bombs. Bombs that were hand delivered to George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and other high profile Leftists in Washington and Hollywood. None of them exploded. Obviously, the Deep State didn’t want their favorite patsies harmed or killed, and so the devices were simply faked. A number of explosives experts have criticized the media frenzy over these devices, saying they should be treated like the hoax they were.
1. Proper pipe bombs don’t have wires connected to both ends. That’s dumb.
2. You can find timers / remote control receivers WAY smaller than whatever that white box is. A proper timer would best be stored inside the pipe, making it fully encapsulated. That thing is just silly looking.
3. “Hoax Devices” are FAR more common than real ones. In which case, we should ask ourselves what the motives of the “bomber” are and “who benefits?”
4. Bottom Line: Whoever made that wanted it to be painfully obvious to anyone and everyone that it’s a “bomb.” This is nearly the same as a bundle of road flares wrapped together with an old-time alarm clock ticking away.
A bomb intended for activation by a victim would probably not be sent through the mail. Observers have noted that the stamps on the package delivered to Hillary Clinton were not cancelled, as is standard practice by the US Postal Service. It has raised questions that the package may have been hand delivered., the supposed “fact checking” organization that (like are professional debunkers of both true and untrue conspiracies, is labeling the claim that the Deep State is behind these fake bombs as “False.” While it is true there is no hard evidence of that, and probably won’t be, to be honest they should have said, “nobody knows” rather than “false.”


Caesar is innocent And unfortunately he is a patsy set up by certain Authorities. The energy of him I am picking up tells me he is innocent The energy of his Lawyer is heart energy & sincere. It is, as said by others, most definitely a false flag operation. The people behind this will no doubt face serious karmic lessons for what they have done to this man. Too much of this happens today.


Wow. Those are some pretty good points:
First, he couldn’t have sent one of the packages under custody based off of the time it takes for US mail to ship items.
And, there is only one reporter.

Bonnie Hawkins

Yep, false flag is my opinion. Where did he get the money and time. Follow the money. TY SweetLady.


I believe that the fingerprint ID system is now automated and provides probable matches that still need to be verified by an expert with multiple identical features. This whole thing seems very fishy. We will have to do our own research because this story is being used by the FN for political propaganda. From my personal experience, good lawyers are like method actors who choose to see the best in their clients. This guy knows he is looking at probably years of twisting and turning the evidence inside out. Not his first rodeo.


As always, I greatly appreiate your videos Mandy. Good .

mr reality2

Read somewhere the suspect is a registered democrat supporter, hardcore lefty. Apparently, his old twitter feed was deleted.

Charles Harris

I still suspect this to be a false flag operation.
For them to grab this guy so quick, without having hard evidence.
Is very suspect.
Either they knew about his plan beforehand and didn’t do anything about it. Like with Parkland.
They’re just setting this guy up as a patsy.

There could be more that I don’t know about but right now it smells fishy.


I read he worked at the same strip joint as Stormy Daniels.


Hm… reminds me of the Vegas shooting… Nothing to see here….


Not enough evidence? Fingerprint?


it sounds like to me the fingerprints have not been verified to be his. and the DNA evidence from the law enforcement doesn not say where it came from. which is highly irregular for law enforcement and very unprofessional of the DA


It’s not what you think, karen. Having worked around huge amounts of cash in the distant past, my employers required I be bonded and there had be a record of my fingerprints with the police and/or FBI. They do a full set of prints, not just one finger. I remember one time when the officer taking my and my coworkers’ fingerprints made comments about our patterns to each of us. He advised one person not to try anything because they’d be able to pick him up in a heartbeat, his prints were so unique. I was told that it would take a few months before they’d find me and if I were to take the money and leave the county, I’d be okay for about a year or so before Interpol picked me up.

Here we have only one fingerprint. If that print was even slightly smudged, and I think I heard it was, how could the person be identified so fast? Ya gotta smell a rat. Someone pulled a dirty trick, imo.

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