Body Language – Travis Walton Alleged UFO Abductee

Body Language - Travis Walton Alleged UFO Abductee

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Birgit Michael

demons look like what he describes…

Robert Blake

I watched a decently recent interview with Travis Walton and in it he had talked about how he prefered the movie to be the real story but it’s Hollywood -_- I don’t think he had much say at all on how the movie was going to turn out. In the real story he woke up on the table with the aliens around him but couldn’t make out who was around him and he thought he was in a hospital but then he eventually saw what was really in front of him he managed to get up and grab something in his area to swing at them. They tried to approach him but eventually just left, then he traveled to a different room in the ship, the opposite way the aliens had took and once in that room a human looking being with a glass helmet walked into the room, there is a little more to the story and I personally think it would have made for a better movie as well.

I believe this is what I had watched



Mandy’s analysis of Philip Klass strikes me as completely off the mark — Klass came to that interview primed for a confrontation, itching for a verbal fight against what many of us have no doubt is a calculating, but basically harmless, hoaxer. Nobody in a “fight-or-fight” state of mind is going to exhibit statements that “sing” with their body motions — they are too tense for this to occur (and Klass is reported to have been something of a hothead by nature, exacerbating this characteristic). Factor in Klass’s age-related infirmities that impede fluid behavior and the behavioral model applied to him in that interview becomes even more irrelevant.

Bombard rejects the evidence (recognized by others as objective) Klass relays based solely on Klass’s behavior. Imagine being on a jury and one of your peers said they reached their verdict based on one reporter’s behavior … while ignoring the tangible objective evidence. Subjective body language has its value, but because facts remain facts regardless of a given person’s manner of their delivery, they ought to take priority over subjective body language analysis.

At the time of that Larry King interview, Walton had been telling his story for 18 years. That’s a lot of rehearsal to condition one’s subconscious to accept the story as true enough to harmonize one’s words & body language (for them to “sing” per Bombard’s jargon). What would be interesting is if, after nearly two decades of rehearsal, the story-teller’s words & mannerisms were not completely in sync. That his behaviors ‘sang’ is hardly compelling given the nearly two decades of practice in presenting the tale.

A number observers noted a pattern of inconsistencies in the abduction story from the outset, even while it was still allegedly happening, and Klass relayed some of these [e.g., while Walton was missing how could the “witnesses” and close family be so calm and unconcerned that the abductee would be returned … unless… they knew it was a hoax]. shows newspaper photo from 1975 with the group holding $2500 checks [about $10,500 in today’s $$] for winning a UFO story contest hosted by the National Enquirer — what convenient timing for the abduction to occur in perfect timing for this contest! The book & movie deals, are still paying off (see Walton’s website).

If you really believe that the various known facts associated with this case should be subordinated, or ignored, based on a subjective evaluation of the verbal & behavioral body language of a particular person presenting them, please explain why.


Mandy, I can hear you but I can’t hear them…ugh

Linda R Michaels

I met Travis in person and visited with him for a while. He is shy, painfully shy but I liked him.


Wow I want so much to watch this but I can only hear your comments Mandy. I can’t hear the interview at all. I will try later with headphones.

Charles Harris

The use of magnetic fields to elevate saucer shaped craft has been available for nearly 80 years.
I suspect that a great many of these I do incidents are of experimental craft being run by the government.
The effects of the extreme magnetic fields also require the use of protective insulating clothing and the total absence of ferrous materials like iron are steel.
Walton story sounds like he came across one of these and they hit him with some kind flash bang to drive him off. Instead they drove off his friends and left him unconscious. They probably kept him sedated for a few days while they made sure he wasn’t seriously injured. I’m just glad they returned him instead of making him disappear.

I’m gonna look up the name of the inventor of the magnetic flight system and I’ll try to link a YouTube video about it into a reply.

Renzo Fabriek

There is one big issue I have with magnetic fight. Within our current “understanding” we need something for the magnetich field to react to. I guess this always have to be the case. That is why I always am supicious to magnetic flight. It is something else.
Ok, I am aware of the strong and weak force which aply to normal magnetic and the subatomic bonds. I’m more inclined to believe this kind of propulsion is more to the side of strong bounds. Normal magnetics takes to much energy.

Charles Harris


Here is one video about Otis Carr and his work in the 1950’s.

YouTube had already removed the video I was originally going to share.
The Earth has it’s own magnetic field.
This is what such devices interact with and what makes a compass work and creates the ozone layer.
Carr is not the only inventor to make this discovery. He, like all other successful inventors in this feild, had his invention taken by the government and threatened with imprisonment if he continued to create these devices.

Renzo Fabriek

The numbers don’t add up. 200uF is very little energy. In a other video they mention that it was controled by the mind. No way they could have that technology.
There is something else they mention. That is the power off the mind controling the energy that shapes us. Not technology.

Renzo Fabriek

There is a qoute from tesla I saw just now. This is the shorthand:
“It is al about energy, frequenty and vibration.”

Vibration is a bit confusing because we know it trough its frequency. But vibration has energy. (it manifestates in matter) Because he mentiond them sepperatly I’m inlcined to believe, also by my own understanding of physics, that it is about interference. But… interference with which other frequency?

That is the thing I mentioned in my first reply. There is something else to interact with. String theory is the closest I can mention, though I do not believe in it. It is more complex and simple at the same time. (i.e. We already know or experience it)

Charles Harris

Vibration is a manifestation of energy and frequency is just how often it manifests.

Tesla was an incredibly intelligent man. Whose inventions are still being used today by nearly everyone. He even invented or designed a great many things that could not even be made then. Do to metallurgical and manufacturing limitations in his time. That have since been built and are being used today. Like jet engines and lasers.
We will never know. Just what was in all of his files, that were confiscated by the government after his death.


Mandy, you may have heard of the Hamstead Cover Up? Two children accused their father of being the leader of a satanic sex cult where the young children were forced to participate. You can hear the interview of the mother who according to her was railroaded and had her children taken away.


The next video is the father telling his side of the story in a BBC interview.


I’d really like your take on the father! Cheers, love your work, I will be supporting your patreon as well. Thank you


Best video in a long time IMO! thank you, reminds me very much of your older ones.


21:35 – I forgot all about that idea (corporations being the ones at fault, not government, or aliens). I agree with you.
Do you know any good examples?
23:51 – What are modern day “hacks” or tricks being used today?

Also, can you do Joe Nickells? He’s a skeptic as well. I’d like to know if he’s trustworthy.


Not able to hear the audio over the INCREDIBLE SULTRINESS Of THAT VOICE.


I could not hear the interview but I heard your comments. That was enough to make me BELIEVER. Thank you……..


Somehow, this video’s sound is not coming through on my device. It sounds scribbly like robot chipmunks speaking gibberish.. I hope it’s just my phone, also hope you load this video on YouTube or something.. interested to see it. You are skilled at your work. I am a fan. Have a good day!


Just saw other chipmunk comments.. wonder why it’s doing that.


No sound issues with headphones for me.The Bernie Sanders clone reminds me of a lot of the many individuals who came out supporting the Oswald hoax in spite of numerous indications that it could not possibly be a full explanation for the Kennedy thing. I’m leaning toward government shill or desire to sell books. If it were simply a rigid belief system, there would not be so much deceptive body language. Very interesting analysis and story.


That movie is good and freaks me out!


Liked the Video and the story. May be sometimes, I want to watch the movie. Thanks Mandy.

Bruce Hancock

Well, I really enjoyed your analysis on this. And yes, I got this on Amazon Prime and watching it now. Have never seen the movie before, so is first for me. Do I believe the story? More than you know.


Watching and listening to Travis and Mike tell their side of things, I’m convinced something highly unusual really did happen. Just not sure it was an actual “alien” abduction but, it was something as terrifying. I found Mike to be the most credible. He didn’t seem to have an agenda and his words and body language were copacetic. As Travis tells his story, he seems to be credible but, the story itself is incredible and he does have an agenda (to sell books and get audiences to see his movie). Still, I believe he totally believes what he said happened. On the other hand, the “expert” (“Bernie Sanders” LOL!) seemed to have his own and stronger agenda and he wasn’t at all convincing. He probably was a government disinformation shill.

Very interesting analysis. Thanks for doing this one. Oh, and no sound issues at all on my end. Maybe the aliens are controlling who can and can’t hear the guys? (Just kidding… I think…)


Is part of this missing?


Very good analysis. However, it did spawn an errant thought: Have you ever analyzed the Apollo 11 post-mission press conference? I would be interested if you thought they were being truthful or deceptive.


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