Body Language – Saudi Foreign Minister & Jamal Khashoggi

Body Language - Saudi Foreign Minister & Jamal Khashoggi

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Todd Pullara

Trusting the House of Saud is on par with trusting the US government. A no go situation. Should I be worried or influenced that I am digging into a delicious bag of fried pork skins and a bottle of hot sauce, or no? Just saying. I loves me some hot sauce.

Beverly Webster

Video continues to get blacked out. Have entered numerous times and even changed my password. It will start now, then shortly goes black. ?????

Noble Truth

I am just lovin’ this site. For myself, working years ago in the mental health field cuts it short- I wish I had this training back then. It would’ve given me a more complete all around view of things. Thanks


Thanks. I learned more about this guy than anything I’ve heard on the “news”.


Muslims killing Muslims, it’s just a distraction story.


Thanks Mandy!


I was worried when I saw this guy’s get up…”oh-oh, Mandy might be confused like 99% of people I have talked to on this issue” Not so-right on the money as usual with the same info my research came up with. Every government in that area has proved itself capable of medieval butchery time and time again. Many in this country cannot look at this situation without their belief system preventing them from realizing that to preserve our interests we have to choose which medieval butchers have a chance of working with us to some extent. Most of the world is a very evil place and if we refused to deal with it things would get even worse. Too bad the guy got whacked. Never will doubt you again. Your clarity is sorely needed on this issue.

Susan McCall

I like how in the background all the pictures in picture frames of ??? Us silly Americans put loved ones and families in ours. Alas, there are probably too many family members to put in frames? heehee


Maybe you’re just uncultured

Susan McCall

You say I am ‘uncultured’ kodiherewini8? I have been studying Muslims and Islam since the 80’s. My comment is based on sarcasm because that seems to be the norm these days for me beings that many people have a short attention span. My roommate back in the 70’s dated a man from Kuwait for 3 years, I worked at the Denver Athletic Club in the 80’s and there was a famous squash pro named Hashim Khan who freely abused women (including me) and got away with it. His daughter Jasmin and I were friends and she told me many eye opening things beings as she was dis-owned from her dad. (I am surprised she hasn’t been done away with but I saw her name in hashim’s obituary) I dated a Muslim for a small time and couldn’t take the control. Then I learned about FGM and how the women held down the girls to do the procedure themselves and how the mother-in-laws killed the daughter-in-laws if they felt they were not obedient enough. Then 9 11 happened. Then I learned how the jhadist mother is proud of her blown up son for taking one for the team and pleasing their god. Then my one son was living in Paris around 2010 and he told me what was happening in the streets of Paris. Then my other son had to go to war. This was where I found God again, praying each day for his safe return fighting a cause that involved what exactly again? He had said before he left: ‘Mom, I know how you feel about ‘them’ but I need your support more now than ever’ and I had to bite my tongue. I had to bite my tongue during the whole ex-prezo experience as I tried to tell people where his loyalty was. If you get time, read this article about the jhadist mother:

When I made a joke about who was in the picture frames, it is sarcasm because of the way their family structure actually is. Of course there isn’t going to be a picture of dear ole mom in any frame. Of course there isn’t going to be any family pictures. My trust of sharia law followers does not exist based on my own personal experiences of which you will not read about in any ‘books’. And fast forward to this ‘journalist’s’ death – friends with bin laden? Say no more. But we are to ‘do something as Americans’ about this mysterious death with no body in a foreign Country but yet we still have to do business with. What did ‘they’ do with him and why? It is not for us to know as with many of their cultural ways – except to welcome and accept and tolerate.

Todd Pullara

Holy crap…Susan McCall…I can’t even fathom the turmoil you have gone through. I offer no solace, other than we are both parents. I offer no advice, as I am on my own journey, and faith is a four letter word to me. I only offer solidarity as someone that has brought others into this universe, and loved them dearly. And lost them. My pain does not equal yours, and I give appropriate respect to you. I am a father…you are a mother. You have done much more sacred work than me. Again…respect to you.

Cheri Elliott



is he dead


not the interviewee… the journalist they are talking about

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