Body Language – Theresa May Brexit Interview with NPC Media

Body Language - Theresa May Brexit Interview with NPC Media.mp4

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Not a flattering angle for old “turkey neck” May. She goes so stiff her head protrudes with each deceptive talking point just like a gobbler walking in the barnyard.


It looks to me as if there’s a neat, narrow, wig border visible between her forehead skin and perfect hairline. Also, the hair looks sort of stiff. What I’ve heard is that if someone is wearing a wig it can mean they feel it camouflages them for who they really are. Inauthentic. It allows them to be whoever they want to be, without doing any personal growth work.


I do have some sympathy for her – she is trying to ensure that the car plants stay open. She also has to face Prime Minister Question Time , something that US politicians would sink under. Trump is a bit of a fibber too!

Alec Saxman

Most politicians are your toilet after too much Mexican food. Stubborn, stinky, and full of shit.

Rodney Clarvis

It would be nice to have independent journalists in this country but unfortunately we don’t have freedom of speech in this country and asking the wrong questions or reporting on something they don’t like can land you in prison just ask Tommy Robinson. really angry


Yippee! Got to see the face that goes with the Mandy voice! Great interview.


Oops! Meant to post this comment to the Bit Chute video.


I just have to say the the NPC line goes perfectly with the “we are living in a simulation” theory…..
It is sad that so many people that are in a position to ask real questions have taken on this NPC persona!


The reason the UK doesn’t have real reporters is because when they ask real questions and report real news, they end up like Tommy Robinson.


We have no watchdogs anymore. Without them, politicians go rotten. That’s the real problem: a compliant, politicized press. As for PM May, she exhibits weakness that is creating a mess of a Brexit. History will not be kind to her …

Charles Harris

No surprise there

Martin Rogers

Just think they have been born and bred to be liars its natural for British politicians, and with Italy and Germany having issues with EU internal problems I say a Brexit won’t be needed in the end as once Italy goes and the rest of the PIGS will turn around and say if Italy shall we all want the same deal just wait and watch the faces of Euro MPs and Bigwigs once that occurs , this site would need a new menu


I went home to Glasgow a few years ago to happily vote FOR Brexit. If this woman doesn’t do as she’s told by the people what use is she?
As far as the BBC goes, they’re worse than CNN, they just sound better.
Love you, Mandy~Keeping the world on the straight and narrow is your name, sister!


Thank you Mandy!


Spot on, as usual!

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