Body Language – Senator Claire McCaskill Response to Project Veritas Footage

Body Language - Senator Claire McCaskill

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So glad we fired this woman.


Young reporter at beginning needs some sunglasses or some botulism to prevent that wrinkle from developing.


It looks to me as if there’s a neat, narrow, wig border visible between her forehead skin and perfect hairline. Also, the hair looks sort of stiff. What I’ve heard is that if someone is wearing a wig it can mean they feel it camouflages them for who they really are. Inauthentic. It allows them to be whoever they want to be, without doing any personal growth work.

Waylon Wilson

Question on the stiffness of a person… what if that person has an unknown injury. For example, I have compressed disc in my neck that, oftentimes, pains me. I’m sure I come off as stiff a lot of times, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m lying… how would you identify that in a person that you may not be all that familiar with?


you cant hide pain


God bless you


This is a political channel, not a “body language” channel. You are such an obvious fraud.

Waylon Wilson

That means you’ve only watched the “political” videos… there are plenty of others to view as well, such as interesting minds or the criminal series… with that said she does also “expose” body language of Trump as well. It’s really not her fault that Democrats/liberals seem to be habitually obvious liars…


The “Show Me State” just got shown. Surprised she has been able to lie successfully for so long. Hopefully we will need Drano to keep the lines running clear and not clogged up with these swamp rats as they are flushed on 11/6. Great interview on Bitchute. Thanks again!

“Blink blink blink”, haha! She does that so much. I was hoping you would do this one.

Mandy, I don’t think you even need to make a video about this.
The blinking says it all. LMFAO.


One more thought. I think the Veritas videos will definitely have an impact on her.

I’m a Missourian (born and raised, but moved after joining the Marines), and I really liked her up until that video. I don’t hold any contempt for her, and I don’t dislike her now, I just don’t like being misled.

I think most people from Missouri that I grew up around are generally respectful of other’s view points, and are ok with disagreeing. They just value honestly and loyalty in others, which the video shows is not part of McCaskill’s highest priorities.


Just wondering if you picked up on anything at all before that gave you doubt?


I’ve said it on here before, “liberals” — who say they’re liberals, but they’re actually far far leftists — seem to always have a dazed over look the their eyes, like a once wild animal that’s been in captivity so long that it’s given up and no longer remembers what it’s really like to be free. Claire McCaskill has that look now, which she didn’t used to have years ago. I don’t know if it’s brainwashing/indoctrination, or just dumbing down of brain activity from technology and social media, or what… but there’s something that’s causing them to have this same “lights are on but no one’s home” look in their eyes.

Anyway, great video.

Patriotic Fury

Body language doesn’t lie, but these politicians sure do. A LOT!!!

Patriotic Fury

Liar, liar, PANTS ON FIRE!!!

Lol! I was waiting for some visuals of smoke to rise or hear an alarm go off myself.


That was your subtlest analysis to date, but I liked it …our chance to rid ourselves of these smiling liars grows near.


I actually laughed out loud when I saw the still frame before starting the video. Yep this one is open and shut.

Robyn Loonan Gibson

Hahaha I said blink blink blink too!


Just watched the previous video on BitChute about politics and how to catch a liar, this was a perfect follow up for me. You taught me well. I caught it right away! Thanks, Mandy!



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