The Body Language Of Politics & How To Catch A Liar

Video is on Bitchute, at the below link.

Link to interview on Bitchute.

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“You all know me as a man” as compared to the lizard he really is?


Love seeing Mandy as well as hearing her. Great interview!


I’ve never been able to watch a single video one BitChute. I’ve probably tried to watch over a dozen videos on there over the last year, and they just don’t play on my phone. I’ve never tried on a computer before, but I’ve tried 4 different browsers on my phone (for probably all of the videos I’ve tried to watch on there), I’ve let it sit for almost a half hour (in case it just needed time to buffer or something), but they never start playing. I open them full screen and hit the play button over and over again, but they just sit there — like I’ve hit play, but it just needs to buffer a little more.

Can anyone give me hints as to what I’m doing wrong? I’m not some old guy who’s bad with technology either. I’m usually really good at trouble shooting things, and I’m usually the guy others call when they need help with anything computer or phone related. I’m sure I can’t be the only one with this problem on BitChute.

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