Body Language – Steven Crowder Confronts School Bully!

Body Language - Steven Crowder Confronts School Bully!

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I had this man as a professor, when I attended the University of Texas at Arlington. His name is Professor Charles Hermes and he received his doctorate from Florida State if I can recall correctly with a focus in Metaphysics. When I attended the University he taught a philosophical writing course, various courses in Metaphysics, and Ethics. For the five years I attended the University not once did he teach logic or express any interest in the field. So I know for a fact he’s not what he claims to be, a logic professor, or at least qualified to be one; mainly because his focus (Metaphysics) which is the exact opposite of what Logic is. He is also the student adviser for all Philosophy students that attend UTA, which I find problematic especially when his political beliefs are affecting his work. Actually funny story, the day I found out that Steven Crowder lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, was the day I saw this video on YouTube. I said too myself, “geez, this guy looks awfully familiar,” and it dawned on me who it was and I had a huge grin on my face after I viewed the video. It also prompted me to write not only Mr. Crowder and thanking him, but also too write a letter of concern to the University of Texas. Detailing as a former alumni of the Philosophy program at UTA, I was deeply disappointed that Mr. Hermes did not in anyway use discourse as a course of action, instead he used fallacious remarks, to be more specific; ad hominem. Which not only contradicted everything this man had taught me, but I felt ashamed that I had attended the University. I also express that the lack of security that the University provides it’s students, is appalling. And that Thank God it was only Mr. Crowder entering the building and not a crazy person with a weapon.

Also, please do not harass Mr. Hermes I only provided some basic information so that you can look him up and read anything he has published.


This was satisfying.

Richard Dillon

>>> A guy like this on the old North Side in Pittsburgh was a school bully. A friend of mine who later became an Army M.P. and a bunch of buddies surrounded the guy (looked like this fake professor). It didn’t take long. He went down and stayed down a long time. Later, in the hall, he got shoved out of nowhere at the lockers. That was all. <<<


How does someone like that get in a position of providing “education” to people? It is alarming that universities are allowing these individuals to act in such a way with no repercussions and even support their behavior.


That professor is so evil, I just hid my lunch money in my shoe.


Owen Benjamin is a beast!




Wow! These remind me of kids in the 5th grade. My line is that when you have a 5th grade tantrum mentality in an adult, that becomes dangerous. Thanks for a great analysis!


Truly scary stuff ..and my eyes have opened even more – Thanx !

Chris Cartwright

Good job Mandy keep up your awesome work!! I am going to signing up for your course on Nov 1st grin I can’t wait!!


Go to your room professor. And stay there until you can act like a human.


These are brilliant little snippets that can save people from so much trouble… if you see a man like this run as fast as you can. A virtual signalling drama queen! Even his T-shirt has a warning for you!


Bravo Steven!!

Alec Saxman

I’ve been fortunate enough to not have had any professors or college faculty push their belief systems on me. Maybe because I’m pursuing a business degree, but it sucks to see that this is happening elsewhere. I don’t necessarily agree with Crowder’s appearance here lol, but allowing people to see all perspectives of an issue/subject is VITAL. Anything else just encourages close-mindedness.


Actually, he kinda looks like he might have Down’s Syndrome. Maybe it’s just me.

I’m also curious how the students were responding, but we only got to see them for a split second.


Great work as usual. That guy seems very insecure/full of it-and full of himself. The angry bluffer.
It’s as if he has lied to himself enough to believe the lies and stoked his fury to keep it ready to attack any assault to his pretended reality. He feels powerful when furious. I know people like this. Bending actual reality to uphold fiction.

Being Here

Bye bye bully you’re busted.

Debra Prisk

The way you say things always brings joy to my heart….your so clever.


“How do you teach logic anyways? You either got it or you don’t.”

This is an incredibly ignorant rhetorical question. Of course you can teach logic! And it’s not dichotomic in nature – because everyone understands some of it and nobody understands all of it.

There are many different kinds of logic, and not knowing exactly what this teacher teaches, or even if it’s in math, electronics or philosophy, I can’t give any good examples.

However, you assuming that you know better than the teacher whether or not logic can be taught, with a moronically invalid statement that “you either got it or you don’t” makes you a prime example of the Dunning–Kruger effect and informally quite illogical.

I’ve taken several classes in logic, formal and informal, in math, electronics and philosophy. Some of it has been really hard. All of it fun. For a place like this I’d recommend reading through these:


If you were as logical as you are claiming you can study…then how come you cant see the hypocrisy of a liar teaching logic. your argument fell apart there. Just shows you cant teach it, to those that dont have it.


I see very little logical coherence between your statements, so my answer might not reflect the nature of your question, and for that I apologize, but I will try my best.

I can barely see a tiny bit of hypocrisy of a liar teaching logic, but just barely, in very limited scope. It’s certainly possible to lie and still teach logic, and even while being logically consistent. Example: Let’s say I teach modus tollens to someone. Next year I teach the exact same thing but this time I also lie about eating chocolate. Does this lie affect my explanation of modus tollens? Of course not. They have nothing to do with each other.

And which particulat argument of mine do you think fell apart?


Heh, if lying about someone has the logical consequence of them showing up in a skin-tight suit… I’m off to look for the twitter handles of Scarlett Johansson and Gal Gadot…


Actually I’m “the funny guy”, making people laugh all the time, so I do appreciate humor. In fact, I love humor, about anything and everything. I did not see this as humor, though, but if it was meant as humor, and if others saw it as humor, then I apologize for my stupidity.

I agree that this person should not be in a position to teach anyone anything, simply because he is reprehensible.

Dodge Gaskill

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