Body Language – Chinese Ambassador Propaganda, Trade War & North Korean Sanctions

Body Language - Chinese Ambassador CUI, Propaganda, Trade War & North Korean Sanctions

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Who the hell would take a chinese ambASSador SERIOUSLY anyway?!?!

Alec Saxman

I’m not trying to dispute any observations from a professional here; just trying to have an open mind…

But is it not reasonable to think that a foreign ambassador on national television would be somewhat nervous or uncomfortable? Especially in the face of some of these questions? I have no doubt there is a little deception here, but can we really expect an ambassador from ANY nation to openly make statements that would shed negative light on their country? This is the nature of politics.

Regarding the naval interaction in the South China Sea, I think that it’s understandable for a country to be cautious about a foreign warship operating in close proximity to their borders. I was in the USN for 5 years in the Pacific fleet, and I know the US would be very concerned about a Russian or Chinese warship operating within hundreds of miles from US territory. No one should be naive enough to think a US destroyer in the South China Sea is there innocently milling about. It is there to gather intelligence.

I’m not saying China is an angelic nation with zero selfish intentions, but what country is? We should be weary, but not hypocritical.


you do know that china built islands to extend their territory to cut off ships from navigating the south china sea?

Alec Saxman

Ahh, yes. I did know this, but it had slipped my mind when posting that. That’s definitely an aspect that shouldn’t be ignored, but do we know for sure what the purpose of those islands are? If it is to disrupt navigation though, wouldn’t it impact their own ability to navigate as well? (Including imports/exports) Also, I’m not sure that is inherently a devious act by itself – trying to limit foreign countries from operating military vessels off your coast I mean. (Although I am aware it is international waters).

Alec Saxman

Thank you for sharing.
Interesting. That’s a little unsettling, but what does China hope to accomplish? Oil?


China is building those islands. That part is true. The part that we do not know is why and how it came to it.
So, the list of the countries that are in dispute of those waters/islands are Malaysia, China, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.
First one to start building islands it was Vietnam. They had opened Pandora’s box there. Then the Chinese got idea from them and they attacked one Vietnamese military base and had started building their own base there. And the rest of the countries on the list are either building islands or claiming them.

That matter had been semi- settled and reopened in UN about 20 times since WWII.
China had responded by same means as other countries in the region.
The fact that their islands are bigger and better militarized goes to fact that those with more money could build better islands. All are building according to their finances.

It is so tangled up that there is no way to even start understanding it better without reading 50 pages of agreements and broken agreements.


Look here, not there. China is the real enemy, and many politicians in both parties have enriched themselves with Chinese cash funneled through relatives and friends. The menace that they represent makes Russia look like a Sunday school class. They send “students” to our universities that are doing cutting edge enineering research, who will work much cheaper than others, to steal intellectual property. Also due to the anti-American liberal mindset of most professors doing the research, proper security measures are not followed even though they are government contractors. Meanwhile they send us their contaminated crap, and in many cases we have no choice or alternative. Two weeks ago my Chinese-made glass top picnic table literally exploded into smithereens due to contaminent chemicals in the tempered glass top. Only the President has had the clarity and guts to challenge these menaces to Western Civilization. More tarriffs please!

Todd W

DPRK essentially a puppet state.

Political influence/support comes from China.
Financial influence/support comes from Russia.

Source: A missionary who has lived in South Korea for the better part of a decade. The majority of Korean history involves it being either conquered or a protectorate.

Michael Jones

There is something very wrong here. I know the Chinese and this is very unusual for them. There is a playbook that is not the norm. I think this is the democrat (worldwide) attempt to get trump drawn into a military conflict, which he will not unless no other option. This is still about Russia, and NOT the CNN version. The Rothschilds want a central bank in Russia, Syria, DPRK, Iran and China. They own all the banks in all the countries and if you look at the dates of formation they coincide with a US led conflict there. The five countries that have resisted. While they resist, a global one world if you like cannot exist. As the Khazarians Russia threw them out and now Putin literally expelled them. The removal of Gaddafi, Hussein was all about the petrodollar. They, (including the French which is why Baby Bush had it in for the French) it had nothing to do with revenge for daddy kiddy fiddler Bush). were about to launch the African Gold dinar for trading in oil and gas. Saddam Hussein started trading in Euro which is why the desperate e measures to remove him. Gaddafi had the gold mines. Libya was a pretty progressive country despite the BULLSHIT the USA spouted with free education for everyone.
The issue with the Chinese is they will start trading Oil and Gas with the Yuan and the US economy will die in 24 hours. This is why a war is not a good and Trump is resisting and why it is a good job McCain was executed. How do i know this? I used to work for someone who was involved and it has been planned for 30 years all of it. There is so much more to all this…..


I agree. It’s always about a central bank. Under Gaddafi, Libya was the wealthiest country in the world, with no central bank. Therefore, he was labeled as “a cruel dictator”. (The people of Libya would swear otherwise.) Then Gaddafi, for the sake of getting along with us, allowed the central bank into Libya and it didn’t take long before Libya’s economy either dropped by or Libya went into debt (I don’t remember which) to the tune of about $17 TRILLION. At that point, Gaddafi thew the central bank out of Libya and that’s what cost him his life. It’s always about a central bank… and sometimes an oil pipeline too .

Michael Jones

also, any war with China WILL involve Russia and like it or not the USA will lose. Primarily because the Russia and China are linked financially and will support each other. Once the uS dollar collapses and it will, there will be no funds for the ‘war’. Remember, ships and planes need fuel……China has oil from Russia by pipeline through Siberia. Yes, Korea was viciously brutalised by the Japanese. This is why it protects itself and remember Both the Kim’s are western (cia) educated in Switzerland and the UK and both 33rd degree Freemasons. Work it out for yourself, there is much more going on here and we are just watching the movie!
I have been to North Korea and it is an odd place but not anything like the US portrays it. Sorry, but your government and media lies.
And don’t underestimate the size of the Chinese military, look at the size of the population and every one of them willing to die for the cause including all the Chinese here in the USA. The Chinese own ALL the significant Gold mines in the world, they own most of the Gold in the world, they own most of Australia and a huge portion of the infrastructure in the USA. They have implanted control software and hardware in all the electronics in the world, the latest victim being the F35 fighter recently grounded. We are in debt for Trillions to China thanks to O’Bummer. So factor all this in. IMHO 😉


Russia looks out for Russia in the end.

Charles Harris

Yeah that guy was a horrible liar.
It makes you wonder how he even got his position.


One thing’s for sure: the ambassador was uncharacteristically in the spotlight, here and back home. Say the wrong thing and he’s in dire straights. From what I’ve read, China has already relinquished their oil tariff, so, we’re winning. Stay the course …


Australia is a sucker…. China owns nearly all our dairies in Tasmania, a pristine island state, they send plane loads of fresh milk direct to china. They also own some mainland daries…. That cuts out our businesses from trade and puts our milk supply at risk.

They have purchased some of our best agriculture properties. Hundreds of thousands of acres. They own a large percentage of our water rights…. yep they also own water that flows into our rivers from the skies.

They dump cheap steel, food contaminated with hepatitis A that made hundreds of people seriously sick. Not to mention clothes treated with formaldehyde, army uniforms that fell apart, army boots where the soles fell off. … oh.. and lets not discuss the thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of home with electrical cable where the plastic coating deteriorates and falls off exposing bare wires and causing house fires….

China is also giving huge loans to our poorer island neighbours that they will never be able to repay. What happens when China calls in those loans? Way to buy a country China!

They do want global ownership… China is more evil than Russia ever could be, they are sly, cunning, ruthless and they just don’t give a toss about anyone else!


That is true…

Michael Jones

Having lived in Hong Kong and in Beijing I will say it is all about saving face. He will never admit anything that will make him or China look bad. In Hong Kong someone will spend days trying to cover up a mistake rather than admit to being wrong. It is stunning to watch sometimes. They do steal everything from everyone, everything you buy in China is fake, EVERYTHING. This is a nation that was brutalised by their leaders for centuries, Chop-sticks were invented because Mao was terrified of rebellion so NO-oNE was allowed anything sharp anywhere. They waste nothing, they have uses for everything, eat everything and are totally loyal to their country but NOT to each other, they have no morals as we would know. They are only allowed one child still. They will rule the world one day I have no doubt. smile

Otaviani Filho

I can see a war between USA and China happening in a near future.

Johnathan Leonard

@Otaviani Filho. Not really. Any war between the US and China will be mainly waged at sea, where US proficiency in fleet sustainment and long-range operations will be telling. 90% of the oil that China consumes is brought in by oil tanker, none of which will be permitted to pass a blockade. My bet is that the declaration of a blockade against China by the US will bring their economy to a screeching halt in a matter of hours. There is no way that the Shanghai stock exchange will survive that level of economic fear. As business-savvy as China is, none of their senior leadership is so stupid as to pick a fight with the largest navy on Earth.

Throw in the recent “Pacific Pivot” that focused the USN into the Pacific, there is no way that China will risk it. That country isn’t run by morons, they are perfectly aware of the costs and benefits of any course of action. Simply put, the US isn’t worth getting into a fight with.


US policy makers and military leaders have allowed China to join military exercises, tour US military manufacturing facilities, inspect our vital defense installations and steal or buy our military technology.
The establishment will only sound the alarm about Russian or Chinese military hegemony when it is too late to stop them—knowing that American concerns can do nothing to reverse the trend.
In congressional testimony before assuming his new post as head of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command in May, Adm. Philip Davidson sounded a stark warning about Beijing’s power play in a sea through which roughly one-third of global maritime trade flows: “In short, China is now capable of controlling the South China Sea in all scenarios short of war with the United States.”
China knows that the US won’t go to war over it, so it continues to push the envelope. The US should have blockaded every attempt by China to militarize these islands. Had she done so when China was no threat to our ships, China would have backed down. Now, she is too powerful and dangerous to confront militarily.
The US continues to believe China’s lies, including Trump: In 2015, Xi stood in the Rose Garden at the White House and promised that “there is no intention to militarize” a collection of disputed reefs in the South China Sea known as the Spratlys.
But since then, Chinese dredgers have poured mountains of sand onto Mischief Reef and six other Chinese-controlled features in the Spratlys. China has added at least 3,200 acres of new land in the area, according to the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative run by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
Chinese control of the South China sea is now a done deal.

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