Body Language – FBI Report Dianne Feinstein & Chuck Schumer Press Conference

Body Language - FBI Report Dianne Feinstein & Chuck Schumer Press Conference

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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And she’s reading her entire statement. Someone just wrote this for her.

David mcclaughry

well from what I have seen an heard from both sides of the aisle is more of the same old shit I try to screw you an you try to screw me this hole thing is total BS an everyone knows it ! so that said the only thing I can think of that would really have an change on the politicians that we put in there is to set term limits of some kind 5 or ten year max or something along those lines then we would have new fresh blood in there an not the same 90 year olds fighting it out lets get some new fighters in the ring and maybe after a few years out of office they can run again or something like that im sure there are a lot of smarter younger faster pep out there that could fight the good fight for either side just as well or even better and you would not have that gang mentality that both sides seem to have at this point I mean just watch these two look n like kids . I mean you have her rolling her eyes cutting him off not looking at one another an him doing the same it just blows me away that these are the pep that run this country I think I could get 2 football teams an put one on each side an tell them to run the place an they would do a better job well maybe not if it was the Cleveland browns for those who don’t know the browns have been the worst team in the nfl for the last 20 years just like the political bullpen straight trash no new blood . so in reflection sorry for the poor punctuation an the bitchy old man rant


The woman is 85, of course she is tired. She should have retired 20 years ago.


Food for thought … it pretty common for a Supreme Court judge to swear in a president … not imagining the meltdown if Kavanaugh is picked to swear in Trump if he win 2020 election and the body language of that in 2 years … just saying



about 4L00 @GeorgeWebb talks about how the CIA has set up all the ‘deep south’ players since the 70’s! mentioning Monica McLean being involved in the beach week theory gathering ‘dish’ for future use on the top 10 colleges, like Harvard, Yale, MIT ext.. Future congressman, Senators, Governors ext. What do you think

Kathy McQuiston

I wonder how long it will be before this becomes a ‘not important’ story to our media.


48 hours.. then the midterms heat up


I read somewhere that the arrests for all the swamp monsters is coming soon. Make sure you have your popcorn ready!

Mark Gilbert

I’ve foundd these to be most interesting. Love what you do and i will share as i already have on twitter whenever possible.

Dani Schacht

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your videos. I took advantage of subscribing, and look forward to going through all of them. This particular video made me feel a bit sorry for Feinstein, if only she would admit wrongdoing and ask for forgiveness…LOL! That takes a person of character.

Lee Tibensky

She knows her days are numbered, I pray to God the democratic party is done, they are all evil monsters, she may also have info that causes Hillary to suicide her.

Gene Moore

Mandy, your are amazing.


Just a test, Mr. No Name. I tried three times to leave a reply. Each time it looked like it went through, but when I went back to the website, it was gone. Tried on two different machines. Thought I would see if a regular comment will post or not. Thanks for checking!

Charles Harris

God I hope they do prosecute Skeletor and the rest of those vile creatures.




Thank you Mandy for doing this, I was just about to suggest this video and you have allready made it❤️


Feinstein is realizing the gravity and the enormity of what is coming. Like seeing a tsunami and you’re standing on the wet sand.


Mandy – did you see that FLOTUS Melania is sitting for a formal interview soon?


I wonder if she now knows she’s in BIG TROUBLE. And she was trapped by HER actions by the FBI.

Cowgirl Diva

Does anyone out there remember what Dianne Feinstein said when she FINALLY released the Ford letter that she had been sitting on for months..?? She said, “Oh, you are going to hear a whole lot more about Brett Kavanaugh”….!!! Really..?? Now, how did she know that..?? She supposedly only had one letter, right..??!! Now, what does that mean..? It means Feinstein has been sitting on the protocols of this nuclear bomb forever and just pulled the pin on it..!!

The Demoncraps have been planning this all along..!! This is what the Demoncraps do…!! They will do ANYTHING to gain and hold power….lie, cheat, steal, kill…!!! As Schumer said: “Whatever it takes”..!! And, in the process if they have to destroy innocent people, it means absolutely nothing to them..!! They are the party of the wrecking ball….the walking dead…..the party of “anonymous sources”……the party of bloody CRIME scenes…the party of liars, cheaters, thieves, murderers..!! They must be stopped if we are to maintain our SOVEREIGN NATION…!! God Bless America..!!

Cowgirl Diva

I always say: “IF THE HORSE IS DEAD…..GET OFF IT…!!” The Demoncraps need to get off their DEAD HORSE..!! I, personally, am sick and tired to death of their partisan political games and if I might add one body language gesture I noticed when Feinstein’s hands were out to the sides, it looked as if she were playing an invisible piano…a performance..!! My theory on that is this: The Demoncraps composed a little song and dance and presented it to us hoping we would “dance to their tune”….!!! Well, their little song and dance trick didn’t work on me and I sincerely hope it didn’t work on any of you out there either…!! God Bless America..!!

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This is a cool video on Youtube about this.




Thanks sharing that was an act of random kindness!

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