Body Language – Dianne Feinstein Kavanaugh Hearing

Body Language - Dianne Feinstein Kavanaugh Hearing

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Thanks for that tip Mr NN – I love it when my favourite go-to sources for information acknowledge each other!


Anyone who who does not support and or defend the fundamental cultural and legal ethic, a person is not guilty until proven otherwise, does not belong on the Senate Judiciary Committee. How can they be trusted with the responsibility to elect a justice if they cannot coordinate their opinions around this simple ideal?



this is from a BBC interview Italy’s interior minister did a few weeks ago. It might be interesting to do avideo o nit.


Besides your astute interpretation of her body language, it was very obvious every time she said the word “rape” or “sexual assault”, Kavanaughs’ name came up right behind it. Only to equate the two.
Feinstein began by painting the picture and then Ford tried to explain further but she couldn’t come up with any facts.
Good rehearsal of events that would try to make her believable and cause to humiliate, making her the victim at every turn!
When asked how it had affected her life, her comment was her grades went down. Boooo Hooo! She still managed to have a relationship with a man ( and I’d like to see what kind of a character he is) and children!!
How much is she getting paid!!? Attorney is pro bono. And she’s “had to move around, disrupting her family .” I’d like to know where those accommodations are!!
What do her students say about her?
I saw some of the articles she has written too. FLUFF!
God Bless Brett and his family!

ingrid bond

oooo oooo ooo… lookie lookie who watched your feinstein analysis… oh yeah — 2:14 min. don’t think for a moment potus is the interpreter! have heard several people making reference to this particular analysis.

Patricia Richards

This was wonderful and funny. You are a genius at this. Thank you, I needed a good chuckle today. God bless you!


I too agree, that there is 2 sides of Feinstein’s body language. The picture of her aggressive stand against the person in the flowered dress is not the behavior for the public hearing. I love the fact that @POTUS is also watching and commenting about it too! It is sad to not have Feinstein’s whole staff on video as she was talking, but if you noticed her when she first came in, the bald lady was so guarded, she has the ‘languid’ look.


I made this video for you guys (for some comic relief…)


Can we PLEASE get a video with your analysis of Kate Snow interviewing Julie Swetnick (creepy porn lawyer’s accuser of Kavanaugh) on MSNBC?


Equinsu Ocha

Signed up for Gold today after literally watching every video you have on YouTube yesterday. Love what you do! Keep up the good work!

Marie Locke

I agree with you about the ladies behind Ms. Feinstein. The long haired lady has that “cat who caught the canary” look on her face. I’m with you..she knows who leaked that letter. I still can’t over it that she is 85 years old. Term limits! I about lost it when you said, “the bald woman”, since that’s first thing I thought when I saw her: what a haircut! If she isn’t a Cancer patient, that’s ridiculous on a woman, in my opinion. You really do a great job for being “your opinion only”, for sure!

Craig Martell

Sounds to me like President Trump may be a fan…. He just commented in his press conference on trade, “according to Feinsteins body language, it looks like she lied”….. Awesome if the President is watching your Vids!


Glad to be back at this website. I missed everyone. Between Gateway Pundit, Breibart, Rantingly and probably a few others, posting your videos, I’m so glad for the well deserved exposure your recent videos are receiving. Since this one is about to take off, too,, are there any plans to upgrade this site to handle all the traffic you should be getting from here on out? (This site could become the next “Daily Paul”! LOL)


Yes we do have plans for that…Just so you know this is the 3rd up grade. I promise it is continuously evolving.


Just a suggestion for whatever it’s worth: Would you and/or Mandy consider using a P.O. Box address for people who have had bad experiences with PayPal or who won’t use credit cards online? (Back when money was actually worth something, the Rev. Billy Graham raked in huge amounts of money early in his TV ministry by asking people to send him 10 CENTS and they did in droves.) Perhaps you or Mandy could post an article asking for $10 donations (or more) for a new server. With the videos going viral at this time, maybe Mandy could express appreciation at the end of each video and mention the need for a new server and give donation info, so that you can continue your work. Ya never know who’s out there listening and would willingly give what s/he could afford.

Andrew Jones

Hi Mandy, I’ve just registered today to your site.

Just wanted to say I think you are bloody marvellous and funny too.

Keep it up please.


Interesting on top of interesting. President Trump mentions and imitates Senator Feinsteins’ body language as deceptive at the rally and Mandy confirms it. Perhaps he is checking out the website. As I understand it only her Congresswoman, Feinstein’s office and Katz’s law firm knew her identity. One of those three had to be the leaker. I also found it highly suspicious that when asked about the Committee’s offer to see her confidentially in California, Blase- Ford seemed surprised and Katz covered her mic and cited attorney-client privilege before she could answer if her attorneys told her about the offer. Putting two and two together- collusion between Feinstein and Katz to use this woman to provide a public spectacle if needed.Feinsteins minions do the leaking and Katz conceals the offer of confidentiality to ensure it is a public hearing. If so a huge violation of legal ethics and destroying multiple lives in the process. Now it comes out that Flake met with Rosenstein prior to announcing his modified conditional vote. These people are evil. Hope the theories of military tribunals are true. Thanks, Mandy, keep up the good work.

Lorne Chadwell

These people need to pay, this goes beyond normal political power!


Feinstein needs to pull out all/any tricks to keep her post cuz the Dems aren’t happy with her!!


Congratulations on the massive audience for your Ford analysis. I have been struggling to reconcile how she can have passed a polygraph showing that she believes what she is saying and yet be so unbelievable at the same time having plainly been expertly coached (as in your Stair video part two. Then i came upon some material on YOUTube about memory


and how it can be manipulated as it is always a construction, but especially after 36 years. Interesting that her memories are ‘recovered’ through psychotherapy and only parts of it are vivid. Many other important parts totally blank. Also that she recovered the first part of this memory at the time that Judge Kavanaugh was mooted as possibly being Romney’s choice as a Supreme Court justice at a time when Romney was regarded as a possible POTUS. Her field of expertise, her job position, strong family connections to the CIA make her a good candidate to be manipulated by unknown parties 12 years ago just as she is plainly being manipulated now by Feinstein and unknown others now. Not exactly a Manchurian Candidate but certainly a good ‘insurance policy’ to be held in reserve for when needed.


It is interesting to watch the video of a discussion of the polygraph in which the man who administered it says that what happens is he has a long conversation with Blasey Ford to establish a statement and then he uses a two question polygraph to establish that she believes this statement is true. This is not the polygraph test we are familiar with from movies etc. Then the interviewer asks him to confirm that the test is only testing whether she believes her statement to be true. Whatever she is, i do not yet believe she is a psychopath so am left with wondering why she believes it is true. But the TEDX speaker in the above link allows me to understand how her memories can be suggested and constructed to the point where they are ‘100 % true’ for her and she is not lying.
By the way i love the way everyone except Mandy tiptoes round saying she is not creditable. PC has crept into our very bones!


Excellent Recall- I too have seen people I have known to be guilty pass a polygraph or it was inconclusive. Some people lie so much they actually believe their lies, enabling them to pass the test as they have completely rewritten their own history. Except HRC, she Just can’t seem to remember.

Nick Hale

You do not need to be a psychopath or sociopath to beat a lie detector. Those are just the two easiest methods. Memory suggestion as already mentioned as well as physical means. Also, the memory suggestion can be self controlled by spending time training your brain to believe what you need to believe….especially when you know ahead of time, what your convictions need to be.


This link is an interview with the man who gave Dr. Ford the lie detector test. After watching it I think it would be fairly easy to pass test. It seems like it’s just a vague 2 question test. I wonder who chose the questions? 🤔



Interesting picture of Murkowski with Feinstein

Charles Harris

That’s pretty much what I was thinking too.

Lawyers are like a cross breed between weasels, snakes and sharks.

John Amon

Mandy, thank you so much for this timely analysis!!!!

Another video idea is to show a legitimate sexual assault victim’s testimony in contrast to Ford’s testimony.

Keep kicking butt!


ill have to repost the ones I did. Thank you


I like that idea. When my husband came home, the first thing he asked was how i was holding up, and then asking for my personal opinion on Ford’s testimony, given my past firsthand experience. I told him I didn’t believe her at all and was incredibly angry about this whole thing.

Marie Locke

Yes, please do repost! I’d love to see those! I think your work is amazing!

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