Body Language – Keith Ellison Abuse Claim

Body Language - Keith Ellison Abuse Claim

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When you talk about the body language of hiding, I wonder if it is always interpreted as deception? I ask because I know in my own life, when going through hurts, pain etc, I’ve always found it difficult to keep eye contact. I’ve always known this about myself and know it is because I don’t want people to really see my pain. I don’t view this as deceptive but as a self defense mechanism. What think ye?


I talk about all of this in the course


One by one, these rats are being exposed. Loved how the body language changed as the lies started spewing forth from his diabolical mouth. I knew the minute he went from holding national office to running for a state position that he was hiding from something. Hopefully his former girlfriend will follow through with charges and lawsuits. Thanks, Mandy, for being a crusader for truth.


I watched it the other day and didn’t pickup on the shift between old and new accusations. Good eyes …


Two extremes in this video. Body language shows one true narrative and the other false. He thought by bringing up the true narrative first, it would make the false one seem true. I’m guessing he never visited this website. Thanks for all you do to show us the reality and to educate us, Mandy.


very good way of saying exactly what he did. no i dont think he knows i exist yet wink

Cheri Elliott

The Democrats on the left don’t bring this up at all, but crucifying Judge Kavanaugh over a nothing burger.


It’s what they do, especially now that they are so close to being found out, with more than a few facing prosecution (hopefully, not too far) down the road.

Cheri Elliott

It’s quite the show, is it not? What a wonderful time to be alive!

Dixie Roman

Don’t forget, he also threw ice 😉


Yeah, bringing up 2005 makes sense now.

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