Body Language – Brett Kavanaugh Ex Girlfriends Character Testimony

Body Language - Brett Kavanaugh Ex Girlfriends Character Testimony

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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I thought some of the accusations against Roy Moore were credible.

charles ward

As always, great job analyzing these interviews.


Hmm.. I wonder if the accuser NEVER expected to be outed at all, and this “I don’t remember where, when, who, why, what” behind a veil is because Feinstein was not supposed to blab. I wonder if this was supposed to be just a smoke screen to stall till the midterms, and – whoops – Feinstein blurted.

Marianne Rodgers

I get made fun of constantly because I have NEVER had drink number one and of course have never smoked ever. It has worked for President Trump. So even drinking a beer can be used against you in extreme situations. Judge Kavanaugh is an angel, but drinking a beer is being used to call him a drunk. Unfair, but better to take criticism and never ever drink alcohol of any kind ever. Just my personal opinion and I am not being critical. This is just a thought.


I sent a message via email, asking that you PLEASE consider doing a reading on him from last night, during his interview with Martha McCallun, host of The Story, at 7:00pm on Fox news. Not having your knowledge, I can’t say more than this – his face was displaying some VERY STRONG emotions; I just don’t know WHICH emotion it is. At times it did appear as if he was fighting back tears, with quivering lips! I suppose it could have just as easily been anger!

Either way, thank you Mandy! I love your pages. 💕


The Dems use the same tactics as terrorists do. There is no limit to their viciousness.

Nathalie Chmielewski

Tragedy how these radicalized delusional protestors foam at the mouth to anyone not on their team. Ellison was an animal with his ex but that story will die a muffled death… Kavanaugh will burn because of Trump’s support
They’re cannibalizing their party and if it weren’t such a Trainwreck it could be so enjoyable to watch crash n implode.

Dawn Brown

Great job on this Mandy…This is nothing but a political hit job.I feel so bad for this nominee and his family.He and his wife are going to be interviewed on Fox tonight (Martha McCullum) Should be interesting.


Same old Clarence Thomas, Roy Moore, Stormy Daniels, Russian Dossier, et al Playbook of the leftist-MSM Cabal. They are a disgrace and are actually harming people who really were abused by using allegations as a political weapon. Only problem is that this time they are not dealing with the timid Rinos of old. They are dealing with Patriots who are intent on taking back their country and will fight through this BS to get the job done. The President may be no angel, Pope or your first choice as a husband, but he has the two things that are needed to restore order-love of country and a titanium pair. I think Kavanaugh and his family are the same. People are going to look back on this time as a watershed moment in US history. What has been going on prior to and since the 2016 election is the worst abuse of power in the history of our country. Bit by bit the traitors are being exposed. Those women are Patriots. Well done, Mandy.


Those who have followed this know it’s 100% a political hit job, planned months ago. Unintended consequence: the NEW DNC will be seen as the destroyer of the #metoo movement. Too smart for their own good …they’ve cooked their goose.


Help me get this straight. Sixty-five women, two of whom being interviewed here, are of identical mindset or strong belief system based on actual knowledge of the guy, say no way. Yet there is one (count ’em: ONE) who disagrees, so she is the one everybody’s supposed to believe and give voluminous support to? What year is this? What planet is this? I’m so confused…. NOT.


we are suppose to be mindless drones remember


I forgot. I must have had another one of those “senior moments”.

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