Body Language – Harvey Weinstein & Melissa Thompson

Body Language -  Harvey Weinstein & Melissa Thompson

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I was thinking “what do I do now? And then suddenly it dawned on me, ” I know, I’ll gain 30 pounds” …..never had another problem with Harvey after that.

Being Here

He’s a manipulator and knows how to handle the situation. She should have gotten up and walked away. But with the door locked, I guess she couldn’t. I’d be frightened as hell by him. Screw that job. I’d go nuts on him. That’s the problem with people like him, kindness and decency looks weak to him. Even if she went crazy on him, he would still rape her. You can just tell he was owning her. Begging her to put a fight that he could participate in. Dangerous man.


How come she didn’t get up when he put his hand up her skirt? he was doing it from the beginning of the first cut, his body going up and down that his hands going up her leg he said” as long as we can do this, this is fun”. she’s flirting back telling him just a little flirting and a little leg. No and No. he’s obviously very aggressive, I would have walked out the minute his hand went onto my legs or up my skirt. and i wouldn’t have encouraged him bc she did.

William Edmondson

Harvey really is bad. I hate abuse of power. The squirming in the seat was quite revealing. The way he started with the can I flirt routine is well practiced over a long time.



Phil Smith

There’s an interesting contrast between this woman’s reaction and Ariana Grande’s reaction.

There is a power differential between him and her but I think when she stepped into the cage she knew full well the nature of the beast. Ignoring that his her boss this just looks like typical push pull that goes on between men and women. If the man doesn’t make a move, no moves are made. They’re both doing the same thing but for different rewards.


And in the interesting world of coincidences



The look on his face is disgusting and will make your skin crawl. On one hand, it is encouraging that so many of these rapists, perverts and pedophiles have been taken out in the last year or two. On the other, the use of allegations as a political weapon is quite disturbing also. As somebody who was a supervisor of staff that were mostly women, I can tell you that I pretty much stuck to the Pence rule. The only times I would ever let myself be alone in the building with one of the female staff was if I had a long standing positive relationship with them. Mandy, you are absolutely right. Bosses should never fraternize unless it is a work- related group activity. Likewise, employees or business accociates should have their radar up. If the situation shows a lack of proper boundaries, they should steer clear.


This makes me feel sick.
Go into the cave with the bear to get your food or stay outside and starve….

Why did she get sent into that cave? Everyone knew the danger, her boss would have known. In fact the marketing contract was probably signed the moment her boss agreed to send her.

And he knew what likes on Facebook are and how they work, where to put advertising and stuff like that. He is not ignorant on the most up to date forms of marketing. . In fact he was not even listening and conversing with her.



I’ve watched most if not all of your videos, and this is the first one I think you missed the mark and showed bias. He’s incredibly creepy and truly disgusting, but it didn’t go unnoticed to me, how she was plying him as much as he was playing her. Giving a little flirtation and resisting weakly and continuing, was, without any doubt, strategic on her part. This is just one of the tools and tactics women use in their thinly veiled gold digging.

With so many women pulling this game and winning in courts, it’s not at all surprising. It’s in fact, so common it’s eye-rolling! How, Mandy, could you miss HER partition in the scenario of the long-term plan; the law suite! She worked him and knew full well who and what he was, a lecherous and odiferous slob. To me, the two of them are pretty disgusting, as greedy hookers are no better! I love your vids, Mandy!


I do believe i addressed this in the video…it would be wise to watch the whole thing.


I think she goes in with an agenda to catch him, she is bait for the trap. She did not record this for the reason she gave or he would have known.

Also did the camera pan and keep Harvey in shot??? How did it keep him in shot without it being on screen for her to move it?

a plan laid out for two.

Bas Wenmakers

This is disgusting to watch. However, he does ask for consent, and she encourages him a lot.
She could have just said ‘no deal’. But she sold a piece of herself for a deal (and fame, attention, new opportunities?).
This feels like asking the ref for a red card in football and a penalty kick. Schwalbe, I say!


very true


That is where laws come in and say there can be no consent because he has complete authority over her.

She needs the deal, she is there to sell her service and not her self. With that can I flirt line he has said for you to get this contract I am going to need to flirt with you.

And she took a camera in, she knew the dangers otherwise she would not have had the camera. Imagine those poor young women that had no idea about this predator?

Goes to show that knowingly going into the cave with the bear does not make it safer.

Bas Wenmakers

She is an adult woman, who seems to know how to play the game; The flirting game and the seductive sales rep game.
I do not underestimate her agency. She plays an adult’s game, and she plays it well. I see some hickups in the execution, though.
The MeToo monster needs to feed, and for now she will benefit from its excrement. But this monster will never be satiated. I envision the witch hunts of the past followed a similar patern to what we see now. Quite insightful.


The “meToo” will eventually evolve into the “whatAmIChoppedLiver?” movement and then lawyers and the media will have a new game to play.

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