Body Language – Carter Page

Body Language - Carter Page

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Sally Ann

I think Carter Page is a genius in certain areas. However, with most geniuses he has trouble with social skills and expressing himself.


I really enjoyed Mandy’s analysis of the Tucker Carlson interview with Carter Paige for one reason – – she thinks that he is goofy, too. I have never seen one interview with him that really extracted any information. The guy seems oblivious to his own situation or how he was used. I would be outraged. He seems that he would be okay as long as his Xanax prescription doesn’t run out. I really don’t mean to insult him. He may be a fine person but his reactions don’t even seem human. It weirds me out. The idea that the FBI successfully portrayed this guy as a Russian spy is preposterous.

Brian Fitzpatrick

“Why could you be this baffoonish and be put in the position to be spied on in the first place?” The question , essentially, answers itself. Baffoons make willing, but less risky, targets by those wanting to concoct a false narrative. Hang a banana in a cage then lock the door at the first bite. : )

Charles Harris

OMG! I love that movie!
You’re right!
He would have fit right in.

zamzam abbas



OMG, reminds me of Gary Walsh from Veep. Lol

Christine overhultz

Thank you. Love your site.


Hi Mandy, I really enjoy your vids, they’ve taught me a lot and inspired lots of fun conversations with friends. The Coen Bros interjection was hilarious in this vid. Since you’re no longer on YT I was wondering, is your past archive all up here? It would be great if there was a easy way to browse past vids.

also, are you going to cover this new Weinstein vid? Seems ripe for body language analysis!

Thanks smile


Absolutely prescient!


1st Post..I only comment when pushed!! Haha..Just wanted to say thanks for your sense of humour..BLanguage was part of my “corporate” training when I was a slave..So I know a bit…Always flummoxed at what you perceive as it’s always my feelings…But must say..Bit cruel about him…I see him as an extreme “innocent” & “simple” person which I get other people call “dumb”…But I bristle at that a bit….He was soooo used….Maybe ‘cos of his “simplicity” I agree…Thanks for your work…Guaranteed Loud Laughter for me – A tonic o’ course..Keep it up!!


Hmmm.Think I agree with Jimmer. If I knew I had actionable potential lawsuits against some very wealthy individuals for gross violation of my constitutional rights and defamation I might be giddy and enjoying the ride as well.


Cha-cing! He was put through hell, but will never have to do anything he doesn’t desire. I hope they all get sued, before rotting in prison …


This makes sense: I bet he’s all smiles, playing dumb, since he’s suing for defamation … he sees his payday right up ahead and likes it.


god i hope so


I thought that in those last 5 seconds it looks like he is holding back tears and was going to cry.

Like is xanax smile was wiped away for a split second.

I think they used him. This is not the first time either but if they used him to bring down the leader of the free world I think it might break the poor guy.
I think he liked being friends with Trump!

I will try not to ask about him again… lol


I dont think he was about to cry. he was giddy, with a slight shock of a zanax mention. I dont think he completely got the joke. Oh dont worry about that… i know there are questions on these people…but we can only see so much with out some real questions.


So true about those real questions!


I just can’t wrap my brain around this body language. Its almost as if Carter knows something. That’s all I can get from his body language. Maybe years from now we can look back at this and have an epiphany.


i dont know…its hard to say what he knows. it could be just that he knows people. but no question of consequence are ever asked. just fluff pieces. That in itself is disconcerting.

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