Body Language – Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama Concession Speech

Body Language - Clinton & Obama Concession Speech

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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I can tell because I do believe she would have a totally different approach now,…adding what she evaluated then to what she “knows” now,… I love her point of view on just about everything she has ever posted. She is wonderful,..and I am sure ALL agree !! So,..thanks Mandy for all you do,…..

Perhaps she will eval the recent “speeches” these two *@?&#* made.


That’s what I thought this was at first — a reevaluation considering what has come to light since then.


I agree 100%

Stacy Taylor

Just now watching this after viewing the video on the 2020 SOTU. Your comments at the end about Hillary not stopping unless she’s behind bars or leaves the country are chillingly prophetic considering everything that has happened in the last 3 years. I’m sure on some level Hillary and her millions/influence have been fueling the never ending attacks against President Trump. Great videos and looking forward to hearing more of your insights!


Wow…..Your analysis of hrc and b.o. is very heavy stuff and amazingly insightful…hmmm…what a den of snakes in which to survive….really dangerous people….Thank you for your amazing insightfulness..Fantastic….


President Trump has called the Russian collusion investigation a “witch hunt”. Since words mean things, what do you think he’s really saying?

Susan Jackson

I think Obama is showing extreme distain for Trump, his mouth in that position after every statement he makes about the transition.

Matt Heller

@host: your twitter is back (Dr. Bombard’s Body Talk)

Josele Swopes

She looks around and makes sure no one is watching, then pulls her words out of her a$$. Then everyone claps including her husband and he even smiles. XD

Todd Pullara

She said something very telling: “We live in this constitutional democracy…”
We don’t. We live in a constitutional REPUBLIC. This is projection on her part.

Democracy is mob rule.


You we’re just mentioned on a Scott Adams periscope

Marianne Rodgers

Your prediction of her continuing to cause problems until she leaves our country or is in prison has sadly come so true. Well if she dies she will be gone too. But convicting her of her crimes and putting her in prison would be the best outcome for our country. Has Killery ever done her part to divide our country! But she WILL NEVER take responsibility for her evil ways.

Even AFTER she’s in jail, there will ALWAYS be people trying to accomplish her goals who share the same vision for this country! We conservatives will have to fight until our deaths to make sure it doesn’t happen!!! VOTE THIS NOVEMBER, EVERYONE!!!

So basically what you are saying, Mandy, is that it takes a lot of time and effort to read Hillary Clinton’s body language with all her head bouncing. LoL! That’s just funny! LoL!

Charles Harris



You were right. It hasn’t quit. And like an idiot, she’s not running yet.

She’s looking at the teleprompters.

Nathalie Chmielewski

They’ll never stop because there all complicit. All of them.

I remember when you made this video. I now say, “unless Hillary is dead or out of the country, we won’t have peace. I was referring everyone to your video. I’m glad it’s back up.


The person Hillary is looking at and blames for her loss. Donna Brazile most likely.

Donna was famous in the elections for knowing the questions or arranging for questions to be asked in the debates. Donna is a long Time demoncratic operative.


I’m glad you reposted this, Mandy (and NN). I’ve been thinking about it lately with the look she’s giving someone off camera and their plan going forward. I’m convinced that this speech shows she knew about the dishonest plots and schemes going on.

Marianne Rodgers

MrMike — Oh for sure Killer knew about all the behind-the-scenes manipulation going on. Heck, she paid for most of it.


I noticed this word-play when this analysis was first published and it irked me then. Rewatched it and it still irks me. America is a Constitutional REPUBLIC, Secretary Clinton, not a Constitutional democracy. We need to learn and share the differences between the two, because they are crucial. The differences are why our Founders chose a Republic and not a Democracy.

Stacy Taylor

Fast forward to 2020 and all the talk about “Democratic Socialism” had some of it’s foundations in her speech! They want to get rid of the Republic because the Electoral College is the only thing keeping them out of power at this point. The Democrats want mob rule because they have the slight edge in the voter turnout.


Mandy’s new nickname-The Swami. A very accurate prediction. Let’s hope she is in flight to a country with no extradition treaty or in handcuffs soon. So many atrocities starting with laighing about getting a sex offender acquitted, Whitewater, enabling Bill’s predation repeatedly, travelgate, the first health care debacle, insider trading, the Clinton Foundation payoffs, reckless or purposeful (sale) of US secrets to enemy governments, misreading and enabling Muslim Brotherhood during Arab Spring leading to Isis and the massacres in the street in Egypt, withdrawal from Iraq in irresponsible way leading to Iran empowerment, Lybia debacle leading to Beghazi massacre and resultant cover up and multiple lies to public, probable gun-running to Syrian Islamists leading to civil war, genocide, ethnic cleansing and Euope being overrun with refugees, Uranium One, pizzagate and sinister occult activity and now the Russia, Justice Department collusion to fix the election, bail her out of being indicted and frame a sitting President. A full career of evil rivaling any in history. Watching her speak in slow motion is even more vomit-inducing than at full speed.

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