Body Language – McCain Funeral, Huma Abedin, Lindsey Graham & The Gang

Body Language - McCain Funeral, Huma Abedin, Lindsey Graham & The Gang

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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The videos are not playing for me..


My favorite video of yours so far, I am so intrigued with your videos. Thank you!


My opinion of Mr. Graham-nesty…That so called tirade that he put on, was actually that-put on! He was in front of the cameras and acted like he was oh so offended by what the DIMMS were doing to Kavanaugh! PLEASE…he’s no better than Mr. Flake, ahem…SNOWFLAKE!

What really needs to happen…IMHO (of course) vote Kavanaugh onto SCOTUS, increase our leverage in Nov., build the danged WALL, vote POTUS back in for 2020, vote out the elitists & the socialists (the other 1/2 of the elitists,) then we will be KEEPING AMERICA GR8! cool

Ryan Alexander

Lol, this was a funny one!

Peggy Chamberlain

Jared and Ivanka are rich and have always been part of the “in crowd”, until Dad was elected. Most of this “in crowd” hates trump therefore……they won’t or can’t be chummy with Jared & Ivanka. If the “in crowd” shows even the slightest affection or decency toward a Trump (even his daughter & son-in-law) “they” might be crossed off the invite list to other “in crowd” cocktail parties, etc.

Patrick Archer

Hey, your latest analysis of Diane Feinstein may have been seen by President Trump. He mentioned Feinstein’s body language today at the press conference.

Marianne Rodgers

Must comment on ivanka and Jerrad. If I were them, I would only have gone to that political hack funeral out of supposed respect … for my father … . I would have taken out my smartphone and played a game of chess. I would not want to mix with those wolves.

Marianne Rodgers

Just my thoughts. Seems like Graham is a different person since McCain died. Graham, maybe not trying to, but outdid all other Republicans in his support of Judge Kavanaugh. I totally agree with you. McCain was nothing but a bitter, envious old man who put his family up to turning his expensive funeral into political total nastiness. Can’t help but wonder what McCain had on Graham since he seems like a free man lately.

Lowell Fultz

Graham isn’t the only one who notices he’s being watched. Check out Ayotte & Liebermann in the background. Both are aware, I suspect for 2 different reasons. Ayotte because she’s part of the swamp and Joe just seems to be interested to see how it plays out. The little smirk.


omg look at poor ole Kissinger’s tie,…oh my,….lol.

This Is My Comment->

Excellent video!
The interaction between Graham and Kelly is priceless.
The look on Graham’s face reminds me of a couple walking in a mall..the guy runs into a gal he’s having an affair with.
Guy = Graham
Wife = Kelly

Eyes meet..
Grahm~ >”holy f*ck what am i gonna do”!

Kelly~>i caught you

Grahm~> ” he caught me” (chest/neck/head gets hot..heart rate increases..can’t think..)
Turns while relying on Peripheral vision to see Kelly’s next move.
Peripheral vision no longer functional.
Blind to Kelly’s movements his mind scrambles for a “solution”

Kelly~>Relaxes silently boring his gaze at the back of Graham’s head..patiently waiting for it to turn

Grahm~>Curses in his mind
Internally panics

Rustles paper to signal to Graham that..
“I’m still here.”

Graham~>Gives up
Constantly cursing in his mind..
Turns slowly towards Kelly.
Peripheral vision available again.
“SHIT he’s still there”
Hearing increases….
Sounds of people/thoughts..PAPER scrambling in his mind.

Kelly~>Silently chuckles
Rustles paper signaling to Graham “I’m still here”

Graham~>Gives up

Kelly~>Staring STARING staring STARING staring

Graham~>given no choice but to approach Kelly to “explain” himself.
Returns to position.


By the way I can’t find you on twitter. Do you have a new account or are you totally banned?


What about the exchange between Abednin and Graham? Are there any clues as to what they are talking about?


Who knows, though consider this. The funeral was a location for people to directly meet and have a private conversation. Many of these people most likely have complete coverage of their travels, phones, etc. So here was the location to pass something mouth to ear perhaps. The Q crowd tried to claim Huma made a transfer. I don’t think so, the other camera angles don’t show me a note pass from her right hand to this left as she leaned in.

I also think Kelly was not scratching his nose, could be. I think he was more using his finger to point up toward his eye. “We have our eyes on you bucko”. Graham looks very uneasy and does not know what to do with his hands after that nose or eye point.

Did you notice Hillary in the shot with Bolton. That is “supposed” to be Hillary in the front row in front of Bolton. ( she is standing and talking to someone in front of Bolton) who I think is a snake at best. Bolton is a neocon. And is suspected of writing that Time anon article.

Hillary looks very good. There is a photo of her in her seat . You also later see her in the front row seated next to Bill. Yea sure its Hillary, uh huh. Look at that skin, so fresh and vibrant. Must be in her blood to be able to change aging like a chameleon.


I think Kelly was telling Graham that Mattis was watching by touching his eye and pointing at Mattis with his thumb. I watched the YouTube version and Mattis was in the direction that he pointed.

Jana Rade

Yeah, I can’t really dislike Mitch either. Though I believe he’s not as strong as he could be. Can’t find “evil fault” with him. Love Kelly and Mad Dog smile

gmail man man that uses gmail alot



This is brilliant.


I love it,… Silliness you !!!


Thanks for this.
I thought it was just gold that whomever was on the camera feed picked this little encounter. It was like they knew it would be interesting!

I just wanted to know the names of the old men…. it was interesting to see how it went viral and all the speculation!

Trail Gaiter

What purpose does it serve for Jared and Ivanka to attend No-name’s funeral? I assume Graham has been “talked to”? I’d love to see more of the rats slinking around under the watchful eyes of Kelly and Mattis. Great work as always Mandy!

Peggy Chamberlain

Jared and Ivanka were there to represent the Trump family since Trump was not allowed to attend per Mr. NoName’s instructions.


Kissinger looks like he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.


you crack me up lol

Marianne Rodgers

GaryC — Another snake in the swamp. He has really messed up our country so much over the years. Be glad when he is gone. One less snake.


Agreed. I’m no fan of Kissinger either.

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