Body Language – Russian Assassins Salisbury England

Body Language - Russian Assassins Salisbury England

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First of all, I didn’t buy the story that two guys used such a substance to poison an old man, not in the way described by the media.

But these guys also look like they are hiding something. Now it’s easy to say that if they are russians than it’s 100% sure that Russia or Putin himself hired these guys, but it’s also likely that someone else did hire two russians, so that everybody points at Russia.

If indeed Russia hired these guys to kill Skripal, who would let them be interviewed by russian media and risk getting caught?
After RT did the interview, were they so stupid not to figure out that this video will raise the suspicion even more that Russia did it.

This really does look like RT didn’t knew what these guys have done and the interviewer was really putting pressure on them, why would you do that to your own spies or hired assassins, considering how nervous and uncomfortable they look. Maybe they did it so that no one will suspect Russia? I don’t think the russians are stupid, or risk being demonized even more.

In the end I don’t really know what to make up of this poisoning story, so much info is missing from both sides.


Now that I actually watch this, with your analysis I see that they aren’t who they say they are; or at least they’re lying about something when they answer that those are their names. Their answer isn’t in unison, and to me that seems forced, often people answer at different times but their answer seemed so performed that it was unnatural. From the tired look on their faces it appears that they’ve had to record this 100 times or more, so they look bored or withered.
It’s interesting that she supposes that they look “nervous” to me that says they’re trying to impose some belief on the viewer to give the illusion that they are “grilling” him, but like you said he is very ready to answer (confrontational); almost too ready like as if he has something prepared and just wants to get it done.
THEN HE LOOKS DOWN! To remember the cathedral, as if he’s trying to remember something he read in a textbook, just like in the Brett Kavanaugh accuser video you said she goes to construct, he’s going to remember information, not something visual.
It’s very interesting what you say but I think you have missed something about this; if they’re spies then they know how to perform, and they know that to believe it themselves is to be believed. With that in mind, they are very deceptive. smile



Wendy Artagame

If they are spies, They suck at it!

Jana Rade

Well, I don’t know. Not saying they are not bad dudes having done SOMETHING. But the whole Skripal story just doesn’t make sense to me at all. “Hey, let’s assassinate this guy nobody cared about for years, who’s not even hiding or changed his name, might have been seeking pardon to return to Russia. Oh, and hey, let’s use the one thing that is going to be a dead giveaway who did it. Oh, and let’s botch it so they don’t even die. And hey, let’s leave a jar of it laying around randomly.” Seriously?

Potentially, some “localish” friends could have suggested visiting the cathedral, “England’s most impressive Gothic cathedrals are to be found at Canterbury, Lincoln, Salisbury, Wells, York, Gloucester, and Westminster Abbey.”

jim keane

Maybe they’re stressed because the British government wants to arrest them, and other possibilities.Are they Russian government assassins?

Damn good point Mandy. I absolutely agree with the mindset of the Russians in regard to missiles set all around them and the reaction therein. These two guys are either throw-away “agents” or really were gay Russian guys who were set up to take the fall. I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is, I was more stealthy as a 13 year old throwing eggs and toilet paper at houses on halloween than these two characters may have been while trying to kill two people in a public setting.


Mandy, thank you for the video. As always, I trust your expertise much more than my own instincts and try to learn from you.

I’ve been monthly gold donator for you in Patreon ever since they started taking your Youtube videos down so that you could keep on this important work for revealing who speaks truth and how doesn’t. Your videos are already the “thank you” for me, so I’m not after that, I’m telling you this only so that it might increase my chance of getting any opinion from you to my comment, sorry :).

Anyways, good details in behavior of these guys that made me think they could be gay. I read the comments as well and you are right that it feels a bit far fetched for these guys to been traveling such a short time just to have fun with each other.

I know I’ve become biased already to believe that there’s something fishy about UK’s accusations, but as you point out, these dudes are not telling the truth either. Could it be that these guys are in shady business like smuggling steroids or something and look so stressed because of that?

I mean, if I was an MI6/CIA/whatever operative and wanted to do this Skripal poisoning to increase russofobia (or whatever they are after), I wouldn’t choose some random Russian guys from CCTV videos to blame. Instead, I’d plan this very carefully in advance. Maybe I’d choose some Russian drug dealers, arrange a deal with them near enough the Skripals, poison them and put blame on the dealers. Guys couldn’t come forward, or if they did, they would look so guilty on interviews because they couldn’t tell the full truth either.

Or maybe I’m just delusional even thinking something like this.

Charles Harris

Those two were definitely up to no good.
Most likely something criminal in nature or it could just be shady business dealings.

I don’t believe for a second that they are assassin’s though. Certainly not government assassins.

Government assassin’s are very well trained. Dealing with stress is a regular part of the job and they have fairly well designed back stories. No government would send these two, nervous characters into a hostile nation without a believable reason for them being there. Just wouldn’t make sense.

They could just be lifelong friends who have worked and lived together for many years. Who then decided, on a whim, to go see some historic clock. Now they are just waiting to be dragged out and shot as patsies. God only knows what kind of things they’ve been being told will happen to them any second or how many times they’ve been questioned. To the point where they no longer even try to make their motives and objectives understood anymore.

Personally, I just think they’re common criminals.


Deception definitely. Seeing clear cut signs of deception only tells you that they are lying and may give some clues as to what they are lying about, but does not tell the true story. Belief systems and other clues may lead to a hypothesis. The problem with hypotheses that stem from belief systems only is that they rush to judgement and may overlook important and hidden facts. I would guess they would have a trial if they are accused of poisoning people. Another hypothesis to consider is that they could be patsies that have been set up by the real assassination squad/ KGB, or that British Intelligence, having egg on its collective face for allowing this to happen under their nose, are eager to have anyone charged, or are even setting them up for more sinister reasons. Being an American raised in the 60’s, all I know is that things are almost never as they seem in assassinations, and those believed by the public to be the killer are often a cover for sombody else.


I don’t get it. They really did try to come off as if they are gay and scared of being outed…..

You are accused of releasing a deadly toxin into the environment and poisoning and killing people.

You have several options and you “act” more fearful of being outed as gay to the government than facing assassination charges!

Just think of that reasonably…..
Gay or assasin……

I would come out gay in a loud and proud fanfair if it could prove I wasn’t an assasin in a foreign country.

Putin might send me to a conversion camp to straighten me out but if I was innocent of assassination I would take the chance.

roger morris

Blackmail being the chief tool of spook-world. what would OCCAM’s chances be these men are gay lovers? Their travel arrangements would argue that better than assassins. Homosexuality in Russia is still illegal surely, this could account for all parts ? They certainly look carefree and happy in the CCTV footage. Getting away from prying eyes at home… compromised now by pernicious britprop spooks choosing them as patsy by viewing all incoming tourists, would hope their fear at being outed at home keep them silent ? There is body language there.


Did Putin send them in to do this job?
Well Mandy has not even touched on this. She just pointed out that when under the threat of attack anything should be considered.

If Putin sent these guys in they would have gone inside the church and maybe spent the night….. had more memories if those things. These guys didn’t even show memory of friends telling them about the clock and steeple.

Not to say they weren’t sent in by Russia it is just that I don’t think Putins guys would have been caught.

I would still rather be a spy for Putin than the medical secret service guy for Hillary that is now dead…… remember him?

All countries spy and kill people….. these guys got caught. Russia will be allowed to jail these guys as their punishment.


i think people’s belief system on Russia can do no wrong or be affiliated in any way with the globalist is blinding many to the possibility that A) putin can be just as mean, or B) the globalist have minions in Russia just like everywhere else. Its like saying we have trump so the usa can now do no wrong, forgetting how many globalist are still in its government.


My very first thoughts after the accusations of a Russissn hit job was Russian globalists!

Gay Russian globalists….. that would be a perfect Hollywood movie plot written by Soros

The full interview for those interested….. that guy in all blue is worth watching. That hand on the table is like an anchor!


Phil Smith

I don’t think anyone is arguing that the Russians are pure. These clearly are not Russian agents or hit men and you only need look at this interview plus the footage of them offered up by the UK. They’re just two guys on the down low who are trying to hide their relationship and now a huge spotlight is shown on them. It’s amazing that you’re missing this, but hey, we’re all human.


They don’t appear to be Russian Government spies! That I agree with.


please explain why two men would leave a country where sex is legal behind closed doors, pay thousands of dollars for a 24 romp in the uk instead of a cheaper place. that makes about as much sense as expecting milk out of a bull

Phil Smith

Simple answer is that they could have wives and children at home. I also can ask the same thing about why people come to NYC to hang out at Times Square or any tourist attraction. They could have free miles, a relative that works for an airline, there are many possibilities. The place they stayed at is pretty cheap with a single bed.


They have just been accused of deploying a nerve agent in England and poisoning and killing people.
Nothing could be as bad as that….

They say they are not gay…. don’t you think that if they were really gay lovers sneaking away they would admit to that rather than face charges of a chemical weapon attack in a foreign land?

Unless the Russian government wasn’t behind it and some other entity made you do it to frame Putin? If you did it because Soros wanted to bring Putin down and the dossier wasn’t working!

Can you imagine if Putin got hold of you and tried to frame his government!


they travelled from Russia to Salisbury for a cheap single bed? also Salisbury is not connected to Russia, they travelled to London and the travelled across England to Salisbury, which is a 2 hour journey, if they where gay lovers why wouldn’t they stay in London Soho, dont forget this was in March with temperatures of -2 Celsius
and in winter in the uk we only get 7 hours of daylight, so its not a major holiday destination..

Charles Harris

I’ve been learning as much as I can about Russia, ever since this “collusion” nonsense started and even some before that. They have a long, hectic history. Full of conflicts and brutal treatment of the population.
Two guys sharing a bed really isn’t something unusual there. Which could be part of the reason they made homosexuality illegal, as it threatened their cultural norms. Friends there act like these two all the time.
They also have a long history there of engaging in minor criminal activities, like black marketing. Just as a means to survive during their many upheavals and times of hardship.

My guess is that they went there to engage in some shady business. Now they’re just waiting to see how things are gonna play out.


Please educate yourself.
Homosexuality by itself is NOT ILLEGAL in Russia.
You know which countries threw you in jail just 30 years ago just for being homosexual?
Yes, a lot of western countries.

What IS illegal in Russia though is advocating for homosexuality (homosexual propaganda) in the public.
And it’s not “evil dictator” Putin, who wanted that. It was the majority of the Russian people.
And the majority simply wanted that to protect their children from social engineering.
That’s democracy.
Again: no one is thrown into jail in Russia simply for being homosexual (as it was simply some years back in politically correct countries). No one is stoned to death like in all sorts of countries, where tons of refugees come from (and the left is okay with those “strangely”).

I can personally understand this.
Was there ever some heterosexual pride parade going on? No.
I wouldn’t want my children to see either that or any other of such pride (sex) parades either.
Heterosexuals don’t f*** on the streets either.
Children simply should grow up without any of that, and then decide for themselves.


Sorry if I consider the psychological setup of these two as unconnected insofar as there existed no motivaion for the Russian Federation to kill the Shkripals – the plausibility is nonexistent. The Cui Bono here is pretty obviously on the side of the Brits, who need to give their sheeple constant reason to believe in some James Bondian Balderdash.
Who these guys are (certainly not Pros) and why they were doing whatever in Salisbury I have no idea, but you can be sure they weren’t sent by ‘literally Hitler’ Putin or the GRS or FSB simply because that simply makes no logical sense. Tip : in doubt, always try plausibility.


we may be wrong on the who hired them…but not on the deception


That’s what I said


Your first sentence is very hard to follow, though if I could understand it, I probably agree with you.


I think you are barking up the wrong tree on this one, intimating they are spies, and have a concocted story.

They are rightly stressed, and tell you why elsewhere in their interview. They say they did not know who to turn to, and in the end chose a journalist, in the alt media. They’ve probably discussed the ins and outs of their real story in contrast with the UK version.. that is rehearsal, and they have probably rehearsed the kind of things they’d like to offer to prove their innocence to, even if innocent.
You say you’d like to know who their friends are, but why should they tell you who they are! Any Russian friend they may have who has visited the UK. They say in this interview that many Russians go there, its full of Russian tourists. So, they’ve found Salisbury is recommended. It is, to all tourists.

If you were a tool of an intelligence agency – not a full blown career intelligence office, in it for the some quick big money, would you then step forward in the public eye to deny your role, and confirm who you are, even where you are?

Their behaviour doesn’t strike me as it does you.. these are straight forward, simple hearted Russian men, non-plussed, I would say.. and showing their indignation as well as holding fear at bay in a macho way. They do know each other well, and probably do have roles in their partnership as buddies when travelling.
To be on the offensive, is to take offence at suggestion… when they are being accused by an intelligence agency. Children do it all the time, when feeling overwhelmed by continued suggestion of wrong doing, when they have simply told the truth, because it is hurtful and worrying to them.


They travelled all the way to the uk, landed in London and travelled straight to Salisbury.. they was in the town centre on the 3ed of march sight seeing but didn’t visit any attractions because it was to cold.. they stayed in Salisbury for about an hour before leaving, the next day on the 4th they revisited Salisbury and again visited no tourists spots.. and left when back to London and returned to Russia? please tell me you dont believe that. what other places did they visit in the uk?

on the 3ed they went to Salisbury to do reconnaissance and on the 4th they carried out the botched attack..

their is no logical reason why they didn’t visit Salisbury cathedral after coming all the way to see it, especially Russians. why on earth would a little bit of cold deter Russians.


belief system blind people to the obvious. if you dont want to believe some one is guilty you wont see it.

Phil Smith

All you have to do, if you can, is think about your thought process if one day you woke up and was the target of an international manhunt with your pictures everywhere. Add to that being in a relationship that isn’t sanctioned(gay) that you don’t want people you know and people you don’t know, knowing about. This insight seems to lacking in the analysis and in some of the comments here.


They were caught. Their boss had no choice but to put them forward. Putin probably said if you’re stupid enough to get caught you need to be put forward.
I hightly doubt they will be handed over but time in an English jail or time in a Russian one for being caught? You decide!

They ain’t no gay lovers….


They gave a reason for leaving early. They won’t be the first on a cold day… its much more pleasant in London on such a day for tourist. They were’ staying in a hotel. WE don’t know that they didn’t visit any tourist spots – Salisbury is small, yo can see the cathedral and the clock from the outside. These were unusually cold days for March in UK.

Now, it occurred to me, that surely Russians aren’t deterred by a little snow. And that left an impression on me. But I waited a while. Then It came to me, well Russian tourists want to get away form prolonged cold. Also, modern Russians have central heating, they don’t tramp around all day on the farm and come home to a warm wood fire. Just like the English, they can’t tolerate the cold damp. IN Russia it can be -30 but its the cold, windy damp that make s English weather more unpleasant sometimes not snow or absolute temperature.

Now, trained spies would not have done what they have done. Only bumbling tourists.


See here:
This gives evidence for why there story is highly probable, including snow conditions, closure of Stonehenge on the third, and due to re-open on the 4th…. images of the pair soaked through during the thaw in Salisbury itself…

Phil Smith

I would expect these two guys to be stressed. They’ve been accused of very serious crimes by the UK government and it also appears that they are in a relationship that they don’t really want to be public about. They’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. To explain why they were there exposes their relationship that may be undercover as in they may have spouses, kids, etc.


they went on a dirty weekend to Salisbury of all places?

Hans Wagner

whoa, trippy stuff. Love you lots! in-love

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