Body Language – Pastor Groping Ariana Grande

Body Language - Pastor Groping Ariana Grande

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Being inappropriately dressed for the occasion in no way gives this very irreverent reverend a right to fondle the side of her breast as his hand travels up from her waist! Shameless!!!! This poor woman’s facial expressions show her humiliation.


She may have been inappropriately dressed for the funeral, but that in no way gives this reverend without any reverence the right to fondle the side of her breast. The looks on her face shows how humiliated she felt!!!


Ugh, for no one to even bat an eyelash… She was clearly so uncomfortable.


he basically grabbed her breast in full view of the world, and your so right Mandy, imagine what she will allow or has allowed behind closed doors.

Ryan Alexander

I don’t see what’s wrong with Clinton “google eyeing” people, this is the same mentality that led to Netflix banning inter-gender eye contact, lol, he can look at whoever he wants, enough of this authoritarian leftist eyeball control.

MaryAnne Ozark

His fingers keep digging in under her brest. She even looks down at it.


That pastor is MC Hammer


Ugh, the closer you look at the video the more stuff you notice.
The looks, the groping.


The whole funeral was a big political groping fiasco. Hard for Ariana to push away from that guy on centre stage, I wouldn’t want to make a show at a funeral either. But I would of kicked his ass backstage… I wonder what Aretha is saying if she’s looking down on them….?


Okay I’m not sure, all I see is an awkward singer being dragged up to a podium to probably have an embarrassing story shared about them by a pastor to the whole world. She turns her head to smile at one of the backup singers, who smiles back. (You can see she was smiling by when she turns her had back to the pastor her mouth is still in mid smile) Now the whole copping a feel… this is what I thought copping a feel was…


But heck knows today maybe touching someones rib is copping a feel for all I know. It’s a shame you can’t fire a monkey for sexual harassment. =/

Beth Lampron

Watching this was deeply disturbing. He came out with some pablum statement. so gross. so very, very gross.

Lelouch Di Britannia

Obama returns to politics, making a speech against Trump ahead of midterm elections


Lol, they seem scared

Hans Wagner

Good evening/day,

Longtime fan.
Would you bestow the kindness,


It’s quite intriguing. He’s an interesting individual.

Your narration is such a beautiful adventure, every time. favourite

Many thanks,

Lelouch Di Britannia

There’s this conspiracy theory that McCain was secretly executed for treason, and that his death was not due to an “illness”. Was wondering you do a body language analysis on the final clips we see of McCain before his death. Many people also think that Ohio Governor John Kasich made a freudian slip when he said, “It’s been 24 hours since John McCain was put to death.”

Here’s the video, at the 5:00 timestamp:


Renzo Fabriek

Damm… he realy said it and he was not even aware of it. He is looking down a lot especialy at that time period.

Trace Love

I can’t believe she wore such a hoochie dress to a funeral!!


I bet 98% never meet Aretha or didn’t even go and visit or speak with her in her time of failing health

It really does look like the creepiest gathering.

All those sitting on the podium make me feel sick….. wtf would give clinton a seat up there if not for some other ritualistic purpose?


She did looked shocked at first, but shortly gave it up. Lots of hypocrisy goin’ round …


Do you see any signs that this pastor is a sexual predator? Or is he just oblivious to the appearance of his behavior and the body language of others?


His hand on her boob in front of a packed house is a dead giveaway of a sexual deviant

Renzo Fabriek

Yes indeed.

Renzo Fabriek

A predator I don’t know but he holds het way to long and strongly for a gentle touch. Watch his fingers jut after they get to the stand. That is not normal. Than it would be all fingers move as a complete hand. Just think about how you would hold somebody like that. Also if you feel someones breast you would replaced your hand. At his hight the shoulders would be the right place. Lower would push her more towards him.

This starts as a guiding touch. That touch is more to the back. A loving (the good way) can be more into the front but not like this.

And if you notice that someone is uncomfortable you move your hands to the shoulder aray also more on the back or leave it.

Renzo Fabriek

Ow. Look at how ariana holds her hands. No streched arm and hand on the back. That’s where you should place your hand later on.


Well she is just a child, and was an even younger child when she was groomed for the entertainment industry. This is probably the only world that feels familiar to her.

I think maybe she felt the discomfort of the situation, but thought it would be an overreaction to make a scene. And that it was probably just a display of love and/or playful teasing.

As for her funeral outfit, I think this actually becoming the norm. Personal expression comes before etiquette and decency. Especially in a crowd of creative types — freedom of expression is praised, but traditional values are frowned upon (see Big 5 personality trait: Openness). Besides, this might actually be the most modest outfit she owns.

And the crowd is probably used to ignoring signs of awkwardness and just going with the flow. Kinda like when people tell me to “stop over thinking it”, and “just enjoy the show”.


Thanks for all your videos Mandy. I always enjoy them.

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