Body Language – Jordan Belfort, Is Bitcoin A Scam?

Body Language - Jordan Belfort, Is Bitcoin A Scam?

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Whichever CNBC Producer decided he would be a credible source for this topic was using poor judgement. Mandy nailed it.


He has that annoying Jersey-boy accent that people like.


I enjoyed this one except the comments categorizing brick layers as less intelligent…I’ve tried laying brick and it isn’t easy. It also requires some math skills.


One tip I’ve been meaning to mention: when you use terms like “farcas” or “the believe me look” it might help (especially for beginners) to put up the term and its definition in the video when you mention the term. Or you could put up a message saying, “definition in Description box” (and obviously have the terms and definitions listed in the the Description box of the video).

PS — I really like the new techniques that you’ve been using lately (like the side-by-side feature with Lauren Southern). Pretty snazzy. 👍


Having been following Mandy for a while now I’m certainly family with the “believe me” look. I do agree though we need a definition for “farcas” (farkas?). I’m not getting a clear answer from Google.


Even the host doesn’t believe this guy it’s so obvious he doesn’t really believe what he’s saying!

Gregg Ashley

He’s definitely saying this against his own will and belief. Like he’s been forcibly made to say it… do you think its safe to say he’s frightened of something happening to him if he was to big it up?


Don’t know if Bitcoin is a scam, but Jordan Belfort certainly is. Last time I checked, he still owes 97 million dollars in victim restitution and has not paid any in some time. Thanks, Mandy.


Peter Schiff just did a podcast and mentioned this. Starts just after the 26 min mark. I understand there were two people on this CNBC show and Peter insinuates that they wanted a critic that was not as good as the person that was brought on to pump bitcoin. He says that he agrees with Belfort’s criticisms.


schiff…pushes metals. he owns a metal store. I would not expect anything different


I didn’t say anything against your analysis. It sounds about right. On the referenced podcast Schiff says they got the worst person they could. I just noticed the comments turning into a bitcoin discussion and wanted to throw out a contrarian opinion. I have strong opinions on bitcoin but if I put out a personal opinion I figure I need to give my qualifications or experience and that is too much typing. As for Schiff, he doesn’t hide his biases and reasoning. As part of the financial landscape, the most prolific commentators are selling something, you just have to bias that in your decisions.


I have not taken offense. I just would not expect anything else from him, is all. im not a bitcoin guru. but i do think diversity of assets is a good idea.

Charles Harris

Yeah, he’s got something fishy going on

I do agree that the government is going to step in at some point. Not necessarily to stop bitcoin but to be able to regulate and track it’s use. The Rothschild and other mega banking conglomerates aren’t gonna let any form of currency get used on a large scale without finding a way to control it.

Charles Harris

Pretty much the same ways they control other currencies.
Accumulate s large amount of the currency. Enough for it to effect market value.
Then sell it all to drop it’s market value and buy it back again at a lower rate.
The whole process only takes seconds and it’s market value is back to where it started before anyone else even has a chance to react.
A lot of their “control” techniques are just not applicable to e-currency, since it has no physical form.

I would not be suprised, however, to see some type of administrative body being placed in control of all E-currencies. Similar to how the federal reserve controls our dollars. If that happens, it won’t be long until there’s all kinds of regulations, fines, fees and other bureaucratic nonsense. Mainly to give them a way to effect people, whether for good or bad, who either work with them or oppose their efforts. It also makes it easier for them to keep themselves wealthier and more powerful than anyone else.


He looks like a con-man, feels like a con-man…. oh look… he is a con-man!

Why have this convicted criminal con-artist on and expect him to be a trustworthy source?

I actually find his body language to be a little bit scary. Not the I’m going to kill you scary but the I can’t don’t trust you or know what your next move is scary!
That one point where he puts two hands in front and makes fists looks like he is pretending to be in jail behind bars. 🤔


smile Mandy.


Just before you said it Mandy, I thought to myself, “Is this guy signaling someone with his hand and fingers?” His overall presentation spiked the creep indicator of the isoelectric line of the bullshit monitor. For CNBC having this guy talk about the bitcoin “scamming” makes as much sense as having me talk about it on national television. The eyes, the shoulders, the hand gestures, waving repeatedly, jerking movements, there is just too much he’s putting forth to give us a sense of truth.


like he was a deaf interpreter


He is like one of those fake deaf interpreters.



It was like his hands were distracting you from his words. I wonder if that is a trick conartists use when trying to convince people to invest thousands in their grand plans?


Like a pickpocket. They distract you by pretending to inadvertently invade one part of your personal space or otherwise distract you, while their hand is in your pocket removing your wallet.

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