Body Language – Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, Dealing With Liberal Media

Body Language - Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, Dealing With Liberal Media

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Zach Ingram

I’m new, curious where you were taught to read body language?

I tend to agree with what you’re saying, I’m just curious and didn’t see it on your about page.


Again….You manage to clarify my “feelings” when I watched this…..I’m not good enough to work it out 60% of the time…I go by my “gut” which tends to twist in gradients depending on level of deception…So as you can imagine 9/11 and the 3 days after nearly gave me a stomach ulcer!! Thanks Again..Im on a purge so expect more comments!

Stephanie Loggins

Mandy! You didn’t even analyze the good part!

Rhonda Branson

The rumour is that its a secret service agent.

Rhonda Branson

Need to explore the Melania body double theory.

Big fan of Stephan.. have been for a long time .. LOL he’s my spirit animal. YEs, Lauren can be a little .. snappish, at times.. I suppose having gone through the sorts of interviews she has been through the past couple of years , I would be a little short with interviewers myself.

louis caputo

Many can you please do Chris Watts the lunatic who murdered his whole family in Colorado thnx !


he is in crime series


Thanks, Mandy. Very good observations on pursuasion. Brain development research clearly shows that the impulsive, emotional, risktaking parts of the brain are firing like crazy during the late teens and early 20’s, while the rational part of the brain do not kick in fully until 30 (if ever in some cases). Let’s hope that at 23, Ms. Southern will refine her style of communication as her brain becomes wiser.


I thought this one was really good… thanks.
I thought they made a really good pairing and now you explained exactly why.

Also some good tips for the everyday person in how to approach a conversation and come out with strength and confidence


Thank you CAT

Rez Zircon

Give her time to mature before judging too harshly. Lauren’s problem is that (despite that she makes herself up to look older) she’s only 23, and doesn’t really have fully-adult confidence yet. So sometimes she defends, hides, and attacks at inappropriate moments. Also, I’ve noticed that as she’s been increasingly physically harassed, she’s developed more of these fearful “hiding” mechanisms… not quite as tough as she likes to project.

Molyneux has some expertise in persuasion, and I’ve come to take his physical expression with a grain of salt.


Lauren Southern is a poser.
She seduce the right guy and the minions unroll the red carpets.
She is good to follow the easiest path, just like she wear the easiest cosplay ever.

Renzo Fabriek

I had seen this interview and the talk amongst colleges of the interviewer afterwards. I don’t think they could do anything good in his eyes. He acted as if he had met the most worst people on earth.


I agree. I’ve watched both of them during their tour: Stefan is the adult, while Lauren is his junior with weak tells. I bet she’s learned a lot from being with him and the experience.


It will be very interesting now she has branched out into documentaries full time.

Charles Harris

That’s one of the things I like about Lauren Southern. She is very open. You can see her thoughts in her face and through her body language.
I do agree with you though.
When dealing with someone who has an opposing point of view. You have to present your argument in a way that they will get them to actually listen. It’s just like parents who scream at their kids. The kids don’t actually listen to what their saying. Their just trying to figure out how to get you to stop screaming and not beat them.
Talking with people, not at them. Invite responses, ask questions, listen to them and show that you do care about their opinion.
Above all, it’s not so much what you say but how you say it.




Your point on getting kids to listen is a good one, unless the kids are nasty, psychotic law breakers. Then screaming, threats and policing come into play.

Renzo Fabriek

And maybe a little thinking if you did anything wrong that they became that nasty. grin

George Miller

I don’t do social media so I can’t share, but I am so happy you are here and your ghost still haunts YouTube x-D


thank you


Liked the video Mandy. Thanks for that.

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