Body Language – Toxic Femininity, Cathy & Tucker Carlson’s Meat

Body Language - Toxic Femininity, Cathy  & Tucker Carlson's Meat

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Renzo Fabriek



Love it….


Toxic Masculinity is not washing your gym shorts.


Why am I craving a good steak right now?

Lorne Chadwell

thank, I enjoy your insight!

Todd Pullara

I’ve thought that Cathy wants Tucker to put his meat in her for at least two years. Their interactions are laughable at best.

Dr. Delessio-Carson needs to go on the Joe Rogan Podcast…that would be an epic smack down of her belief system.

Bradley Kell

What I absolutely love is how you see both Tucker and Watters accept the flirtation, be polite to the flirtation… then brush the flirtation aside and continue on.

They see it for what it is. They are not rude to it. Then they move along as it has no impact on an argument.


The Sherpa makes me want to 🤢🤮. She’s often on with Tucker and it makes it harder to take him seriously.


LOL!!!!!!!!!!! this is soooo funny…. I am cracking up! Bombard – I love it…you are saying what i think about dumb #selfiegirls


ok, this flirting liberal gal was ridiculous. do not go on TV just flirt, go on and make a point, this is the kind of stuff that makes women look stupid. UGH!

I Have

Aw, she has gave herself a name. I was really hoping above all hope that she was just a parody, sadly, this is not true. Super scary that there are people that think like this.


I wish you watched the rest of Kathy and Tucker she basically told him she wanted his meat.


I don’t know how the humane treatment of animals isn’t an issue more conservatives could embrace. When you look at most methods of factory farming, it’s not decent. Doesn’t have anything to do with “toxic masculinity” in my opinion.


Cage Free: The birds aren’t kept in shoe-box cages, but they might be shoulder-to-shoulder in a barn. Just because they’re not in a cage doesn’t mean they go outside. There are reports of cannibalism in close-quarter scenarios, in which case some humane-farming advocates have argued that the birds are no better off than if they had cages.

Free Range: Sometimes this means nothing more than cage-free. If Certified Humane Free Range standards are met, free-range hens have access to two square feet of outdoor space. This doesn’t mean they spent all or even much of their time outside, but they should have the opportunity.

Pasture Raised: This isn’t defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), but it usually means that the hens have access to more outdoor space than if they were simply “free range” or “cage free.” The birds are raised largely outdoors and may forage for their food, much closer to the children’s-book type image of a farm.

Renzo Fabriek

That second one looks to me like a wall flower which had felt off the wall and now tries to walk on her own with no feet.


I’m hungry now,….for a steak.

Charles Harris

Tucker Carlson’s a professional troll😂
I love it!

Bryton Cherrier

Mandy, please rename this, the title is very misleading.
Tucker never whipped out his meat in the video.


Mandy, you crack me up!


Woo Hoo I joined the Bombard Train smile
this reminds me when CB radio’s were Banned in Scotland so we ALL
got one coz it was Radical smile


I think the whole thing is hilarious. Tucker did not quite know what to do with his meat, perhaps showing some restraint since Crazy Cathy is a regular on his show, or maybe he did not have the proper cutlery. Jesse, on the other hand, knew exactly what to do with his and ate it. Kind of reminds me of the time I was eating lunch with a bunch of my students and pulled out a piece of venison jerky out of my lunch cooler. After inquiries about it and explaining that I had shot the deer two weeks before, I received a lecture from a 14 year old girl who was eating a ham sandwich at the time. Granted, these two claim to be vegans or vegetarians. Thanks for pointing out their hair flipping, head tilting, selfie faced flirtation in all of it’s glory. When Cat posted the whole video, my impression was that Cathy is a bit tongue-in- cheek because she knows her segment is meant to be absurd. The Whacky Professor, on the other hand, seems to be so far out into left field that she has left the ballpark. But boy did she love being on TV even if she had to watch Jesse eat cow. Thanks for a fun one.

Scott Nagle

these women aren’t that pretty! Love your videos! Learning a lot.

Andy Sanghera

Your breakdowns are so funny, accurate but hilarious. I love it

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