Body Language – CNN & Pulse Of The People

Body Language - CNN - Pulse Of The People

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Bradley Kell

NO ONE that Voted for Trump THEN has suddenly come to thinking he’s a Bigot NOW.

You either went in thinking he was a Bigot and voted for him anyways, or you went in thinking things were blown out of proportion and still are.

Because he says the same things NOW that he said THEN.

So were you just not listening THEN, and now suddenly have a shift in ‘Trump is a Bigot’? Dude is SUSPECT.


The guy in the blue tie is a paid actor.


Alisyn Camerota wrote a novel “Amanda Wakes Up” to remind readers of the importance of real journalism and which was described as “offering a healthy dose of what it means to weigh ambition against truth” Since she has not broadcasted a retraction of her phony panel, I guess we know which side of that she came down on. Couldn’t get the weekday gig at Fox. Soul sold to Fake News Network. Well done, Monkey Punch. Thanks, Mandy.

Renzo Fabriek

“offering an unhealthy dose of what it means to weigh lying against truth”
Corrected grin

Renzo Fabriek

I am glad with the witchhunt. It is getting more obvious that something isn’t right. It will backfire.

Ronaldo Olson

8:06 No surprise he’s a (struggling) actor/director. So he must have some IMDB credits right? Dead ringer for the Christ as Anti-Christ leading role if you ask me – Look at that schnozzola !

Renzo Fabriek

If someone says “I’m a great guy” it is the opposite. The excessive use off exclamation marks confirms that he must convince himself first.


He could not even control his enthusiasm against Trump just a little bit…. nomwonder ge is a struggling actor


Well, that does confirm it. He is definitely a plant. Just wondering what kind of plant. Too delicate to be a cactus. Anybody have any suggestions?

Renzo Fabriek

Nettle, Crab Grass, Pitcher Plant. Corpse Flower, Trumpet Vine (lol), Tansy, White Ash Tree, Ginkgo Biloba Tree

I think I go for the White Ass Tree.
White ash trees (Fraxinus americana) are dioecious. The male trees are among the worst plants you can grow in your yard if you’re an allergy sufferer.


LOL “White Ass Tree”! crying (Were you trying to reinvent dynamite again?)

Trumpet Vine works well, too, especially when you consider it’s a “creeper” plant. nerd

Renzo Fabriek

I just thought of some plants an googled them for translation or properties. Then I just googled “worst plants”. This came up. Look also at the female Ginkgo Biloba Tree (nr6) if you want one for the bad kind of feminist.


Did you see any other videos on that blue tie guy? I think the evidence is fairly conclusive that he never voted for Trump



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