Body Language – Security Clearance, Brennan, Clapper & Mudd

Body Language - Security Clearance, Brennan, Clapper & Mudd

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Adam Crawley

You are so good! I love you! in-love

Bradley Kell

Once you LEAVE the Government, you have ZERO NEED for a Security Clearance. None.

You go back in, they can issue another one.

Why is this an issue? Ah, because it’s the corrupt way we’ve always done it, that’s why.


We’re Putin Trump back in for another 4 years after this term ……. Comrade smile


Why aren’t these terrible corrupt people in jail already??! Thank god we have Trump to drain this swamp!!! I hope he can do what he was sent to accomplish. These people are the scum of the earth!

Dodge Gaskill

Clapper belongs in jail , he lied to congress . ” no, we are not spying on americans”

Patrick McClellan

During the MUDD slinging—-> Loved the face of the talking head—> “Oh yes! A LIVE HISSY FIT! My Producer is going to LOVE this! More ratings!” ;o]

Also, Bennon did something that wasn’t normal for him (that I’ve noticed) in that, he closed his eyes before each “lie-fact”, anyone notice? Is this a clue?


i made a small comment on cnns video with mudd and paris, it got over 170 extremely violent replies, some calling for violence against me, some telling me to “show my face you punk ass bitch” all because i pointed out how immature mudd acted. craziest thing ive ever seen because i usually comment pretty regularly on cnns videos. comment section seemed extremely militant this time, strange…. no one brought any facts or points, just insults and threats it was… well pretty amazing:) i felt. well, top kek lol

Renzo Fabriek

Because off the reactions I got I post this link to help spread Ronald’s initiative.


The problem seems to be resolved on my desktop, but last night on a crummy tablet, whenever I tried to upvote a comment, the darn thing left both an up and down vote. It is probably on my end but I wanted to apologize to anybody who got downvoted during the problem.


it wasnt all you. it was some one acting out emotional immaturity for loosing an argument.


Oh Mandy, brilliantly hilariously funny! He even quacks like an angry duck. Is this not called gaslighting?


Some interesting facts about any President’s legal right to revoke eligibility for security clearances:

The more you know…


What about the hundreds that are glad as hell he did?


Hundreds? In the Agency or government, perhaps. Overall, the number of people in the real world who are glad as hell his clearance was revoked has to be, at a bare minimum, in the tens of thousands. Is there any legitimate reason anyone, whether good, bad or neutral, from a president down to a lackey, should be permitted to keep security clearances once no longer working for the government?


Exactly! The fact that the practice of keeping security clearance was established in the first place is the real scandal here.

75 members of the deep state expose themselves.

Elizabeth Nitzer

With the insane, erratic, way Mudd acts I’m willing to bet he kicks his dog and beats his wife often. AND, he’s lying his behind off about being paid in the private sector, just go to his website.


He didn’t actually lie about being paid but did a very good deflection saying the “government” didn’t pay him and he screamed his way out of a follow question about it!


Thanks, Mandy. I was thinking the same thing about Mudd’s tirade being fake. Glad to have you confirm it. Really liking the nerve Trump has hit with the security clearance thing. If you want to kill swamp creatures, the best way is to cut off the gravy train. Doubt if Lockheed Martin would have paid Comey 6 mil a year if he did not have the clearance. These unscrupulous clowns have been getting rich for a long time doing this. They will not go down easy, but the right guy is in the fight.

Renzo Fabriek

Enough people who are in the fight. The only problem is, they are not united.

Renzo Fabriek

Bombards last words in this piece and this testimony. At 1:36



I find this guy fascinating. Did you see his other stuff at an enquiry in England? Well I’m sure it was him, must find the link!


This was the first time I had heard about him.


Renzo Fabriek

Years ago I saw his first interview by De Vrije Media. I had some questions about his expression. Those were answered by your link when I searched for him lately.


I think I have found the Lighter and I’m going to work on that.


Thanks for posting that, Renzo! I was particularly taken starting at the 3:40 mark. I believe we are there now. It’s only just beginning.

Renzo Fabriek

yw. I don’t talk about the light. Even if it is true, our human body is not build to understand this completely. That has to have a reason if we are “created”. So we have deal with and find our way trough our shortcommings. You could call it our true lesson.
We all know that masses create power. Regardless of your belief. I know we must reach the people from ground (earth) up. Not the other way around. We need those people who believe and maybe know but it is unreasonable to “demand” to belief. I doubt if I want to serve a “god” like that.
In my opinion god doesn’t care if you belief in him or not. As long as you are good for your enviorment and everything in it. If your enviorment thrives, you will thrive.

THAT is the key to unite


Good point. I wasn’t thinking of it in purely theological terms. More symbolic in expressing a natural law. Like turning on a light in a very dark room and seeing a multitude of cockroaches scatter. The people who see or experience that are united, whether they know it or not. I think that’s how masses create power.

Renzo Fabriek

indeed. smile
Is that theological? Most things I come up with are my own. I am good at “reinventing dynamite” grin (a dutch expresion)


I agree- that is right on the money. Thanks for posting Renzo.

Renzo Fabriek

In addition to my reply above.
I think we are at an evolutionary jump. Our brain already had three jumps. With internet and modern media our minds are exploding but there is not enough room in our skull.
My theory is that there will be more connections between cells. In this process maybe we develop a better “antenna” for god or what ever there may be.


i have done him a while ago. its a sad story and one i hope no one forgets

Renzo Fabriek

Thanks. That’s all I need to know. I shed a tear everytime I see certains parts. Also because I want to. I think it sends energy.

Love you!


you’re the best. that was awesome.


Ok. Just asking… who is the troll doing down votes?

Obviously a lefty?

Not you Najatm….. the down voter!


name is username and they got into an argument with a regular watcher and lost and instead of conceding to defeat…he wants everyone to feel his pain and this is the only destructive behavior he can do. Seems Childish to me


Oh… a bit of passive aggressive action going on.
👉 if poking the down button makes them feel better I can accept that. We allow everyone to have a say here.

Jim Reiter

Maybe It’s Mudd!!!



How about a new channel that does nothing but decipher the lying TV media, featuring Mandy on split screen.
I’d watch.
So, is Clapper actually befuddled, dense, morally weak, or is he a combo platter?
I agree, Mudd is an actor who’s riding the TV gravy train; a bona fide deep creep. REVOKE!


combo platter


On that second interview I had to wonder if the interviewer was real or a picture because I swear he didn’t move!

Hm… cheated on wife, an abuser, bully in the workplace, hates authority, inflated sense of self, and a person I would avoid at all cost!

Brennan interview was all a set up. From the very beginning when maddow? Said he could be doing the interview anywhere I thought it was a setup. A bit like Turnbull and him going on the ABC!


My thoughts exactly


You have taught me well!

Charles Harris

Brennan looked like he was worried to me.
He certainly didn’t exude that air of confidence and authority
That he usually does.


Yay Paris!

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