Body Language – Malcolm Turnbull Drought, Global Warming & $443m Reef Grant

Body Language - Malcolm Turnbull Australian Drought, Global Warming & $443m Reef Grant

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flow in

he doesn’t want to wiggle. He’s fully invested in the global plan


Update for those interested!

Turnbull called for a spill motion himself trying to catch the MPs off guard.
He won by 7 votes which is classed as a very close call and a sign he is a dead man walking!
7 ministers have resigned from the cabinet and that is a very bad position for any PM.

In my opinion that is biased 100% against this man…… In this presser you can see a lot of portrayal and knowing he is not telling the common truth about a lot of things shows a man battling his belief system.

This is what it looks like when a man that paid $1.7 million for a job he thinks he deserves is told he has to give it up!


I actually feel happeir today because of what happened yesterday…..


I have about 20 articles from news papers from around the world blaming Climate Change on the stupidest things, like cows farting and sheep burping. Maybe we should look at how CERN (which is owned by the GOVERNMENTS of the world) is effecting our atmosphere with their crazy hedron collider.


I watched “The big jerk” twice and then tried to make the same movement. In order to move that far upward, you have to combine extreme butt and lower back muscle movement. It is not easy to do without almost rising out of the seat. The fact that he did it right when she asked about the 12,000 dollar payment would indicate to me that there is something fishy about that since it was his most extreme reaction. My sympathies to our sane friends down under. America obviously does not have a monopoly on lying, stiff and corrupt politicians.


In the Youtube “Truther” movement it is often difficult to discern who is faking their credibility and who knows what he or she is talking about. I don’t trust these two, particularly Clif High. I have my own ideas about what is going on but I don’t have the skills and vocabulary to verify. Would love to see an analysis by Mandy. I don’t believe Clif High really “did the experiment.” [2:35] And there’s some sort of collusion between interviewer and Cliff High here [3:40]





@ 5.50 she asks about Barnaby Joyce. A cough and adjustment of his glasses follow……

Any Australian would know exactly what that was about…..


Thanks for this…. you actually hit the nail so many times. Since this interview so much has come to light that proves you’re correct!

He is being interviewed by Leigh Sales of the ABC…. the socialist left government funded media outlet! They LOVE lefty Turnbull and helped him overthrow the previous PM…. yes the party can get rid of a sitting Prime Minister in the country and replace him.

The ex Goldman Sachs banker giving $444 million to a charity where two ex Goldman Sachs bankers now have a position? Nothing to see here!

I can’t wait until the overthrow this smarmy little weasel…..

The Liberal party (conservatives) lost 14 seats, 80% of volunteers and massive donations when Turnbull led the party to the last election. He won by only 1 seat in a 150 seat parliament

I now vote independent, as do all of my conservative friends, because of him and the left side of the party that lied their way into position!


The farmers will be ok because a radio host called Alan Jones has taked the cause on and the community has donated millions and the cattle are now getting fodder and water.

Word got out 2 days ago that Turnbull sent his cattle on the long paddock which is a drovers run along the green hwys to eat grass for free. All he pays is the drovers wage which is cheaper than the $30K per month for fodder.


VERY enlightening.

Patrick McClellan

Hate to be an ACBL (Arm-Chair Body Linguist), but I thought, fersur, you would comment in the three-eye-blinks per sec. as a clue. True?


I don’t think I’ve heard Mandy comment on eye blinks. I’m thinking either it isn’t as big of a tell as one might thing or there are better more obvious tells.


I thought Mandy addressed the excessive blinking when she said yeh, the guy’s hiding something; it has to do with the large amount of money; and he’s uncomfortable.

jim keane

Where is the Nick Kruz video?


In crime series

Marry Duvall

I spent the month of June in Kurdistan region Northern Iraq , while I was there the military family I was staying with ,told me How Turkey was blocking all water from the kurdistan people. If a government can’t starve the people ,They will dehydrate them to death.


Turkey will pay for their choices and i dont mean by mans hands


Interesting, he did both prayer hand positions in succession. Mandy, you read him like a book! More evidence all the corruption is coming to the surface to be expunged.


you know Galileo, we catch these guys but the choices to replace them are no better. a terrible cycle

Patrick Archer

Climate Change has nothing to do with emissions of human activities. Volcano emissions, perhaps have some influence on climate.
It would take the total heat output from every nuclear power plant in America 300,000 years to raise the temperature of the Pacific Ocean 1 degree Celsius. To raise the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere from 0.04% to 0.05% it would be necessary to burn 200 billion tons of carbon and all plant life would have to cease photosynthesis.
I think Turnbull knows all that, he knows the issue is a big swindle, but the media thralls think that climate change is all about human activity because that’s what their bosses tell them to think and make news.
That’s probably why he wanted to get away from Climate Change.


Great points. Can we say “the sun”?


Stop being so sensible


I think he likes the climate change policy because he loves a global governance and the UN.

It is all about wealth and control for him.


There are a lot of obstacles that institutional science and academia face in attempting to understand climate change on Earth. None of their climate models can succeed that rely on outdated and unproven assumptions, such as the belief that Earth and Venus are twins and Venus’ super-hot temperatures were created by a runaway greenhouse effect. Climate scientists need to recognize the “electrical circuitry” connecting the Earth and Sun, which may, in fact, drive climate and weather, and not greenhouse gasses. No one can or should claim to be a climate expert and all the while be ignorant of the electrical nature of the solar system.

Try Kulla

Thankyou so much! our big jerk of a prime is a spineless U.N. puppet. That smirk as he justifies his donation to his Goldman Sachs mates in the Great barrier reef foundation that his wife is a patron of. Man our country needs one hell of a shake up

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