Body Language – Willie Dille Council Suicide in Netherlands

Body Language - Willie Dille Council Suicide in Netherlands

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Amen! Excellent.

Todd Pullara

One person standing up isn’t enough. If you see bullshit when your out and about…call it what it is. Definitely back someone up that is making a sound and rational point. I’ve seen too many vids of people acting like they are in the right, when they couldn’t be farther from it, and walking away not understanding just how WRONG they were. I’m all about civility, but sometimes you just have to call bullshit.

Gen. Stewart

I was shocked,when you said this lady committed suicide.Then the rage of the injustice made me want to seek out this man and beat him within an inch of his life. What these people have done to their own country men/women is unforgivable.


That happened to me in a take-away in the UK..A young “mother” PRAISED her child for calling the shopkeeper a “Paki Bastard”….When I intervened (Could not help it)…She insulted me and walked out – the shopkeeper was grateful though! That was 20yrs ago..One of the reasons I left!! The child was about 8(?)

Renzo Fabriek

I didn’t dare to watch this when it was in the news. (I’m dutch) It was worse than I expected and it did confirm my psychological insight. Just one last straw that didn’t live up to its expectation or just to throw it in public knowing she wouldn’t live for long. Horrible!!

Thanks mandy. Now I could watch it. (now I do know your name wink )

Cindy Eilat

Thank you for reminding us to stand up for our fellow human beings. Words of wisdom.


Bullying works. They group up, in your face, and allow you no retreat from their attack–like wolves or hyenas. We’d better stop the monsters before their foothold is so great as it became around this poor woman.


This was a powerful video. In many ways, I think many in society are living in a constant state of micro-fear. Afraid to really give a personal/political opinion, because you never know if people will snap. Standing up is the answer but many have to do it, like you said. Thanks for another great analysis.


Thank you, Mandy.


Right ON, Mandy!


thanks for sharing this, i genuinely heard nothing about it.. the bastards in the media cover everything up..

Renzo Fabriek

It was fully in the news in holland. The people are at fault by not making a fuzz off it. It was just another story. PVV (her political party) is treated like Trumps camp. Everything is absurd at forehand.


Great pep talk, Mandy. Bullies usually back down when “somebody their own size” confronts them. In this country we have the freedom to carry in case they don’t. Wonder if the outcome would have been different for that poor woman if she had the right and training to protect herself with lethal force. Thanks for another interesting analysis.


Comparing the previous photos of her with this video, she appears decompensated. She looks aged by 20 years, the result of severe stress.
You bring back the memory of the time I was riding the mass transit train from San Francisco to Walnut Creek, CA, in the early 90s. A mother was slapping her 2 year-old female child in the face because she was crying. The mother gave her three severe blows. I stood up and told her to stop it. She told me to mind my own business. I told her I won’t just let a defenseless child be abused by an adult. No one else stood up for this child.

Christie Charron

I pray that this is seriously investigated and that the people responsible are brought to justice!! We cannot allow this woman’s tragedy become the norm!!

Renzo Fabriek

Not going to happen as the whole story shows.

Diana White

If we cannot speak up, or share our thoughts with others for fear, then we are not free. Group think and fear of being isolated will destroy what’s left of our freedom if we don’t fight back. What happened to this lady is unconscionable, the perps should be shot, yes, that’s my opinion. Rabid dogs need to be destroyed.

Julie Scheffler

Thank you for another great video. I do and have stood up. I will continue to 😸


Punishment for rape or sexual assault should be to lose a testicle. Second offense you lose the other one. Just like what happens under Sharia law if you steal. You lose a hand.


Or just whack off the entire package for 1st offense? Death if rape is committed on a minor. Just a thought.


It was like looking in a mirror for me. I have struggled with PTSD for years. The fear that woman had in her eyes, the soul-sucking frigidity of fear is like nothing you could understand unless you went through it.


yes it is so sad what she went through


She didn’t commit suicide. There’s a lot of corruption in high places. 187

Gen. Stewart

You stated,that this lady didn’t commit suicide. Please explain !


How the people of the EU accept the trashing of their societies is unforgivable. So far, we’ve resisted it here, but for how long?


i dont know jimmer…the tech companies are shutting us down one by one…and govt isnt doing anything…


If the midterms work in our favor, the internet bill of rights could be a real thing. Trump sees what’s going on. It’s all timing and horses.


The left cannot let Judge Kavanah on the supreme court because of this very reason. China has most the democratic party working for them and they fear Trump getting this bill through. China NEEDS censorship tech cause they are losing control of their population and their economy is in the toilette. They need to control the information or it’s all over for China.

Renzo Fabriek

I am. “All roads lead to Rome”. Sometimes you have to take an old one.

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