Body Language – Admiral Byrd Flat Earth Request

Body Language - Admiral Byrd Flat Earth Request

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hmm…the video keeps stopping. Same thing happened with the meat video?

Linda R Michaels

It’s hard not to notice the caterpillars on the man’s forehead. XD


People were so much stiffer in front of cameras back then–our own comfort in front of cameras must change the purity of body language.


Body language and eyebrows! I wonder if this might be a new branch of your studies? wink


Agreed as well anybody who flies in an airplane can tell that the world is not flat. Don’t know where that myth comes from. Thanks- very interesting.


I agree, Mandy. Nothing of what he is talking about has anything to do with the flat earth idea. I knew right away it just his way of speaking. One point he seemed to be stressing back then is that Antarctica would be most useful, militarily. I often wonder what our government is really doing down there. Sec. of State Kerry didn’t go there for a vacation during the last administration.

Maybe not wonderful body language in that video but, it sure was interesting. Thanks for posting that, Mandy.

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