Body Language – Roseanne Barr on Hannity Valerie Jarrett tweet

Body Language - Roseanne Barr on Hannity Valerie Jarrett tweet

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I feel sorry for Roseanne. She’s a comedian. Comedians make off color jokes all of the time yet she was demonized for this one. I’ve definitely heard worse! And not from comedians but from some who are generally, well respected. I’ve heard other celebrities threaten to kill people yet they all keep their jobs. I didn’t know VJ was black either, I assumed she was of mixed white and brown race.
IMHO, if we are going to sit idly by and allow those in power (senators, state reps) to incite violence against people just because they disagree with their politics, then we need to also stop the knee jerk “You’re fired” reaction from taking place after someone makes a “joke” that others don’t like. There is too much censoring of certain people BY certain people when those same (2nd) certain people are making worse slights against the 1st certain people all because of their titled political affiliation. We seen and some have been victim to the censoring on social platforms and now in public restaurants. It has to stop! But where/how? It seems to me that the bulk of this all started when Obama was in office. His administration created a divide in this country that is only getting larger and being fueled into violence. Certain people (2nd) are so fragile that they can’t handle words yet they don’t even blink when someone on the other side is killed.
Also, IMO, we as a country need to STOP listening to the loons in Washington who are fueling this crap and come together in spite of them. WE are the ones who truly have the power. Let’s wipe out the lot and start fresh with SANE, unbiased Representatives who will get back to working for US, as their job descriptions dictate. The ones we have there now are only serving their own agendas and fighting for some imaginary power. We need to send pink slips to ALL of them….. “YOU’RE FIRED! Leave the pens and staplers, take only your empty briefcase and get out!”


Not saying she is 100% a victim of circumstances, but this is just sad. She seems like a legitimately crazy person. I presume she’s been on heavy doses of psychiatric meds for years, probably self-medicating. I’m sure that hasn’t helped anything. At this point she might as well take her “red pill” flag and run with it, but yes, she’s too scared.

M. How

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Mandy, et al – I definitely agree that Roseanne is struggling to maintain, but would posit whether some of her blinking (not all, mind you) is from the false eyelashes she’s wearing. Many women these days are wearing them and they’re fairly weighty, especially when one isn’t used to them. I worked with a lady who kept her eyes open wider than usual to compensate for the weight of the lashes. Again, no doubt that Roseanne is struggling mentally and no doubt that some of her rapid blinking is from struggling. Just wonder if some of the blinking is also from the falsies she’s wearing. Thanks, as always, for a great reading and lesson!

yes, Roseanne has the potential for instability at all times but she has worked hard and long on that. I disagree with the assessment that she lost courage, rather,for me, given what I know, her tweet was not intended from a racial standpoint, so she didn’t get it at first; being impaired also would have bypassed the normal filters and chucked broader, normal self checks on impulsivity. the real horror for her was she has friends, family and loved ones who are black, she helps many black causes and supports a scholarship fund.To be viewed otherwise especially by those she loves and respects, She is demonstrably inclusive and not racist.It must have been a horrific realization that moment she found out Jarrett was part black and realized the connotations the tweet would suggest in that light, she was utterly mortified, because that isn’t how she is, or how she feels or how she behaves. She realized the repercussions and how they would hurt others. I’m sure that injected a huge dose of feeling unstable, panicked even. And yes, she admits to instability but she has a real, personal reason to be legitimately upset with herself….she is sincere and truly apologetic and hates the idea people would think otherwise. I think that is where the desperation comes from, not cowardice


Yes! I agree with Cat. Roseanne was “brave” but then tried to retract. She is so torn and must be in a state of turmoil a lot of the time. The blinking was such a giveaway. Another great analysis. Thanks.


Very hard interview to watch. A good example of the dangers of social media, particularly if you want to be accepted by the entertainment industry. She probably did that interview because she wanted to explain herself, but probably only confused herself even more. Having forced myself to watch the entire interview, what really impressed me was how supportive Mr. Hannity was in questioning her and giving her a chance to express herself. He clearly knew he was dealing with somebody who was struggling with stability issues. Her background was pretty horrific from what I understand. Funny how so many comedians struggle with severe mental illness. I guess it is a defense mechanism for them, but eventually the instability comes out. Thanks, Mandy, well done as usual.

Roseanne has a talk show format youtube channel and I have seen that she blinks her eyes rapidly and constantly during those interviews as well. she also does not seem to do well in unscripted situations. She has also admitted to suffering from multiple personality disorder . which does explain alot..


I was originally thinking Borderline Personality Disorder but Multiple Personality Disorder makes more sense.


You are so spot on with the bravery comment. And I liked how you pointed it out as it made her whole demeanor make sense.
She so wants to show her red pilled self but seems scared about how to live a life being the target of the left.

An unstable mind cannot cope well long term trying to please those out to get you.

Thanks again.


yes..and at her age there isnt much hope for her to change

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