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In approximately the next week (maybe two), we will begin releasing versions of Mandy’s Body language videos without her narration.
You will be able to watch these videos, before watching the version with Mandy’s narration.
When the video is in slow motion, you’ll know Mandy is describing something.. so you can also try and spot the tell she is describing.
I think of it as a kind of body language crossword puzzle which forces you to consciously think about body language, which I also think helps people learn faster.
You’ll also be able to point out the tells that Mandy didn’t mention!

For people who have been watching Mandy’s videos for a while, they will probably already have a good idea of what the tells look like.
However we have written a list of basic ‘tell’ descriptions, but as time progresses we will catalog these with video examples as soon as we have time to spare.

Mandy will kill me if I don’t mention this, you need to take into consideration the ‘context’ when interpreting tells of deception.

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